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  1. Two men in a room...Douglas and Saleh. Somebody farted. Maybe Douglas did it. Maybe it was Saleh. Maybe they both did. But quit telling me that an elephant in the corner did it
  2. That didn't stop you from running Idzik out of town
  3. You must have had a very long leash if you still got some left
  4. Yeah. You're proving my point. The Saints always had a good OL when Peyton was there. They also always had a decent to above average DL
  5. For the past 25 years Woody Johnson has gone the cheap route by hiring coaches who've had no experience as being a HC except Adam Gase. All have been defensive coordinators except Adam Gase and Herm Edwards (who BTW never was a play caller), but Woody was lucky enough to catch lighting in a bottle with Rex. The Jets have become that clown team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters and this B.S. has to end now. Sean Payton is the one man out there that can turn this organization around who will be available next season and has made it known that he's ready to return. But the question is would he ever come here? We know that he will have a few suitors next year; Dallas, probably Denver, and keep your eye on the LA Chargers. It wouldn't shock me if they move off Brandon Staley after this season. So, what would it take to sway Payton here? Money? Power? Both? If Woody has to make Saleh and Douglas a package deal firing to get the ball rolling, I'm down for that. We know that the Broncos' ownership has an unlimited amount of money to offer him if they move off their rookie coach Nathaniel Hackett (whom they did not hire) so what can the Jets offer him that would make him come here instead of Denver or any other team that desperately wants him? I say give him whatever he demands. We deserve a winner.
  6. Keep the old one because you don't want to waste too many trees making banners to fire Jets' coaches. Probable will be wanting to fire the new coach next year right about this time too.
  7. Freakin' clown show like that clown team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters. This organization is so unbelievable you can't make this stuff up.
  8. I will be very disappointed if the Jets don't take advantage of the Bengals' struggling o-line and get to Burrow early and often. If our d-line plays the way they've been playing in these first two games, Joe Burrow is gonna have over 350 yards passing and a win.
  9. Maybe if you had this attitude directed at the Jets instead of me then maybe they would finally put a decent product on the field. But why should they bother when Jet Nation is infested with lovable looser- minded people like yourself...Sir
  10. No disrespect but please stop with the positives. Every time the Jets open the season with a horrible loss...which seems like every season now days...somebody always posts a thread talking about some positive takes. this team sucks, plain and simple. Same ole Jets. I hate saying it because I was one who was high on this team this year.
  11. It doesn't. They won 7 games with Gase and Darnold with mono. They have to get no less than 9 wins to evan be thought of as maybe being good....which I believe they can.
  12. I feel you. They are all terrible no matter what combination the team wears so I guess we are both right.
  13. The fact that not only did they get rid of the uniforms that were beloved by many fans, but also that they refuse to change back and trash the current ones (where they belong) is evidence of how defiant ownership is.
  14. I disagree. The all whites make them look like a girls' powder puff team.
  15. At least he guaranteed a win. Some of these two-faced losers on here think we're gonna get swept in the division and finish last.
  16. Overrated? His special team units were all above average during his tenure even on the bad Jets teams, so he wasn't just all talk.
  17. You should read more threads. If you did, you would've known that a lot of people on JN predict the Jets to finish last in the division again this year and for MIA to be at the top fighting it out with Buffalo. You pissed them off because you ruined their fantasies of sitting in between Tua and Hill while jerking them off simultaneously at the back of the Dolphins' bus parked at Metlife parking lot.
  18. This right here is why BAL is the most overrated team in the league. If Saleh can't coach his defense to do this, then he isn't worth his salt.
  19. Last year's weakness. This isn't the 2021 schedule. New year, new team...better team.
  20. Nice. Someone on here has balls.
  21. This is almost impossible to predict but I love your optimism
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