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    The Jets beating the Patriots in Foxborough in the 2010 AFC divisional game
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    Doug Brien missing two game winning FG in Pittsburgh in the 2004 AFC divisional playoffs and the Jets losing again in Pittsburgh in the 2010 AFC championship game.

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  1. I notice the WRs running routes in the same area where one defender in zone can cover 2 or 3 WR at once. I'm just wondering if that's bad design by the OC or if the WR just don't give a damn...maybe a little of both.
  2. Yeah I know...GB only scored 9 points and still own. Sanchez was more horrible than he had ever been. I seriously doubt the Jets' offensive would have played that terrible twice against them.
  3. Hell, I think we would have beat GB too in 2010 super bowl if it wasn't for a few bone head mistakes in the AFC champ against PIT.
  4. Yeah that stellar line with 3 draft picks...just like Douglas could've had if he would have kept Darnold and traded down for multiple first round picks. I don't give a damn about what happens in baseball, certainly don't give a damn about the Yankees. I'm talking about football.
  5. Ok. Well when KC goes to the Super Bowl and Zack Wilson gets shell shocked from being the most sack QB in the league, you can tell me how not true this is. Besides, that's just one lineman that you claimed that was overpaid. What the hell does that has to do with all the other good FA O linemen that where avalible?
  6. Quit thinking like a loser. Did the Jets have a winning team when Mangini and Tannenbaum put together that stellar OL in 2008 which Rex reaped the harvest in 2009-2010? The Colts also had a 2-14 record a few years ago but because they have a competent GM they turned it around and now they're in the playoffs every year. Give me one reason why Douglas couldn't have done the same?
  7. I knew the O line was bad but after watching this video they're worse than I thought. The problem with this style of offense is that it needs a good O line to work. I don't blame Lafleur I blame Douglas cheap ass for trying to get bargains on broke dick O linemen when he had the cap space last off season to get the best linemen in free agency.
  8. He was talking about the Lego land version of the Jets.
  9. He has proven it because he never played two decent games in a row with the Jets.
  10. Sounds like something you''re familiar with. I'll let you have it.
  11. I'm guessing you was all for getting rid of Darnold because nobody was saying this on draft day.
  12. People who keep using Peyton Manning as an example for young struggling Jets QB need to be suspended for a while from making post.
  13. Of course they did. Because you know, this team has talent falling out of their butt holes so what did we need Robby for?
  14. I think he played well for the Jets too. They just didn't put a competent WR opposite him so ever team just doubled him and a lot of smart Jets fans criticized him for not getting open on every play.
  15. Had Robby but he didn't want to pay him. So what the hell did he do with all that cap money? I started the clock on his ass last year.
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