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  1. Sam got a 74 Fitzpatrick 75 josh Allen 74 eli 72 mahomes 97 brady 96
  2. I wound up purchasing 2 tickets in section 338 row 8 for about $900 a ticket and I bought a parking pass as well for $250. Add in the cost of tailgating each week I’m probably close to $1500 for the season. I plan on going to each game and will only sell if it’s a last resort. And obviously if I could afford it I’d love to sit downstairs midfield and but I’m happy with my seats upstairs.
  3. Wow good thing jets didn’t draft this guy. I could imagine how this board would look today with this news if they did
  4. Curious as to why people say Brady is a cheater? Do people really think he’s won 6 suoerbowls cause he deflated a few footballs?
  5. I’m trying to figure out why everyone is so happy about the hire. What has he done that warrants this type of excitement? Was he that instrumental in building the Philly super Bowl team? Was he the one who orchestrated the Wentz trade?
  6. Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains enjoying himself at Top Golf today
  7. Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains enjoying himself at Top Golf today.
  8. I mean honestly I’d give up a 1st if he’s healthy. Jets desperately need a stud LT
  9. Douglas is a big boy and looks like he can eat! You think he goes all out at the dinner meeting scarfing down anything and everything? Or tries to make a good impression by ordering the salmon or something like that.
  10. How awkward must be sitting at a dinner table with Chris Johnson and Adam Gase? The two biggest weirdos I’ve ever seen. If you’re Douglas do you go in there trying to crack a couple jokes to break the ice? Or just keep it straight laced in case your joke falls flat. “Don’t worry Chris, Brady can’t play forever haha” ... crickets
  11. Thanks my wife thinks I’m ok. I’m just curious about the intricacies of these types of things. Who picks up the tab???
  12. Some fancy steakhouse in the city? Who’s at this dinner? Chris Johnson and Gase? Are they ordering booze? What the heck are they talking about at the dinner
  13. Don’t waste time and emotion on tv sport but you’re on a Jets message board all day 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. I think if you were starting an expansion team and they presented you with a choice of either Sam darnold or a guy like Matt Ryan I feel a majority of GMs would take Darnold. Just my opinion bro

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