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  1. No he meant everything's allowed All forms are allowed.Twitter and Facebook they edit out well articulated facts and opinions that may offend the current establishment or money making machine.So they don't count.
  2. The woman only claimed verbal sexual misconduct! On that alone he gets kicked out of the hotel and banned from his commentator Super Bowl appearance. It's not news worthy but In this society People have been getting fired for accusations or bad manners for some time now.
  3. I'm glad this one shows Irwin smacking the hell out of himself like he did something wrong.(approx 13.15) just when he finished talking and staring at her. Still not guilty of anything.
  4. Lamar has screwed up!!! Badly You're the negotiator you have to know when to take it and run. I understand the low end quarterbacks get paid too much But when you get a quarter of a billion dollar offer And you're in the last hours and nothing else is coming in take the damn thing and run. There's just a natural law that 5 million dollar GM's and billionaire owners are going to run away from somebody That is just appearing to be overly greedy. You happen to be in one of the highest paying positions in sports Let's be thankful.
  5. I like the big boom or bust Richardson. Just need the deep ball.Just hit a few screens and run the ball thats all we need from him. Don't need to make it too confusing on these QB.
  6. Wonder why he wanted to leave KC. No word on that Maybe just wanted to prove himself somewhere else.
  7. What are you saying he should take a knee During the national anthem.
  8. I believe this year they called it less. You would call it at least consistent with the rest of the game and its common practice that you do not call penalties unless they are blatant such as the end of superbowl.Not that big of a deal who wins to me Just wanted good game.
  9. Exact opposite is true They have not been calling that all year As a matter of fact they've been very slack on that holding this year. Yes the timing does magnify it.Especially since they didn't call it the full game. Sympathy for Mahomes and Reed I understand
  10. Third and eight the slackest call of the game. Wow. Why would a ref do it.It's a power, ego move.Just to do it. Wow that was the worst ending I've ever seen.You're going to have to bring replay at least in the playoffs Because of this ref
  11. They got to be worried about the running quarterbacks getting injured .How long will they last compared to the pocket quarterbacks.
  12. ESPN loud and obnoxious Kind of weird for sports channels. Just seems to sell on TV.
  13. Corn

    Q Tweet

    Honesty Honesty It's no longer a quality. Integrity Integrity Q should have lied his teeth off.
  14. Well now we know that! Could have trade it down and also traded darnold and signed a couple of cheaper vets. Just keep building the team that way Oh yeah and Joe Douglas would have had to barricaded himself because we would tract him down and shoot his ass.
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