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  1. Yeah, that too. But the Panthers' defense is also giving the Saints offense problems.
  2. Maybe the Jets are better than we thought. Carolina is giving the Saints problems.
  3. Darnold is doing the same BS against the Saints as he did last week against us.
  4. He'll go to the Chiefs next year and be their number 2 reciever, putting up big numbers and making the pro bowl. Then Jets fans will be bitching about how come we don't have talent like that but at the same time praising Douglas for being such a brilliant GM who's leading this team in the right direction.
  5. Depends on how your wife is breaking your balls. If she is breaking them by riding you like a cowgirl then that is something nice.
  6. Funny, I say the same thing about Douglas but yet all his groupies on here run to his defense.
  7. Because Douglas hates having WR talent on the field. He only wants to win ugly like they did when he was in Baltimore.
  8. You're right in calling yourself a classic diehard fan. Delusion is the center of your life.
  9. The problem with Douglas is that he's not in at all. He cares nothing about winning and cares only about the cap.
  10. If they do win it will mean the Panthers are better than we thought they were and Tua still sucks.
  11. I hope the consultant has a stun gun to zap him if he touches a bucket of fried chicken.
  12. I agree, but I really like Saleh and I will remain optimistic about him regardless how the season turns out. When was the last time we had a coach who could make halftime adjustments? Rex only had one game plan. He was either going to fligh high or crash and burn.
  13. 8-12 weeks once you factor in all the weight he's gonna gain from eating all those cheese steaks and not working out.
  14. You're welcome. That's what I'm here for.
  15. No. I've never been a fan like most of you JD fanboys. I disliked him when he came in and his first order of business was to get rid of our most explosive player who Darnold had the best chemistry with. That right there told me he was a cocky turd who didn't have a clue. I'm glad Robby got his revenge.
  16. Of course. That's all they need against the Jets.
  17. Yes. That's why you gameplan to stop him and not let him be an option for the QB to dump off to all day up and down the field.
  18. They aren't blitzing just looks that way. That's just how bad the OL is playing.
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