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  1. He played for Alabama where the pressure is the highest in the county. Playing for the crap Jets there is no pressure
  2. I think they’ll def sign a free agent guard to fill that position. James Daniels from Chicago is another name to keep an eye on, only 24 years old and a solid RG
  3. This draft stinks for offense. I’d rather build the offense thru free agency and trades and use the draft for the defense
  4. Bengals or Titans wouldn’t stand a chance against KC or Buffalo tho. Those two are the class of the AFC
  5. I think they were so scared of the ball going into Tyreeks hands they figured let’s just kick it in the end zone and play defense for 13 seconds
  6. Giving up 50 yards in 9 seconds for KC to get the game tying FG is brutal. You have to be sick to your stomach if your a Buffalo fan lol
  7. Easy fix: each team gets one possession, if it’s tied after that then it’s sudden death
  8. Bring in Ridley, sign Schultz, resign Berrios and sign a top RG. Those moves right there will have the offense going in the right direction
  9. Would’ve wasted at least 3 seconds, you gotta be sick to your stomach if you’re a Buffalo fan
  10. Bills giving up 50 yards in 13 seconds is just awful to give up that game tying FG
  11. How does Brady always win games like these and Rodgers chokes away every playoff game lol
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