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  1. Brand new QB, brand new offensive line
  2. So we should repeat the same strategy? Trading away picks and handing out huge contracts
  3. After today comments from Douglas regarding Sam, seems like it’s a no brainer it’ll be Wilson
  4. Mac traded away a million picks for Sam. Handed out ridiculous contracts to Mosley, Bell and Anthony Barr (which we got lucky on). How’d that all work out. Be patient with Douglas.
  5. LOL I was at the 41-0 game too. I’d still take beating Brady and Bill in Foxboro. To each their own.
  6. Come on now. Those are all nice wins, yes. But beating Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in New England to advance to the AFC Championship game? That game trumps any of those wins against the colts, raiders, chargers. Not even close. Can’t believe you listed all those games honestly a bit shocking
  7. That win is literally the best moment in Jets history for anyone who wasn’t around to see the super bowl
  8. How come nobody brings up Trevor Lawrence schedule? Syracuse, Citadel, Kent state, Boston College, wake forest, Georgia tech, nc state, Florida state, South Carolina, wofford, Charlotte, UNC Absolute cupcake ACC schedule
  9. I mean Wilson can throw the ball 80+ yards through the air. So yes he does have arm strength comparable to Mahomes and Rodgers
  10. If Trent Brown gets released he would become my #1 free agent target. 27 years old and a stud. I’d put him on the right side. Becton and Brown the two anchors of this line would be very nice
  11. I do believe we will sign a free agent running back. Probably a cheaper one than Carson tho. I’m thinking a guy like Tevin Coleman, Jerick McKinnon, Matt Brieda, Jamal Williams. Someone of that elk. Carson right now is probably the #2 rb available behind Aaron Jones
  12. So does Trevor and Fields. Doesn’t change the fact he can sling the ball down field with the best of them
  13. Jets continue to be the national laughing stock of America
  14. I don’t understand when they get mad for getting tagged. They’re getting top 5 money, he’s still a young guy, and will still most likely get a contract after this year. Kirk Cousins made like a billion dollars getting tagged twice and then receiving his guaranteed contract.
  15. “A Herschel walker like trade offer?” They’d have to give up like their whole draft for the next 3 years considering they pick 20th
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