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  1. Frauds? The defense is obviously elite and will keep us in games. Any success on the offensive side of the ball and the sky is the limit
  2. I’m also not scared of Geno. I think we shut him down
  3. 10 wins should get us into the playoffs. You’d have to figure the Lions and Jags home games should be wins. The other 4 road games will be tricky to get one or two. I think we can give Buffalo a good game again if our defense plays the same scheme.
  4. I’d assume Fant is as good as gone with Mitchell performing like a capable starter. Next year could look something like Brown Tomlinson McGovern (or whatever rookie) AVT Mitchell Becton could battle his way back and fight for a spot as well
  5. When it comes to offensive lineman’s performance I feel like no news is good news. We really didn’t hear his name too much I think he had a good day
  6. No I am rooting for White I’m just seeing alot of false optimism about the guy. I don’t think he’s that good and my prediction is Zach will be be back sooner rather than later
  7. Lol like all the support Zach got when he was our starter
  8. Zach also beat Buffalo two weeks ago. How’d White do against them last year?
  9. I see a lot of excitement for him. You guys realize he stinks right?
  10. What happens if Mike White stinks up the joint now what do they do?
  11. Exactly I hope we can look back at this week as the turning point for him in his career. Otherwise if he doesn’t figure it out he’s probably done after this season
  12. I still think Zach will be ok. Remove the Pats games cause for whatever reason those are always an abomination… he can manage an offense. He’s 5-2 on the season. I look forward to him having a big game against Chicago to get his confidence back
  13. I’m more encouraged that they got him to play at such an elite level as opposed to what happened early in the season.
  14. They’re gonna need to sign him this off-season. Oh and BTW does he count against JDs terrible 2020 draft too?
  15. I mean it’s not trolling, it’s a report that came out today. How you react to it is your issue.
  16. He’s built a top defense, he can get a veteran QB to guide the way. Or who knows Zach might turn it around
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