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  1. It may be only one game, but we were up 16 in the fourth, lost to a running quarterback and made him look like Brady. The team collapsed! No D!! No Oline!!! Our QB looked weak, indecisive, and inaccurate. This is a weak team!!!!
  2. Me too. We stink! Can't cover, little pressure, Mosley leaves game and not one guy steps up. I think Dallas'.......cheerleaders can protect their QB better. Sam who? He looked indecisive, threw as if he was 4'3", and was afraid to go deep. When he did, he overthrew and under threw almost every pass. Sam threw into coverage repeatedly, and receivers other than Anderson were blanketed. This in not a every good team! Another wasted year! Being a fan of this team s nothing short of torture and BULL****!!!!!!!
  3. It is so frustrating to write, but the Jets are not very good. Bills receivers looked like Jerry Rice clones--They had 4-5 yard separation even in short routes. Our guys, other than Anderson who was evidently too fast for Darnold, were repeatedly covered. Bell is a stud, but had no help from the line. The fourth down play he must have broken at least two tackles behind the line of scrimmage. The team is just weak. Darnold was under pressure all day, but he looked like he was 4'3" and seemed afraid to throw down field. We just stink!!! I hate everyone and everything today!
  4. What a collapse!!! Same old Jets!!! We suck yet again!!! No one can ever step up on this team! ******* frustrating to no end!!!! ****!!!!!!
  5. Yep, it does seem a combine workout counts for just about everything: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1970024-10-nfl-stars-who-overcame-terrible-combine-performances#slide0. Suggs, Brady, Brees, Bowman, Haden, Dumervil, Houston, Boldin, Burfict, and Miller--yeah, just horrible wastes! Honorable mention: Antonio Brown, Josh Norman, Cam Chancellor
  6. Yes! With only exception of not addressing the Center issue. A very good draft. I suspect we obtained an opening day Defensive Tackle, a rotational edge rusher, who will get more snaps as season moves on, Polite projected as a first rounder before combine, and considered a steal for any team getting him in the second (these two guys will also push all others on team). We may have also acquired a back-up tackle that will get playing time. Not thrilled with third day, but old enough to know I do not have the knowledge of front office professionals. We are two years away from being a serious playoff threat, and with a little luck and our reasonable travel schedule, I think we may sneak into the playoffs this year--excited!!!!!
  7. Once again, too many here being way to harsh in this string. Not only does Darnold likely know the guy, and in all probability endorsed him, the write-up on the guy are solid. Recall, we are talking third round. Here are some solid write-ups: https://247sports.com/college/usc/Article/Chuma-Edoga-NFL-draft-USC-football-mock-draft--131513561/ https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/chuma-edoga
  8. Too many utterly ignorant posts in this string. Look the guy up and read up profile. One of the country's best pass protectors. Besides, no one on this site know if another team was ready to steal him--I trust the draft room has better intel than anyone here. Thus, way too many brash and ill-informed conclusions. Pathetic! Jets are having an amazing draft!!! Picked top-rated player, obtained an elite edge in the third (truthfully, must ensure hamstring and attitude are fine--well worth the gamble in third--first round talent before combine), and then picked up a solid, if not promising tackle that may develop into a left tackle. Freaking amazing day!!
  9. Guys are sleeping on Badgers Lineman! There are three in this years draft, they are studs and may fall because Badgers had an off year. Here is some data, and film (admittedly, I am a Badger for life!). Guys are studs and at least two should be there in the third round. Other than Edwards, where some have the tackle going in the top 10, but some have him as far back as the 56th top prospect--would be a steal for us. the rest of the crew are predicted to be late second to third round picks. If we trade back, Edwards is a stud. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospect-rankings/offensive-tackles/ Check out his film: Guard Beau Benzschawel is one good blocker that played against elite college defenses. Some have him anywhere from second to third round. Check him out: Guard/center/tackle Michael Deiter could be a steal. Check out his draft write-up: https://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/12/24/2019-nfl-draft-player-profile-michael-deiter/. Some have him as a guard in the NFL., but has played all across the line as a Badger. Some have him as the 74th top prospect. He is a draft and play him guy, and a steal if there in the third. Here is some film as well: https://madison.com/sports/college/football/video-michael-deiter-named-big-ten-offensive-lineman-of-the/youtube_00a04b54-eb05-5fb7-92f5-9758230590de.html With some luck, all three of these guys may be there in the third, but I suspect Edwards will be gone before the end of the 1st round--fingers crossed. Jonathan Taylor is a very good RB, but had one hell of line to help him!
  10. Williams is looking Stout for Bama. Not impressed by what I see from Derrell, a step slow. Amazing how a good Olineman can make a so-called defensive stud look regular.

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