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  1. Obviously I realize we have no power over decisions made in the organization lol, I’m talking in a general sense of fans “pulling the plug” on a belief he can be a good qb. Which it seems a majority have done already
  2. Michael Carter looks like he can be a very good running back in this league, not sure why your advocating taking a running back with a 1st round pick. There aren’t any running backs even being talked about as a 1st rounder in this draft let alone a top 10 pick! This whole conversation is ridiculous lol
  3. Nice post, finally someone who assigns actually names to our picks instead of “don’t draft a safety or corner!”. People don’t realize this draft doesn’t consist of any offensive playmakers at the top of the draft. Douglas is gonna take the best player available not just some position
  4. You were also the same guy calling Josh Allen a running back. It took him 3 years to fully develop. Let’s wait and see on Zach before pulling the plug
  5. Tankathon currently has us a Stingley and Hamilton
  6. Only problem is there’s no LB TE or WR worth drafting with a top pick in this draft. If you’re saying don’t draft Hamilton or Stingley who the heck we gonna draft lol? I guess it’d have to be OT Neal then. Go do research on the draft and assign player names to these picks. The more I look at it the more I think our 2nd 1st round pick will def be either Stingley or Hamilton
  7. It’s too bad this draft doesn’t have that Jamaar Chase, CeeDee Lamb, or Justin Jefferson caliber of a WR cause that’d be a no brainer pick. This is a weird draft with not many offensive guys available. Honestly, the more I think of it Hamilton could very well be a pick for us. Go study this draft and you guys will see. Especially with the Jets needing so many defensive playmakers. if it came down to Stingley or Hamilton id obviously take the corner tho
  8. I think it’s pretty much set in stone one of our picks will be an edge (Thibodeaux, Hutchinson, or Karlaftis). The 2nd 1st round pick could be a bit of a wild card. I would love if they could get Stingley to pair with the edge. If they go offensive lineman (again) I’d say he goes tackle before IOL (Linderbaum). If Hamilton is on the board with our pick I wouldn’t be surprised if we took him either. Adding two blue chip guys to this defense is not a bad thing
  9. He’s currently a top 5 center. We gonna get rid of him cause he cost $9m? Who else are the Jets even paying next year?
  10. The RG we got from KC has been good, if Douglas does draft another o lineman round 1 it’ll be a tackle
  11. Wilson will have at least 3 years here ala Sam. You guys are nuts ready to hang him after 6 starts. Give the kid a chance
  12. There’s a 0% chance they cut McGovern or Fant. Both have been outstanding
  13. Exactly - it’s hard to envision both picks not being used on the defense right now. The offensive line has been fine and we don’t even need a center
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