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  1. Give Jerry Jones credit. He’s often mocked as the GM of the team, but has put up competitive teams for the better part of the last 10+ years
  2. It’s about time this talent less crap white boy skill position team is being exposed. No more dink and dunk passes for old man Brady!
  3. Did you see the supporting cast Sam had to work with last year ?
  4. How come do the giants always play the pats well
  5. Pretty impressive list. Jets of course didn’t come close to drafting any of these playmakers.
  6. Bro your name is ‘Barry Mccokcinner’... you either copied the guy off twitter or you thought that was the funniest name ever. Get lost will ya
  7. Beat the Cowboys, then they’ll prob lose to the pats. After that there’s 10 games left and against crap teams. Crazier things have happened. The defense looked good today at least
  8. So what are they supposed to do? Just sit him if he’s healthy? Play Luke Flak the whole season
  9. What quarter will the jets have advanced the ball pass midfield?
  10. Give me one reason why Leveon should be suiting up? He should just sit out like Mosley!

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