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  1. What makes you think that? Saleh has been very non committed to Sam in all his public comments
  2. Yeah but we need a QB too tho so why would we trade out?
  3. He’s still only 33, could have another 4 or 5 years of productivity
  4. Obviously this is the mock you want to pay attention to as a Jets fan. He nailed the Becton to Jets pick last year. He’s got us going with Zach Wilson.
  5. Saleh won’t be calling the defensive plays
  6. the agent now posted this video. They’re pretty much saying to the Jets come get me
  7. He just said live on air the Jets and Texans are in talks for Watson. Could be BS who knows but he also broke the gase firing story
  8. we got Allen Robinson liking tweets of Watson to the Jets!! Lmao gonna be a crazy off-season
  9. He has a no trade clause tho, don’t think you’re fully grasping that fact

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