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  1. Lol do you see who were trotting out there on Sunday? Who’s worse than us honestly
  2. No chance his mindset was to have the worst team in the league so he can draft Lawrence. Im not buying that
  3. Pay them more than anyone else if offering. Give them 2 year deal
  4. I listed a few guys above. Sammy Watkins, Emmanuel Sanders, Nelson Agholor all signed 1 or 2 year deals. They should’ve been here. They wouldn’t have been “bad” contracts. We have $30m we’re sitting on
  5. I mean even look at the Bengals last night: Joe Mixon, Boyd, AJ Green, John Ross, Tee Higgins that’s a nice set of skill players for Burrow to work with
  6. Hell - they should’ve gave Sammy Watkins a contract. Or Nelson Agholor. Or Emmanuel Sanders. Someone to give Sam a fighting chance out there on Sundays! this is just sad
  7. The offense has gone backwards. He could’ve added guys to make it somewhat competitive.
  8. He made a “lateral” move I guess in replacing Robby with Perriman. Then was he really counting on a 2nd round rookie to come in and produce right away. Then he signs 100 year old Frank Gore. there were other guys available at running back and wide receiver he could’ve added. The league is laughing at us right now at the roster we’re trotting out there on Sunday.
  9. Who’s gonna play now? Berrios or someone else?
  10. Vegas screwed up you guys. Bet the house on San Fran. Free money
  11. The Hunt/Chubb backfield is pretty dangerous, they cause problems
  12. Does Tee Higgins even play for Cincy? He’d be our #1!

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