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  1. Awesome! I've found my shtick. Watch out JN!
  2. If this is true, and I dont really buy that it is, I'm very disappointed to hear this. I was really looking for a change to a 4-3 in hopes of salvaging two 1st round picks in Leo and Lee. Also the fact that we have run a base 3-4 since Herm left and we havent had an adequate pass rushing OLB for a single season in that decade plus. At this point I think I'm just so turned off to the thought of hoping to find a legit rush OLB that I would rather go 4-3 and try to find a DE. Could you imagine being able to watch our D get to the QB consistently without blitzing?!😍🤤 ... I can't 😣🙄
  3. @14 in Green was that a legitimate laughter vote or you just being nice?
  4. Just to be clear, not trying to break balls with the above post. Just seeing if I could send a little laughter around 👍
  5. What if I tried to post ones for you that were remotely amusing? ... Anything? Even a small chuckle?
  6. Gurley was hurt long before that game. Goff played like crap and McVays reputation for amazing game planning didnt come with him to Atlanta. And they were playing probably the best coach and game planner ever. That has a lot more to do with their win than the Pats defense.
  7. I saw the other thread, I understood what you were doing once I noticed the date of the thread. I hadnt finished my coffee yet.
  8. IF your team generates a pass rush from the interior of the 4-3 dline, I wouldnt call it a non premium position. Granted, that's a huge IF. The most obvious example of this being the Rams with Donald and Suh. I think it depends on the technique of the player you're talking about and the system you're running. If the team is getting the majority of its sacks from the interior, I wouldnt consider that a misuse of resources. I think the 4-3 tends to lend to some more flexibility for the role of your lineman than a 3-4. Not disagreeing with your premise at all. I tend to prefer stud rush DE to a DT, my only point is that if a player/position is producing 10-15+ sacks, that's what makes it premium.
  9. Jesus Christ I just had a break down clicking on this thread, not noticing the date, and thinking that Kacy Rodgers was still employed by the Jets. I literally had to google him to make sure he was fired with bowls. This thread just pissed in my cheerios.
  10. I could argue that spending resources on "stud" 4-3 DT's is a lot smarter than collecting/spending on "stud" 3-4 DE's
  11. I've tended to feel like that was a given before this happened. They already exercised his 5th year option, I just think Leo has way too much potential for Williams to pass up the opportunity to work with. I think this situation has worked out perfectly for us as far as Leo is concerned. Not only do we get to see him in a new scheme, we finally have a proven defensive mind working with him. There are no more excuses for him now. At the end of this season I think we either feel good about resigning him or good about letting him walk.
  12. PK do you honestly believe that? As the weeks go on this seems like it's going way past the primadona WR. Did you see that elliptical video? I watched that video and I honestly felt sorry for the guy, he really seems like something is genuinely wrong with him. This is reminiscent of T.O. with the eagles before he threatened to kill himself. I know as fans we tend to (unfairly) rip apart everything these guys do, but I dont know... Something doesnt seem right with this guy. I'm just saying I wouldnt be surprised to find out that he had some genuine mental health issues ala Brandon Marshall. Either way, I wish him the best.
  13. In all seriousness, with every new video this guy puts out - something is seriously wrong with him. AB or Big chest guy or whatever the hell he is calling himself is having a f*cking breakdown.
  14. Trade back, recoup a 2nd, and draft a kicker. Mike Nugent is still "kicking around". When was the last time a Jets 2nd round pick lasted this long in the league? 🙃
  15. Which was probably the driving force behind the OP. T0M got his own thread that went on for weeks when he disappeared. And he's just one of the afore mentioned "schtick posters". 😉😂
  16. Seriously tho, it's just a message board. As a shrink myself, I feel comfortable saying that, ideally, you'd probably be better off if that was the conclusion you reached during your self imposed exiled lurking.
  17. I'm scared to give any Pats Olineman big money. Their oline coach is the absolute best in the game and makes those guys play, as a unit, way above their individual talent level. Look at Solder, and he was much better than Brown. Brown had one foot in the street last summer before the Pats first round pick went down. I not opposed to bringing him in but in no way would I give him huge money.
  18. So it'll either be good, or bad. Good to know.
  19. I always thought the Jets would bring him back as as guard. If that's the case, I wonder if either the Bills gave him basically the same contract we gave him, or he's pissed we cut him.
  20. Damn! Jokes on Cle, at least we have Crowell.
  21. Thanks for putting in so much effort. Obviously it will be a much different picture after the combine but I find it hard to see Mac reaching for an OT he needs to convert to a guard at #3 with Josh Allen and others still available. If you pull off a trade down like the Colts last year, maybe. The only thing that is somewhat difficult to knock Mac on is his 1st round picks and that's because he has had top rated "no brainer" players that, at the time, are very hard selections to knock. That's the mans saving grace at this point because we all know he hasnt dont much of anything draft wise outside round 1. I just can't seem him making a reach like that. I'm not talking about Jonah one way or the other, I just don't think Mac has the balls for it. Someone widely projected to go in the top 3 picks will be available at 3, that's who he will pick and will immediately tell reporters how ______ was their highest rated player and he didn't think he would ever be available at 3.
  22. Lol Honestly man, I don't really care what he does with his time off, short threatening to ejaculate on a cop's wife, but I'm at the point where I've had enough of this attention whore. Revis was all about himself, but at least he was the best in the league and quite possibly the GOAT in his prime, so I never really had harsh feelings towards him at the time. This fool has played on two 5 win teams and damn near a week after the Superbowl is still posting selfies from the pro bowl and telling fans to shut up when they say beat the Pats. This is the Jamal Adams show - There is no room for concern over the teams record, performance, or beating their biggest rivals.

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