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  1. LOL I remember a narrative being pushed that Bill was in love with Gholston and would’ve taken him. I think they picked like 2 picks after us
  2. Didn’t Belichick mind trick us into taking Gholston?
  3. It’s very strange lol... he’s not even projected as a top 10 O lineman in this draft. Guys like Cosmi, Leatherwood, Eichenberg, Randuz and Dickerson are all projected to be picked ahead of him
  4. Honestly, we have so much draft capital these next 2 years if the right player is there I would do it.
  5. The fact that Gettleman didn’t trade out when he picked Barkley should’ve gotten him fired. He could’ve traded back and still landed Nelson
  6. Let’s trade up to 11 and grab Slater or Sewell!
  7. In this specific scenario where the top 5 OTs are off the board and we’re staring at the available guys of Farley Newsome Stokes Paye Id take the EDGE Paye who is projected to be a stud. It’d give Saleh his dominant defensive line to setup his zone coverage schemes. I wouldn’t risk Farley at 23 since he hasn’t played since 2019 and had the back surgery
  8. Honestly, after last year I just want to see them be competitive! These last 2 years the game was over before they even stepped on the field. Show me a pulse. Let me see some young hungry guys. I wanna see Lawson and Q going after the QB and causing havoc in the backfield. I wanna see Lafleurs offense clicking and moving the chains. Just don’t get embarrassed every week. These last 2 seasons were ridiculous from a competition standpoint
  9. Jimmy G is due $50m these next 2 years lmao something tells me Douglas isn’t going to be persuaded to give up pick 2 for that
  10. I think the Jets will trade up to land one of these offensive lineman. None of them will be available at 23. Humphrey is not on the same level as these other guys
  11. We have 21 picks these next 2 drafts. We don’t need to acquire more picks, it’s time for Douglas to bring some big time players in here
  12. I feel in this specific situation Douglas has to be aggressive in landing one of the 4 of Sewell, Slater, Vera-Tucker, or Jenkins. I don’t think any of those guys last to 23 and we got 1000 draft picks to put together a package to move up
  13. If he can somehow land Sewell or Slater that would be amazing! I hope he’s aggressive trying to get one of those guys
  14. Don’t be so sure about that. There’s been some rumblings that he will try to move up in this draft. There was a report he wanted 2 top 10 picks
  15. What names do you think would entice JD to trade up from 23? If guys like Pitts, Chase or Slater are available at pick 8 with Carolina you think he tries to make a deal? What about Vera-Tucker or Jenkins in the mid teens? With so much draft capital/ammo I could see him making an aggressive push to try to land his guy
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