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  1. So who the heck in their right mind would trade up then in this draft
  2. Yeah but there’s a flip side to that, nobody is trading up! I don’t see a scenario where we trade down at all
  3. Nobody has ever put up a 5000 yard season at age 45! Big Ben is 6 years younger and he looked like a corpse out there this year. That’s why Brady is the GOAT. Mahomes has much higher odds of being done in his late 30s than he does putting up 5000 yard seasons at age 45
  4. It’s funny nobody has any idea who they want to pick. Everyone just says “trade down” lol
  5. Mahomes will have to average 4400 yards a season for the next 15 years (age 42 season) to touch Brady. And like I said, if Brady goes for another 5000 next year nobody is coming close
  6. The only guy who might come close to Bradys record is Mahomes. Problem for him is that Brady still putting up 5000 yard season in his age 45 year. Mahomes will be 27 next year and assuming he has 10 years of elite numbers left he’ll still come up short. Same thing with Kyler and Herbert, they’d literally need to put up 5000 yards for about 20 years. And if Brady puts up ANOTHER 5000 yard season next year? Nobody will ever touch him
  7. No trades, let’s see who ya got. For me it’s Best Case: 4- Thibodeaux 10- Hamilton Worst Case: 4: Karlaftis 10: Linderbaum
  8. I guess if there comfortable with the Purdue kid then no worries, I know he didn’t have a lot of sacks tho
  9. I mean the Jets desperately need an edge and have 5000 draft picks. It wouldn’t be worth it securing either Thibs or Hutchinson?
  10. If Hutchinson or Thibs is there at pick 3 would it be worth trading up for? What would the compensation look like trading up one spot in the draft?
  11. Exactly, but that guy thinks Montana is the GOAT cause he’s 4-0
  12. Rodgers stats in the NFC Championship games? 9 TDs 8 ints! Can’t touch Brady as a big game QB, guy always folds
  13. Crazy to think him and Sanchez were drafted the same year. Sanchez seems like another life time ago
  14. So you’d rather be 4-0 in the super bowl instead of 7-3? Lol
  15. Oh now it’s a team game when those other guys can’t make it to 10 superbowls? Montana only made it to 4! And you’re calling him the GOAT? Montana himself called Brady the GOAT lol
  16. Yeah but they lost in how many playoff games or never even made the super bowl? Brady has made 10 Super Bowls! Lol
  17. Yeah but then Brady beat both Rodgers and Mahomes last year to win a super bowl in both games he was the underdog. So yeah that’s why he’s the GOAT
  18. And Brady put up a 5300 yard, 43/6 TD:INT season this year at age 45. Way better stats than Mahomes or Rodgers BTW
  19. You’re right he’s not as talented as Mahomes or Rodger but what makes him the GOAT is his longevity and the fact that he wins all the time. He’s got 7 rings nobody is ever getting that. And nobody is ever breaking his records cause who the heck is gonna play until their 46 years old? Heck, Luck retired at age 30. So yeah is Patrick Mahomes a more talented player than Brady? Yeah most likely. But until Mahomes puts a resume together like Tom than he will never be considered the GOAT
  20. Lol but Robert Horry isn’t the all time leader in every stat imaginable like Brady is
  21. Imagine if the Jets ever become really good and go on a run like the Chiefs or Patriots? What do you think we’ll complain about then? Not winning enough superbowls ? Lol
  22. KC is still the best team in AFC. They’ll be back in the super bowl for a 3rd straight year
  23. He’s had a hall of fame resume in each decade of his career lol
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