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  1. STLuLu

    Mac fired!

    Smh. Vintage Jets. So I guess whenever they hire a new GM he’s gonna fire Gase.
  2. No but listening to it makes me wish it was.
  3. Do you think Maccagnan would have blown that pick too?
  4. This sounds disturbing. I don’t watch college sports so I have no opinion on Cowherd’s take. So I’m asking all you out there in Jets nation who keep up with college football to give your opinions on his take:
  5. STLuLu

    Defensive Scheme

    I don't understand this. Gregg Williams has ran the 4-3 his whole career with every team he has coached. Why are the Jets sticking with the 3-4, especially when Leonard Williams has sucked at being a 3-4 D-lineman?
  6. Like they say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
  7. STLuLu

    Defillipo... Jags New OC

    Running the ball never goes out of style.
  8. STLuLu

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    Anderson can't play in the 4-3. That's IND got rid of him when they switched to 4-3.
  9. STLuLu

    Defillipo... Jags New OC

    So. Who cares.
  10. This makes sense. Now I see why a lot of Jets players played with no passion. Based off what Bart Scott said I probably would lack fire playing for Bowles too.
  11. He didn't make the Dolphins fun to watch so what makes you think he will make the Jets?
  12. Ok he drops passes. What's there to answer? He's still the Jets biggest threat and Darnold's favorite target regardless if he's average or not.
  13. No but I do know that Herndon aint beating no body. Please break it down to me when and where he lead the Jets to victory.
  14. Because I know the Pats like every other Jets fan should. Belichick always take away a teams most dangerous threat and that aint Chris Herndon. It's sure in hell aint Kerse and it aint Enunwa. It certainly aint the Jets running game. By process of elimination that leaves Anderson.
  15. Herndon has had a lot of bad dropped passed all year and seems uninterested when running his routes sometimes so it's not that hard to take him out. Plus, unless you were at the game or can get your hands on coaches game film we really don't know what kind of coverage the Patriots had on Anderson because the TV view only shows the front seven.

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