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  1. 1-16. Other than a fluke win somewhere, somehow, where do the others come from with this Oline???
  2. Why do the Jets always make football seem like String Theory? Just knock the sh*t out of the guy in front of you!!!! These guys look like that terrible team you played in high school--no Oline and QB has less than a second when he gets back there--kinda reminds you of good ole Sam--Oh yeah, he is lighting us up! F*CK!!!!!!!
  3. QB gets no protection and defense making mistakes---we should be down 21-0. I hate loving this team! Damn it!!! Solace: 2022 #1 pick???? They look terrible!! Damn it!!!!
  4. Sadly, the pessimists appear to have a good read on our defense. It is not merely that we have youth on the outside, they have thus far not inspired confidence. During the preseason, outside receivers were often open. Yet, what troubled me the most, much to my surprise, was the play of our linebackers, especially on the outside. Our youngsters there were often able to get near the ball, but too often they simply missed tackles or were pushed around. Their inability to dominate either against linemen (and our guys are smallish, so this is no surprise), they also seemed to have trouble with back
  5. We need Gase out! A loss here helps that effort---but I feel like I am cheating on my wife (let the jokes begin). Seriously, not sure a win serves any useful purpose.
  6. We ain't tanking. Tanking suggests we are doing it on purpose---this team is just lousy!!!! No tank--just no talent!!!!
  7. The way the Phins and Denver played yesterday, do any of you see a win in the schedule? I don't.
  8. Am watching a terrible Dolphins eam play with the grit I prayed the Jets would have---the Jets are just awful!!! I am so disappointed!!!
  9. TRUTH!!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. they look terrible...they look like a poorly coached high school team that has lost its last 40 games....they are uninspired and have quit on the season. The Niners have most of their weapons hurt, and they are still crushing the lowly Jets---compare this team to any other on Sunday---it's a terrible reality: the team is awful, has almost no will or pride, and they look like they are going through the motions. Mostert's first run, it seems like several players upfront were not running hard---embarrassing. On his second, which was called back, they also looked like they were playing in slow-mot
  11. I like Greg Roman as he shares my last name---seriously, could you folks add some data and stats here---really would appreciate being educated. College record, record as a coordinator, etc.....
  12. But I am too old to wait---good point though---I do want to enjoy some games this year, no???
  13. Dear Practice Squad, if you could, please continue your overview? I found it helpful and confirmed my initials reactions--pocket collapsing and Sam made the best of it with several drops. Sam missed several plays early, but not all his doing. Call me crazy, but when the team went up-tempo in the second half, they looked almost like a pro-team. Please Gase, go 2 TE and 3TE sets--strength of offense--will help run game and help our new tackles----current approach not working!!!! Not all-pro, like a pro team!!! Like an NFL team--you missed my point!
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