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    The Jets beating the Patriots in Foxborough in the 2010 AFC divisional game
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    Doug Brien missing two game winning FG in Pittsburgh in the 2004 AFC divisional playoffs and the Jets losing again in Pittsburgh in the 2010 AFC championship game.

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  1. And this is the real problem. The Johnsons know that the majority of Jets fan think like this. So they really don't have to spend money or effort in building a winner. All they have to do is just give us a hint or an illusion and everyone is satisfied. Most of us are still coasting off the fumes from the divisional playoff win against the Pats in Foxborough 10 years ago so why should the owners be motivated to do more? How pathetic are we.
  2. The question isn't can they figure it out. The real question is do they truly give a damn about figuring it out.
  3. If the Jets didn't suck all the time then sure it could be open.
  4. I'm not a Douglas fanboy. But to be fair, the 2019 roster was Macc's. With that said, they still won 7 games that year. So, actually it makes Douglas look worse by not adding the 2019 season to his record.
  5. What mess did he clean up? He just added to the mess like someone painting over someone else's graffiti with their own graffiti. Macc did overspend but at lease he tried to win. What is Douglas trying to do? He certainly isn't trying to win. He definitely hasn't made this team better than last year's team.
  6. You forget that Macc had a 10-6 record under his belt. Teams that go 10-6 the majority of the time make the playoffs. Hell, we've seen teams with a 6-10 make the playoffs before. Just goes to show how much bad luck this team has by winning 10 games and still not getting in. Macc also had a 7-9 record, which I don't even see Douglas getting close to that many wins. Also, regardless how bad you think Macc was, at lease he spent money on FAs and tried to put good players on the field, where as Douglas didn't even try this past off season to sign good players to make this team better. He took the
  7. He didn't have to completely redo the roster, he chose to. He could have kept Robby and Darnorld but he decided to be a prick and flex his power by getting rid of the few decent players we had.
  8. Right. Mac's first draft produced more productive players than Douglas's two drafts together.
  9. Why don't you explain to us what he's trying to do?
  10. So what. Adams and Gase are gone too but people like you love kicking them.
  11. This is fustrating. The Jets had multiple times to close this game.
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