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  1. I had it also. The first two weeks were rough then I got better. Just fight out these next couple weeks!
  2. I think Brees is about to be cancelled. Even Michael Thomas and Lebron called him out
  3. The top 5 guys were: Donald Mahomes Julio Q Nelson Kittle
  4. Ahead of guys like Von Miller, Myles Garret, Derwin James, Nick Bosa
  5. If they have Sam play out his rookie deal why would he agree to an extension after that? It’d be more beneficial for him to just get tagged for 2 years in a row then hit the open market a la Dak Prescott
  6. You can extend him, essentially he plays out his rookie deal then gets his extension on top of that. That’s why you see these guys getting extended early on. That way you’re not franchising a guy 2 years in a row a la Kirk Cousins
  7. Goff signed a 4/$134m extension which seems aggressive. We see what Dak is demanding. If Sam breaks out he could be asking for astronomical money as well
  8. There were always those rumors Rhodes was blackballed from NFL cause he was gay
  9. While everyone is going bananas over Adams potential deal, what do we think Sams deal will look like next year? Could it be something like 5 years for $100m would be fair I think. Especially if he has his breakout year
  10. If you were doing a draft and building a franchise for the foreseeable future there’s only a handful of guys I think would be drafted ahead of Sam
  11. Shoulda taken Cowboys offer for him coulda had Cee Dee Lamb on this offense too
  12. Oliver will most likely be out for that week 1 game. Our new offensive line should have no problem pushing those guys around
  13. You’re right, it’s weird. People get all bent out of shape when players want to get paid. The NFL is a multi billion dollar cooperation, the players deserve to get paid
  14. I don’t think “long term contract” is in Joe Douglas vocabulary. He’s the king of 1 year deals
  15. Manish continuing to take those Ls

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