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  1. Yeah but if one of these rookies turns into Mims 2.0 it’s over for Zach and JD. They need an established star in here an none of these WRs move the needle. Trade market might be the way to go
  2. Only problem is Zach needs an established guy, this is a huge year for him. The free agent market is very iffy and these rookies aren’t anything special. The Jets have so much draft capital it might be worth bringing in an established star like Armari or Ridley
  3. I would def be monitoring the Cooper situation and try to get him if possible
  4. Which is the most preferable choice: Trade a 2 for Ridley Trade pick 10 for DK Trade maybe a 3 or 4 for Amari (take on contract) Free agency (Mike Williams, Allen Robinson, Godwin, Gallup) Draft (Wilson, Burks, Olave, Williams)
  5. Flores or Daboll would be nice hires, not sure about Quinn
  6. Ok so cross of Thibedaux as another guy we don’t want. With all these guys nobody wants how bout we just forfeit our picks? Lol
  7. Believe me I’m well aware of this narrative, it’s been repeated 10,000x on this board. The problem is there isn’t an edge worth taking 4th overall after Thibs and Hutch
  8. Jets give up 3rd most pass yards in 2021 Jets fans: “why are we taking a corner or safety?!!” lmao you can’t make this stuff up man
  9. “But he doesn’t fit our system” is the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. He’s a beast. Jets allowed almost the most passing yards in the league, it’s time to get a stud corner in here. If this kid destroys the combine bring him in!!!
  10. you guys are sleeping on Stingley, this kid is the next Ramsey. He’s fully healthy and gonna blow up this combine
  11. If Zach was in this draft some team would give Jax at least 3 1s for that 1st pick
  12. We don’t know what the needs are on this team? Um yes we do, we need defense. Offensive line is fine
  13. Not sure why we would take an offensive lineman when we only need a RG and we should grab one in free agency. What we do need are defensive playmakers. Stingley is definitely one. Drafting another OL with pick 4 is a terrible waste of resources
  14. So did cam Akers in week 1 and he played last week, I’d take my chances with Godwin
  15. Lol have you gone on record as to who you want? Or just say no to every suggestion
  16. So it seems as if the majority of this board was against Hamilton at 4. What about Stingley? He put one of the best seasons you’ll ever see from a corner on tape in 2019. He has the talent level of a Jalen Ramsey and could be a top 5 corner in this league. The corner back group would really be solidified as you’d now have Stingley, Hall, Echols, MC2 And before everyone responds with the usual “Saleh/JD don’t value corners in this system”. Or “trade the pick!”. You do realize the Jets have to take somebody at 4, and if they’re not sold on Karlaftis who the heck are they going to take?!! St
  17. I mean yeah he’s a solid guy but hopefully Douglas is looking to land a bigger fish via trade (Amari, DK, Ridley). If he goes the FA route for a WR I’d hope for Godwin > Cordelle
  18. There’s a 0% possibility he’s trading out of pick 4 because nobody is giving away any assets to trade up in this draft
  19. Nobody is trading up bro get that out of your head. If the Jets like Karlaftis then yes by all means take him. But if they dont? Then who’s the pick
  20. And for everyone who keeps saying don’t take a safety at 4 then give an alternative. Who the heck else is even an option?!!! Seems like the stars are aligning for Hamilton to be the pick
  21. Listen, in almost every year I’d say yes it’s absolutely ridiculous to take a safety at pick 4. Heck, if the talent from last years draft was in this years his name wouldn’t even be mentioned as a possibility. However the fact that this draft is such trash and on top of that our defense was one of the worst of all time makes Hamilton a compelling option. Should be interesting to see what happens!
  22. This will be his 4th offensive coordinator who has tried to fix him right? Bates, Gase/Loggains, Brady and now McaDoo. Not sure why it didn’t work for him but it’s tough to predict QB success for these kids coming out of college
  23. Lol so Carolina and Cleveland are giving us their 1st round picks next year to move up and get who exactly?
  24. I would extend Fant and McGovern instead of trying to find their replacements in the draft
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