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  1. What terrible coaches? He only had two. One he won a Super Bowl with.
  2. It should be taking a toll considering he has played a big part in all the losing.
  3. STLuLu

    Opinions on Marcus Maye

    So. Good for you. Want a cookie? For the record I live in Louisiana so keep yo wack commit that I looked up Kamara.
  4. STLuLu

    Vig Fangio

    Yeah. The other Vic.
  5. STLuLu

    Vig Fangio

    May be but I seriously doubt that the Jets will hire another defensive HC. Not right now.
  6. If and only if you trade down for multiple picks. I don't care what anyone thinks but tanking is a punk move.
  7. Who's scared of any of those teams? The Packers minus Rodgers are hot garbage, the Texas are just average, and the Jets always play the Pats close home or away.
  8. Keep in mind you can't double any of Dallas' WR because they got a RB who's a home run hitter. You have to account for him even when 3rd and long.
  9. Man, I tell you. Those days of having dual deep threats via WR Al Toon and WR Wesley Walker seem like an eternity.
  10. Because of bad OCs that don't know how to design plays and routes to get them open. We haven't had a pass rusher since John Abraham but Rex knew how to create pressure by designing creative blitz packages.
  11. STLuLu


    I get the Rams but I can't believe you said the Browns. They been at the top of the draft every year for a very long time. They should have won a Super Bowl by now with all those picks they had but whiffed on. The original Browns organization was good but this new Browns organization has never been good in their existence until now and that's pretty pathetic. That's the last team anyone should model.
  12. STLuLu


    Funny. How's that method working out for the Patriots? Oh, that's right. They don't go by that loser philosophy.
  13. Just means you're delusional as well

  14. STLuLu


    You told us what? If you think Mahomes would be the same player for the Jets as he is with Andy Reid and the Chiefs you're delusional.

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