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  1. If there is a lockout next season, does that happen before or after pending FA's become "free"?
  2. Also completely agree with you that trading him now/during the season would not be smart. Would much rather let the season play out than try to trade him at his lowest.
  3. Great job, again. I have a feeling that we will likely see significantly more impact from Leo this season due to a combination of; contract year, Greg Williams, and possible Q Will. I have a feeling after the season most of the talk surrounding what he wants on an extension will have to do with what he was supposed to be when he was drafted, and a more than likely decent 2019 season. Leo and his agent will want to conveniently overlook the first 4 years of his career. I can't see him taking a discount or looking for something reasonable for his production (what player ever does?). In my mind, I don't see him worth more than the contact Anderson got. Since I'm assuming he cannot be resigned on something reasonable, I want him to be an impact player this year (if that's possible) and then franchise and trade him, since that's the popular thing these days. Let someone else pay him what he wants. We've been down that road before and I'm not looking to do it again Thank God Mac won't be making the call.
  4. Completely agree. I'd even take it a step further and say that, as far as good analysis and write ups go, there are posters on this board that I enjoy reading as much or more than any beat writer.
  5. At least over the last regime, none of them have struck me as remotely reliable when it comes to inside scoops. There have even been times I've really suspected Manish of making up things he has reported from his "sources". Since I dont think any of them have much inside info, for me, it comes down to their take on stuff after the fact. I can't stand Manish. His "reporting" is always full of whatever BS agenda he has that day. Used to hate Cimni because I thought his reporting was excessively negative, but I actually find him to be the most balanced these days
  6. Even after a week, I still can't get to a place where I can feel good about this trade. The more I think about it, I think it's the timing the really bugs me the most. If you're willing to accept next to nothing for him, why did it need to be done right now? Look at all the injuries just in OTAs/mini camps. If we held him a couple more months we might have been able to take advantage of an injury. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he ends up being a bottom of the list free agent next year and not the flip side of the Anderson trade
  7. I love Kelechi. He is gonna keep Leo on his toes all summer. I see this being the first of many scuffles between this two. Kel isnt going to hold back from putting Leo on the floor just because its practice
  8. Over my dead body. Banners will be flying over camp this summer, I promise you that.
  9. Am I reading this right? Emphasis on communication skills, not scouting? So basically, just need someone that can get along with the nut job coach we are saddling you with. Cant imagine why anyone wouldnt want this job. Just hire Mrs. Gase and get it over with already.
  10. This tweet is a joke, right? TRADE? All but one of those players are hardly good enough to start on this team. You could keep the same list and say "Heard from a source these players are on roster bubble going into this summer".
  11. Absolutely. Sam might be the only thing to feel good about at this point. Although, I'm seriously starting to have concerns that this franchise is going to doom the kid.
  12. Okay, we've just got official confirmation that Peyton is the one and only person that can save this franchise.
  13. If you want to point to one Buffalo game, you should probably mention the other one also.
  14. No prayers needed. My friend. Just a smile 😂
  15. So Gase is now our full control, GM&HC? I feel great about this team.
  16. @T0mShane saw this, couldnt help but think of you....

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