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    The Jets beating the Patriots in Foxborough in the 2010 AFC divisional game
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    Doug Brien missing two game winning FG in Pittsburgh in the 2004 AFC divisional playoffs and the Jets losing again in Pittsburgh in the 2010 AFC championship game.

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  1. A QB can't throw TD passes without O-linemen blocking, smart guy. But since you like Seahawk offensive players so much I just used Shell as a reminder to you how great Wilson is. Even with NY Jets' trash blocking for him, he still finds a way to get it done unlike Darnold.
  2. In case you haven't noticed, Brandon Shell's non-blocking ass is playing for the Seahawks tonight but Wilson still has 5 TD passes. So let me guess...if Shell was still playing for the Jets Darnold would've had 5 TDs today too?
  3. Bout as serious as you being a Darnold fanboy.
  4. No, but you are if you think they're good on their own and not because Wilson is making them look better than what they really are. You're honest gonna sit there and say that Darnold would be preforming like Wilson right now if those players you just named were playing for the Jets?
  5. Who's Russell Wilson throwing to right now? He already has 4 TDs tonight.
  6. Notice I said last year...which he still balled.
  7. One left to go to the Panthers. All he wanted was a hand job to stay.
  8. What does this has to do with his poor judgement and inability to read coverages?
  9. So was Kyler Murray last year just like Cam Newton and Deshaun Watson this year. No excuses.
  10. Yeah, you're right. What was I thinking about. I had forgotten about these players you just named that were on the Greatest Show on Turf starting roster.
  11. It's possible he never liked Darnold or Gase coming in and has always had a plan to replace them both.
  12. Where are all those fan boys who were on here talking about "In Joe we trust"? He should have been on the hot seat for letting Robby Anderson walk for a coke and a bag of chips. I knew this offense was gonna look like trash the moment that happened. Breshad Perriman? Seriously?
  13. So with that said, getting a new HC and QB isn't gonna make a difference unless ownership changes which isn't gonna happen.

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