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  1. There wasn't many penalties they knew how to line up it appeared they knew what they were doing, where they were going, a complete lack of confusion in the new system.
  2. Are you one of the Johnsons or family member losing your mind right now! Maybe
  3. You certainly want to Branch out.never in the history of war did a group of guys get together and say oh we feel sorry for those fellas down there let's go to war and free them let alone a whole other race . never ever ever has that happens and neither did it happen in the Civil War.Economics or self defense like always for war. Any reparations paid to the Africans Americans would be not for slavery that's been around for 10,000 years but the uniqueness of what the north ,south did .The congress and supreme court did ignoring the constitution and making them half humans.You want to celeb
  4. Slavery(free labor) was the main issue something the north could not use.When the north won in congress to end free labor the south was defiant.Yes! Nothing admirable just economics as usual. The winning north denied full freedom for the slaves because of economics also.
  5. um you know they never got freedom but treated like dogs after the union victory for about a hundred years. The union renege after the economic destruction of the south.It might be a little bit of a problem. Washington Squirrels or just The Girls would be great!
  6. A good all-around coach is the only savior
  7. When I did drugs I was not a people person either the inconsistency,eyes and his former assistant coach getting busted all makes me wonder. Unfortunately!
  8. Offensive line no matter what and why there willing to trade down on the cheap.
  9. Other - the team name Jets was chosen because of the nearby airport at shea stadium.Named after commercial airliners. Product packaging is one of worst in league Hopefully new uniforms help to change the product team chant JETS JETS JETS is similar to high school team chants. Never had identity always should have been a wide open speedster team
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