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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    The Jets beating the Patriots in Foxborough in the 2010 AFC divisional game
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    Doug Brien missing two game winning FG in Pittsburgh in the 2004 AFC divisional playoffs and the Jets losing again in Pittsburgh in the 2010 AFC championship game.

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  1. So I'm guessing you're still coasting off Namath fumes?
  2. I hope that the Jets resign Robby. I think it's crazy that they talking about letting him walk, as if this team is loaded and has talent falling out of their butts.
  3. Is it possible that this team can win out their schedule?
  4. When it's all said and done, I'm keeping my classic Jet green #16 Testaverde jersey for life. To hell with those wack ass 1980's with a retro hybrid uni's.
  5. Good stuff, bro. This is funny as hell.
  6. Based of what's going on in this game, if Darnold would've played against the Eagles, the Jets probably would be looking at sweeping the NFC east.
  7. I love Woody. One of my top 5 Jet of all time. They should play this video on a continues loop everywhere at 1 Jet Dr.
  8. I don't think optics is a big deal in this matter because it goes both ways. It's so obvious that he's already mentally checked out from the Jets and just want surgery so he can be ready for training camp next summer for his next team. The Jets know it and that's why they're being hash about it because they feel cheated after paying him all that money and receiving nothing in return. Scammers get no love.
  9. Feels more like reality. However, I do believe that we have a chance win.
  10. I have no problem with the Jets picking Adams at no. 6. I know a lot of dudes on here have issues with him being selected over Watson and Mahomes but that's nowhere as egregious as the Bears trading up to get Trubisky when they could've gotten Watson or Mahomes if they would've just stayed where they where.
  11. You can say the same thing about every position besides QB. What good is an elite pass rusher or stud HB in a blowout?
  12. Hard to believe that the Jets only scored 3 points in the second half but are just 2 min away from their first win of the season.

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