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  1. Honestly I wouldn’t mind bringing him in here. Add a little nastiness to this defense
  2. He can play center, sign him up
  3. Rhg1084

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    Were there pics involved in the Adrian Peterson “switch” incident? I forget
  4. Rhg1084

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    He broke his sons arm, this guy is an animal. He needs to be banned from NFL. Shame considering hes blessed with such amazing speed and talent
  5. Rhg1084

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    Wonder if KC releases him like they did Hunt
  6. Rhg1084

    Golden Tate to Giants

    Wow they gave him a lot of money. Giants still going for it, screw the rebuild!
  7. Rhg1084

    Where do the Giants go from here?

    They need to blow this thing up completely and even consider trading Saquon. There gonna run this poor kid into the ground next few years while they are awful. Might as well try to get a few draft picks out of him now to help the rebuild. Running backs do not last long, look at Todd Gurley after 4 years in the league looks like he’s done already
  8. Big Ben won on a rookie deal
  9. Flacco won on a rookie deal in Baltimore also
  10. Seattle with Wilson, philly with wentz, rams with Goff
  11. Not saying they are going to win. Point being is their chances of winning is best when QB on rookie deal
  12. If the Jets are EVER going to actually win a super bowl , this next 3-4 years with Darnold on his rookie contract is their best chance. Not saying they will win the super bowl, but their chances are the best in this time frame when they don’t have to pay the qb and they can allocate resources in other positions. Go get it done!
  13. Rhg1084

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    What’s his over under on yards he racks up for us? He had two 1900 seasons in Pitt and one 2100 yard season!
  14. Every play should consist of Robby running a fly route with all these other guys running routes within 10 yards

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