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  1. Am I the only one wondering why the hell this was something that needed to be done now? We talkin about a 33 year old DT on the edge of retirement. Personally, I'd look to lock up Robby on a 3 or 4 year deal while he's been playing with a 3rd string QB and looks like sh*t.
  2. Outside of him turning into a dominating, 10 sack, Watt/Donald type of player, he is always going to have a cloud over him with this fan base. imo anyway.
  3. And x100 in 3-4 fronts. Our best defenses had Mike Devito anchoring the dline and our best dlineman last year was Henry Anderson. Its just not a position that seems nessesary to spend top resources on, with picks or cap space.
  4. He could turn out to be a beast and a fan favorite but I honestly feel like being drafted that high to essentially replace another high pick/busted played at that position (none of which is his fault) is always going to end up following him around, at least with Jets fans anyhow.
  5. I have as much hope for Sam as anyone else on this board but let's be realistic, there are a couple rookies through just the first FOUR weeks of this season that have, arguably, already flashed more than Sam did last season. Not knocking Sam, just trying to keep sh*t in perspective for myself. (I get your post was probably sarcastic) Edit: I should have emphasized more in my post that I dont want him rushed back just because the team is unwatchable. With this oline, dont bring him back until he is 100% healthy and back in football shape. I dont care if that's week 17 and if it's not this year at all, so be it. I'm just saying I wouldn't want to see him as a healthy scratch just because the team is going nowhere.
  6. I don't want them to rush him back, but whenever he can play he should. This isn't some vet franchise QB. They can replace everyone else on the team next year, Sam still needs to develop and needs the experience.
  7. I've been excited to see Herndon in his 2nd year all offseason but this offense is so horrible I can't really bring myself to expect anything
  8. I couldn't agree more. I didnt expect us to be good/competing this season, but I really thought we were taking a step forward from last season and expected to see a 8-9 win team. This team looks like they would be lucky if they split with the Phins this year. Darnold losing valuable development time and not getting to watch possibly the only player on this team worth watching just makes this season that much more painful. I hate that Sam is losing out on the game experience but honestly, between this peewee football caliber oline and no WR's, maybe it's for the best he isn't being thrown out there. Imagine what this board would be like if Sam looked bad too?
  9. Someone brought this up to Joe and Evan today or yesterday. Whether the Jets pulled Jamal off or not. Evan pointed out that Montgomery being on their show doesn't mean the team wasnt the one that pulled Jamal off because Mont has a filter...
  10. While I agree with your premise of the general game plan that most likely has the best chance of success, executing said plan will be nearly impossible, imo. Bell is the Jets only threat on offense. Any D is going to play to stop him on damn near every down. Add the fact that we are down to our 3rd string QB, forget it. Pat's D has looked great this year. Between our weak WR group and our 3rd string QB, the Pats D will play to stop Bell on every down. Bell would need to play at a hall of fame level to be able to carry this offense and make this game competitive, imo.
  11. Agree. Invest in the Oline, not a 3-4 dline. When we went to afccg's it was on a great oline and very good RB. Our dline was more than adequate with the Mike Devito's of the world.
  12. I don't know what he should do, honestly. I feel like going that route is almost guaranteed to turn this team into a circus again. Look at the problems Miami is having with players after going that route, and they dont have a team full of high priced free agents, high 1st round picks, and a mega diva of Adams caliber. Throw Gase' and Greg Williams' personality into this and I think this team would be a disaster of another level if they started gutting this team. However, on the bright side, for the first time maybe ever, I do have some amount of faith that whatever our gm does will more than likely be the right move.
  13. Of that group I have a feeling someone will emerge as easily expendable by week 4
  14. Did said vomit after bar occur on a sunny day?
  15. I'm not home for the game and I forgot to DVR. Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can stream/rewatch the game after it ends?
  16. Hmmm. Anyone that's more familiar with Douglas know if this is a kind of move he might be interested in?
  17. I always brushed off the weird stuff that came from him as just another eccentric diva WR. The stuff that's come from him since the end of last season through the off season definitely looks like some pretty serious mental health issues. I hope Brandon Marshall gives him a call
  18. This statement would probably apply to every team, no?
  19. I've been having trouble finding the elites. What site did you order from?
  20. I was thinking the same thing. If anything, it seems like the Jets have been pretty lucky playing the place kicker carousel each season.
  21. So... He can run, he can catch, he can cover AND he can hit. From someone already considered a ST stud. This kid gets a sack or two and I might not he able to hold my hopes back much longer
  22. Was literally thinking the same exact thing. Talk that offseasons all seemed to be about his age, risk of giving a once very good player his last year or two of big money, etc. He was HUGE for that team and just like you said, a key part in Goff's jump in development For a chance to reproduce that scenario (obviously to some extent - not saying we get to superbowl) I'd be fine with a trade. Either way, I honestly have confidence that Douglas will do whatever is best to address this oline. All I hear in regards to him is how he emphasizes oline first. I do believe itll be addressed as soon as the opportunity presents itself, ala Kalil.
  23. God damn, way to put his age in perspective lol
  24. https://www.jetsinsider.com/forums/threads/171313-2002-Audi-S4 😂
  25. Which was rockin'. I've been reminiscing and laughing to myself for 20 minutes. Ever go back through those threads? Man, good times. Anyone who sincerely complains about SAR needs to spend time with the divorce thread and see his softer side

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