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  1. Are you even a Jets fan? Kinda weird to see someone spend so much time on a Jets message board and seemingly dislike the team so much
  2. I’m inclined to do this, I don’t have to buy preseason games and I can sit lower level without PSLs? Sounds like a good deal to me. Seems like the only game you miss is the Buffalo game which is obviously a high profile game
  3. Is Watson playing week 2? Is he suspended?
  4. Nobody even knows who this guy is besides Jets fans lol
  5. His contract will be at least $300m either from the Yanks or someone else
  6. Walkoff 3 run home run tonight. That $240m offer looking pretty pedestrian right now. Either give the man his $300m or he’ll be playing somewhere else next year
  7. It’s ridiculous when you think about it cause people are going to be watching the games whether I’m the announcer or Tom Brady is the announcer. To pay him that much money is wild
  8. I mean obviously you realize those last few years will be a waste of money given their production will fall off, but it’s what teams do regardless. there’s no salary cap anyway in baseball so I don’t know why teams care
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