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  1. That's not Zach Wilson and any of these pictures not the same hat It's a coach.
  2. He's inaccurate and late with the ball..He's just not ready to be the starter.
  3. no accuracy at all todayI know it's windy for long ball. Looks Like 5 ft off every pass.
  4. This is disrespectful to the rest of the team. disrespecting the running game the defensive line the defense.That's who won this game! Unbelievably great game but All Zac did was not screw up.
  5. Does anybody including the press talk about if the wide receivers are wide open.That's what I would like to know When he's scrambles how come he can't find and open wide receiver.
  6. Does not want to shoulder it? He should have If I heard that right.
  7. Has he been getting wide open? Nope
  8. For the life of me I cannot understand the bashing of Brady which has started once his wife demands a divorce since he would not stay home. Something she wanted years ago from him to retire. She is asking for a divorce completly being detrimental to the kids and family. Tom Wanting to Keep himself busy something we yearn for Even with millions of dollarshas done nothing so detrimental to the family asking to split it up.
  9. I don't think he's a player's coach at all. I don't think he's connected with the players. Neither is he a disciplinary coach. A bit befuddling.
  10. Under he's going to be just like Becton. It's amazing you post this I've been thinking the same thing. I really hope not but it's typical Jets luck
  11. I think some coaches staffs would do much better with this team much much better. The whole coaching staff are rookies too.That's a problem. It's not a horror story going on But I'm not confident there fine tuning these players or getting the best out of the mediocre players.
  12. Zack Wilson to be average Saleh would have to be very good.
  13. Unfortunately a lot of good prospects and Good players careers become damaged When you're playing on such a uncompetitive team Even though on paper and with the injuries still should be competitive.
  14. He's always laughing and known as the clown of the locker room. When I seen him laughing which is okay But to the degree that he does I thought he's either medicated or some other condition.
  15. He just does not seem to be inspiring to players to play. Currently the fourth string quarterback is the most inspiratation to the team.
  16. Coach acknowledges a slow start But overall Congratulate them On a great job.
  17. CUPCAKE Saleh!!! Makes no difference that its preseason.
  18. It's all on the coach this year !!! He should have a good running game a significantly improved defense. He should be able to analyze what he has during the preseason whether he has a quarterback to throw 12 times or 22 times. But it's on Saleh to bring inspired play enthusiastic play, something he did not deliver on last year until the tight end coach Stepped In!
  19. Honestly if they don't like you they'll just start making things up! We've become a very corrupt nation ,Congress ,Courts and people. Obviously I don't believe Can't see that being worthwhile.
  20. Hope for sure but let's not be dopes. There was no inspirational emotional play The majority of the year.Hopefully the coach brings the gas this year and understand it's on him it's on him to bring The inspiration play out of all the players. Teams have one for Super Bowls with average quarterbacks they had a run game and some defense. GO Saleh bring the Gas this year!! Its on you I'm cheering for you!
  21. Saleh Has brought one in the most uninspirational team play I have ever seen.The no gas team. At the end of the year something changed He had a week off.The tight ends coach took over and they played better Not sure what was the Catalyst was for better play But I hope It doesn't happen this year or there's a disaster in waiting. Not only on the players for inspirational energetic play weekend and week out. But one a coach must bring to the table and the good coaches get it done several different ways.I hope he gets it done this year consistently!
  22. Okay you got me We had a D line for a year or two.What I see in the offensive line is being established for a decade.
  23. If they solidify The offensive line with the number four pick Joe Douglas Would establish something that the jets have not done in 25 years a dominant line on either side.
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