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  1. Have you seen his birth certificate? No? Well than, considering there is a better than solid chance that "Robby" could be spelling his own name wrong, I wouldn't let this drive you nuts dude.
  2. Seriously, I can't handle listening to this guy speak. I know it probably makes me a prick for laughing at him and I do feel a little bad, but Thank God he can catch a football. Robby wouldnt have a chance of grasping the complexity of collecting the carts at Walmart.
  3. And today, the complex workings of the inner mind of Robby Anderson. 🤯 Thank Christ this guy is good at running straight and catching a ball.
  4. I definitely understand your take on Robby.... imo your post might be giving him too little credit. Someone had posted a video of all Robbies routes from last season and although yes, most of his damage comes from long yardage bombs. But he definitely showed an ability to execute more of the tree than just RUN FORREST RUN!! I also really believe (could be completely wrong) that Gase's offense and play calling will utilize other way that Robbie can hurt the opposing D. I'm expecting a breakout season - factoring the fact that this would be exactly the Jets luck. Breakout season and new demands for Top 3 WR money. Jets luck.
  5. Is that really a rule? (Honest question) Bets for lifetime exile has the potential to be great for the overall quality of the board lol. Darwinism, and whatnot...
  6. Pretty sure they also have labeled that game as the black stealth uniform debut. But yes, you've made a save assumption.
  7. Agreed. I guess when they identified him, my assumption was that Sam was down for a length of time. I'm not expecting much from a W-L perspective. I dont expect them to make the playoffs, if they win 8-9 Games I'd probably be pretty happy. This season for me is almost all about giving me some hope beyond this season lol. Sam take the next step, Gase look competent, Douglas look competent, etc. IMO, If Sam went down, losing a year of his development would hurt much worse than what it would do to our record
  8. Starting that list with Siemian was a bad move. If Sam goes down this season is ruined. In a few ways. Because so much of this season is about our hopes for what Sam is going to show us, with the W-L record almost being secondary... If Sam goes down, I just can't see my reaction being "at least we signed Trevor Siemian"
  9. I split with my fiance, now I wake up next to a cat named Puss in Boots. We have frequent heated arguments over the value of Jamal Adams.
  10. Does anyone else find that this worst part of the offseason seems to wake up these troll accounts? The trump banner is extra desperate
  11. This isn't that woman with the nails-on-chalkboard southern accent that did the Jets MNF game last season, is it? That was the single worst, most painful commentating I've ever had to suffer through
  12. Drafted by previous GM. If they don't perform, new GM might not keep them... This really is the worst part of the offseason. Considering the fact that Mac couldn't even justify keeping most of his draft picks by their second season, I'd say history isnt on the side of these two but I really hope both break that trend. If we luck out and even one of them ends up starting caliber it would be huge for us
  13. It's literally impossible to read anything you write past 3-4 words. Holy crap. You write like Robby Anderson articulates.
  14. Why does it seem like it always takes us forever to sign our first rounders🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. I've got no abundance of love for Lee... BUT not for nothing, if the situation were reversed and the Jets had just traded a 6th for a young former 1st rounder who has (at least) shown some sporatic glimpses of talent, a lot of this board would spend the summer eating up every fluff piece written about him, and telling the world what a great steal we got. The new system, the new coaches, etc. So and so is breaking out this year. Ray Lewis would look bad on the circus he was playing for.... You know I'm right.
  16. Tickets are only available for PSL holders? Is anyone else first come, first serve? Or is it only open to the real fans?
  17. If I had read him as a suggestion last offseason I might have been all for it. At this point, I don't want an old, shadow of himself TE possibly taking any snaps from Herndon. This kid looked really good last year. We need to let him grow and develop with Sam.
  18. MetLife is hideous. Nothing like U.S. Bank Stadium.
  19. I didn't click on this thread for days because the topic, honestly, just didn't grab my attention. My God did I miss out. This has to be without a doubt the most emotion Josh McCown has ever inspired in his life. The sprinkling in of a Revis debate was a beautiful touch. Thank you, gentleman. You've made the last half hour of work FLY.👍
  20. What can you do at that point (once in camp)? You find someone better. No, you're not likely to find an all pro thats available via trade or FA signing. I tend to think that if there is literally NO ONE avail that's better than what you have, what you have probably isnt THAT BAD. What I meant was I am tired of coaches that hit week 1 and act like they are surprised that a unit that looked horrible all summer ended up playing like crap during the season .
  21. I felt the same way about the corner position all offseason and I'm recently realizing a lot of that worry was a side effect from Bowels and Mac. I might be wrong, but somehow I'm less concerned about the position since the coaching and GM change. I've got some hope that if that unit is an obvious weakness in practice, Douglas will do something to address it.
  22. I'd be all for the FA signing. Look what Whitworth did for the Rams. I know we arent the Rams. I just mean signing a olineman at/ 30 isnt like other positions

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