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  1. I hearya man- but it’s an interesting thought. Especially if Miami is the front runner to get him, Watson still young only 26. I’d personally prob stick with Zach
  2. If Miami gets him playing Allen and Watson 4x a year won’t be fun
  3. Looks like Watson won’t be suspended and rumors are he’s gonna be moved soon. Seems like Miami is a hot target right now. So would you trade Zach for Watson straight up right now?
  4. So much for that crazy off-season with him… looks like he’s reporting first day of camp like nothin happened lol
  5. Any other local bars in nyc/nj that anyone will be attending for week 1?
  6. this would be a sad end to his career as he obviously has a lot more left in the tank. Things must be real bad in Green Bay for him to be making this kind of decision
  7. lmao seems like things are going great in Green Bay right now, Zadarius trying to see his house
  8. I mean he made Corey Davis the highest paid free agent WR this last off-season and has invested 2 2nd round picks in the position so far. So yes, it does seem to me he values the position quite a bit
  9. So where’s he gonna go? The raiders? We’re in a better position than them right now. If Davante does become available for trade the Jets would be in a very good position to make a move for him considering the draft pick capital and cap space
  10. Yeah but who has the cap space and draft capital to actually make a trade like this work. The Jets definitely do. Talk about having a super bowl window on a QB rookie contract? Putting a ridiculous set of weapons around him would be a nice start
  11. That would be a ridiculous set of weapons to put around Wilson. If all it would take is Seattle’s 1st round pick it’s very tempting
  12. Maybe you haven’t been following recent events but Rodgers will not be playing for GB anymore. And if Jets pay Adams a contract what does he care where he plays
  13. Maybe for next year they can make a move on him
  14. Jets got a million picks to use in a trade, Adams only 28 years old and the best WR in football
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