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    The Jets beating the Patriots in Foxborough in the 2010 AFC divisional game
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    Doug Brien missing two game winning FG in Pittsburgh in the 2004 AFC divisional playoffs and the Jets losing again in Pittsburgh in the 2010 AFC championship game.

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  1. I hear you. Thanks for the rundown but I'm well aware of all those other players. I left them out on purpose for two reasons: first I didn't want a lengthy post, and second none of those players on defense would have had the careers they all had without Sapp. The only reason why Rice had all those sacks was because of Sapp. The only reason Brooks was able to rome around the field doing whatever he wanted to do was because of Sapp. Don't even get me started on Lynch. Every hit he made was illegal so he couldn't play in todays NFL.
  2. What's wrong bro? Darnold lost you a lot of money on bets? You have no logic kinda like a woman who only gets into relationships with abusive men.
  3. But according to you Darnold bashers, he sucks. So why would you have an expectation to get draft picks for someone who sucks? You would just cut him just to rid yourself of that headache. Since some did give up multiple picks to get him, he must not suck that bad.
  4. Now that Darnold is gone, you wanna use his experience as a factor to why he will have a better proformace than Wilson? When he was here, people used Darnold's 38 games started as evidence to why he sucked. If his experience makes him better than a rookie, then it would have made sense to have kept him. But if his experience doesn't make a difference and he sucks either, why ask that question?
  5. If that was the case then Darnold was the problem not Gase. Then why fire Gase? And if you say they both sucked then why not get rid of them both at the same time instead of playing this "Keep Darnold or draft Wilson" game?
  6. We certainly will see how good or how poor Douglas' assessment skills are in week one when Wilson and Darnold go head-to-head. There won't be any speculations afterwards...just facts. Hopefully Wilson and the Jets come out on top, but it's possible Darnold can be the QB we all hoped he could've been while he was here.
  7. I wouldn't call Monte Kiffin legendary. The only reason that corny cover 2 schemed worked was because of a DL beast named Warren Sapp who collapsed the middle of the OL on every play even when doubled teamed...which he was on almost every play. Even he called Kiffin underrated and went as far as to mentioned everyone in his HOF speech, including the waterboy, as a passive aggressive shot at Kiffin to let everyone know he had nothing to do with his success. So it does't matter that much who the Jets' linebackers are in this scheme if the DL can't cause havoc on their own.
  8. I agree. I could even argue those two wins were more impressive than Namath's Super Bowl win. That's what made Rex's coaching scheme half ass because PIT was the lesser team than IND and NE. The 1980 USA hockey team had the balls to say no way in hell were they losing to Finland after beating the Soviet Union. Rex beat the Soviets in Foxborough but then wet the bed in Pittsburgh dispite winning there earlier in the season. The Jets held GB to 10 points, I believe, in a game that season so who knows how that Super Bowl would have turned out.
  9. Seems like JAX change theirs every season. The fee must not be that high.
  10. The old uniforms looked good even when they lost. If winning will make these new horrible looking things look good then imagine what it would make the old ones look like.
  11. But yet all he wanted in the first round of the draft every year was a DT. Revis and Rhodes were on the team before Rex so he probably would have pick a DT over Revis if he was the coach in that draft. Then he did the worst thing ever and replaced Kerry Rhodes with Eric Smith...the worst FS ever. A half-ass scheme I would say.
  12. Thank you. That was very educational.
  13. I hear you. I'm very skeptic and critical of the Jets but it's tough love coming from people like you and I. I'm talking about the unusual hate from outsiders like people on national televised sports talk shows who are suppose to be neutral. But that would make it that much sweeter if they did finally win another Super Bowl.
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