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  1. So now every anti Jamal poster is this Big O. Righto. And just for the record, I’ve never been on any other Jets forum nor did I say I was. I learned about this one from my dentist whose got ties back to the Titans. But feel free to continue with your nonsense.
  2. True. I’m a city boy but upstate NY is phenomenal. Was dating this artist up there for a number of years and noticed people were flocking up there by the thousands. What was once a quiet weekend turned into ridiculous traffic jams everywhere. Such a shame.
  3. Upstate. Miss it. Spent many years up there by Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Woodstock, New Paltz. Beautiful countryside.
  4. His jock strap supporters won’t shut the eff up either if you criticize him. Voice your opinion and they start yapping like little girls from a fraternity. That INT was tipped right into his hands. He has no ability to anticipate where the QB is throwing. Maye, on the other hand is quite good at this. But you never hear a peep from him. I don’t recall anyone being so full of themselves bedsides Reggie Jackson. But at least he backed it up.
  5. Yes when he’s saying the Mets aren’t good at life. His wife must be a saint.
  6. You too stupid to fear for your life.
  7. Punk your mouth is going to get you in deep trouble.
  8. Actually he has 2 just like your idol. Peppers played FS last year thus his numbers weren’t that good as he was out of position. Browns have moved him into more of a hybrid safety role where he has vastly improved. But you knew that right smart azz. Real tough guy with the internet ink huh. Would love to meet up with you. Come to NY in the summer.
  9. https://giphy.com/gifs/1ZDozV4VCgvGeS4JwW?utm_source=iframe&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=Embeds&utm_term=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.profootballfocus.com%2Fnews%2Fpro-career-game-for-peppers-continues-trend-of-improved-play-in-2018 LMK when Jamal makes a play like this. Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam
  10. Stop with your stupid meaningless stats. Peppers is much swifter in coverage than Adams will ever be.
  11. We shall see when we play the Bears. Players don’t forget those type of cheap shots.
  12. Dude you are deranged. That was not professional football. I’ve seen pee wee games that were more physical.
  13. I’m not offended by you. You don’t know me well enough to. In fact, you appear to be quite immature by flinging mindless insults. But knock yourself out.
  14. So i’m a troll because I make an observation on how stupid it was for Adams to blast Trubisky in a ‘pro bowl’ game where RB’s, wr’s and defenders stop dead in their tracks the first moment they are touched. They were all playing two hand touch but of course Adams has to jeopardize an opposing QB to show how ‘bad’ he is. If Darnold was hit like that in a meaningless pro bowl game, there would be payback!

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