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  1. Maybe if there wasn’t a trash product on field every year ticket sales would be better
  2. Miami’s offense already consists of Parker, Fuller, Waddle, Gsecki, and Gaskins. Much better than anything Houston put on the field that year. He would definitely elevate that to a top offense
  3. The Jets havent won a game against the Pats in about 17 years, not expecting anything different Sunday.
  4. Wow Allen doesn’t convert, Titans win. Bailed out Vrabel BIG time with his moronic clock management down there
  5. Is there a league higher than NFL Henry can go play in? This league is too soft for him
  6. I never saw Brown, Payton or Dickerson. But if if it was a draft btwn prime Emmitt Smith or prime Derrick Henry? I’m taking Henry every time
  7. I feel like the corners have gotten so much worse in today’s NFL… they never look back for ball and tackle the receiver everytime for DPI
  8. Those guys all had great careers, but Henry in his prime is up there with anyone. He might not accumulate all the records and what not. But on his best day he’s as good as any those guys
  9. Henry was the 45th overall pick Jets coulda had him… but anyway Henry is going down as an ALL TIME GREAT. I think he’s legitimately a top 5 all time right now
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