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  1. First of all the Favre trade was heavily based on conditionals. It’s would’ve escalated to a 2nd rd pick had we made the playoffs that year. Do you expect the Jets to make the playoffs with Rodgers?
  2. Jets got a 2nd rd pick for Sam Darnold and you’re saying we should only give up a 4th for Aaron Rodgers
  3. Not sure if you realized, Jets are desperate for Rodgers
  4. So one of our 2s (essentially Elijah and a 3rd)… and a conditional 2 next year that becomes a 1 if we make AFC championship game? Honestly seems fair and that should be it. No 2025 draft picks
  5. I mean he embarrassed the Seattle organization with the Jamal trade and he pretty much embarrassed the Panthers as well getting a high 2 for Sam. I expect another fleecing coming in soon
  6. Douglas really about to embarrass the whole Green Bay organization, isn’t he?
  7. JD keeping everything close to the vest and meanwhile this moron GB gm just comes out today and says we’re not getting a 1st 😂😂. JD really bout to fleece them bad, Packers fans don’t know what’s about to hit them
  8. Doesn’t need a 1st rd pick. Can’t wait to see packers fans reactions when we fleece them for a 4th and conditional 2 next year 😂
  9. Has there ever been a QB drafted in top 2 rounds to never even take a snap for the team?
  10. If Becton is healthy and productive that’s huge for this oline in 23. What’s the deal with Max Mitchell? Anyone have an update on where he’s at? Mitchell, Becton, Brown and 1st RD rookie make solid tackle room.
  11. So we got posts about Rodgers coming and competing for a superbowl and now we have posts about tanking for the #1 pick. Should be interesting to see how this plays out lol
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