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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that instantly landed back in JI when they opened this thread. I love JN, but when it comes to off topic and inside jokes, nothing beats JI in its heyday.
  2. Anyone know what ever happened to SBIII? Holy sh!t, that kid would have me dying. How about the guy who's wife left? ...Lori, I think? The refugees know what I'm talking about.
  3. Maybe the version of Gase with the media that got the attention is when things are going particularly bad. I've enjoyed listening to him in ever interview I've heard to this point. As someone said, I appreciate the (maybe?) honest responses... or probably the fact that he actually answered the question. I do worry a little bit about the way he seemed to lose it a little with the media. NY media is not forgiving when things go south. And knowing Jets fans, something tells me most aren't going to appreciate that reaction if/when this team struggles.
  4. I don't think anyone called him a stud. If someone said that he is, or even looks like a big steal, I must have missed it. I get what you're saying, your general premise isn't wrong. But as someone that generally enjoys your positivity... I guess I'm just saying that the super extreme hyperbole you (and I, to be fair) knock Mac haters over works both ways.
  5. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, I'm expecting a jump out of him too. Your post prompted me to think about my predictions for him and I couldn't come up with a number without figuring out what I'm expecting from the D. I think Luvu could be a solid role player who benefits from attention given elsewhere on the D. Last season sack leader was 7, which would put Luvu in top 3. When I think of what I'm hoping from this D, I don't think I see him as 2nd in sacks. I guess my point is that I agree with 6 but also expect him to be solid but not top 2 on the team. So 6 means we've finally got a player or two with double digit sacks
  6. He got ripped apart for the way he handled press conferences in Mia but I think we're going to appreciate the way he is after the years of Bowels. Much the same way we liked Bowels after years of Rex. And the way we liked Rex after years of Mangini. And the way we liked Mangini after years of Herm... We follow a pretty strict pattern of hiring the polar opposite personality of the coach we ran outta town
  7. I'm actually not sure how to take this. Gase doesn't strike me as a guy to sugarcoat an answer to a question for the sake of a players feelings. I feel like Gase is exactly the coach that has no problem saying, "he needs to show us more" or "he's struggled so far..." I'm probably reading too much into this (as we all are about EVERYTHING right now, after 3-4 practices).
  8. Is this solely because of your expectations of Luvu, or the D as a whole? A lot of teams 6 sacks is a decent year. Recent Jets teams, 6 is damn close to leading the team lol. So I guess I'm wondering, if by "6" you're penciling him in as one of the top rushers on the team, or a solid role player? Is that a Jets 6 or a 6 on a good defense?
  9. I feel the same way. Wasn't Hansen constantly getting tweet recognition this time last year?
  10. Well, that settles it. Now they HAVE to be good.
  11. I'm not saying anyone ASKS to be involved in that. Thank God no one was killed. Even more of a miracle that no one was hurt... Until they found out he was in the NFL
  12. Exactly what I was thinking. Remember that from day 1 Sanchez was all about building himself up into some kind of celebrity status. No doubt Sanchez/manager had press arranged ahead of time. They had those tshirts, etc. Knowing the way Sam is (seems), I'd bet his last concern was if it made it into a tweet. Bet it was a coach or front office that slipped it to the little sh*thead.
  13. It's so painfully obvious that is exactly what happened. In my mind there isn't even the possibility of another scenario. He doesn't have a recognizable name to anyone outside of a Jets fan. Crash happened, no injury. Next day, her accident is in the newspaper and boom - Injury, pain and suffering, civil suit. His people will tell his lawyer to make it go away. She probably walks away with 100k without so much as an xray lol. If Herndon blows up this year forget it, he's buying her a house. I have the worst luck in the world. Only people that ever hit me are uninsured illegal immigrants. (That's not a racist or political statement. Only person that ever hit me was really an uninsured illegal immigrant lol)
  14. "Later claimed", as in later when she found out he is a professional football player.
  15. The OP thought if they posted about something other than the Jets the thread might remain void of your misery. Clearly underestimated you.
  16. Great post! At the end of the day, I'm just being an ass giving myself a laugh on a message board at his expense. In that regard, I do find his Twitter to be a consistent resource for a good laugh. It's not meant with any legitimate sincerity. I actually have a lot of respect for his ability to grow up and the way he's seemingly turned himself around. He certainly made a case for himself early on that he was going to be one of those athletes that just wouldn't get it together. His off the field behavior aside, the man is an UDFA who worked his way to not only starting, but being a key piece of our offense. How the hell can you not respect the work, determination and talent in that accomplishment? I'm behind the guy 110%. This is his year. He's going to solidify himself as a top tier NFL WR. He's going to be Sam's go to weapon and take this offense to the next level! ... I'm just not going to ask him to write my report for work, balance my checkbook, or change the burnt out lightbulb in my lamp. 😂
  17. Good post. If you grew up around a certain slang, ebonics, or whatever title you care to give it and that's how you're comfortable coversating, that's fine. However, not being able to compose a coherent sentence of anything closely resembling proper English in a PROFESSIONAL setting, like a media interview for instance is pretty indictive of someones intelligence as far as I'm concerned. I've heard enough from Robby Anderson to figure out that he is the burnt out bulb on the xmas tree that makes all the other bulbs go out with it
  18. Ugh. This is such a complex subject and argument that will go too many places we can't discuss here and someone is bound to make some kind of inappropriate reply that will set the board on fire. I actually don't disagree with your general premise entirely but I'm not going to get into discussions about his environment, "ebonics", or what he's a product of. If you want to take up an argument in favor of his intelligence, that's cool.
  19. Cool vid, thanks for posting. Was there a point you're making, or just sharing some of his history? Not being sarcastic, I think I missed what you were trying to say
  20. You're responding to a dumb joke about taking something too seriously, by taking said dumb joke obscenely too seriously. I apologize, bud. I was just taking about poke at Robby, wasn't intended seriously towards you.
  21. I've wondered, but never looked it up - Did he finish and graduate? They were discussing the whole paying college athletes debate on Joe and Evan this morning. I'm aware there are a million aspects and it's a very complex issue, but I couldn't help but think of this thread and Robby Anderson. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Robby wouldn't put together a coherent application essay, letalone get in. Forget about actually passing courses and getting a degree.
  22. This part of the offseason is torture. No big news that breaks. No rumour to dissect ad nauseam. No upcoming events with potential outcomes to analyze, debate, insult and degrade each other over. The offseason reaches its peak crap point when even JN runs out of topics to write a new thread about for the 100th time. The beginning of every summer I wish to God I could enjoy baseball but somehow no matter how hard I try it's still so God damn boring 😞
  23. Reading some of the posts mentioning race makes me want to clarify something so I'm not taken the wrong way - When I have a laugh at Robby's expense, it's purely, 100% unequivocally because he has a functional IQ somewhere just south of a jar of mayo, and he makes me laugh sometimes. I would be just as entertained by the whitest, waspy person on the planet if they produced these bits of wisdom; I just want to be clear so that no one misunderstands me. I may be an insensitive prick who enjoys laughing at illiteracy and social media, but I don't discriminate. Dumb as dirt doesn't have a color. However, it may at times be indecisive;

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