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  1. Yep, it does seem a combine workout counts for just about everything: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1970024-10-nfl-stars-who-overcame-terrible-combine-performances#slide0. Suggs, Brady, Brees, Bowman, Haden, Dumervil, Houston, Boldin, Burfict, and Miller--yeah, just horrible wastes! Honorable mention: Antonio Brown, Josh Norman, Cam Chancellor
  2. Yes! With only exception of not addressing the Center issue. A very good draft. I suspect we obtained an opening day Defensive Tackle, a rotational edge rusher, who will get more snaps as season moves on, Polite projected as a first rounder before combine, and considered a steal for any team getting him in the second (these two guys will also push all others on team). We may have also acquired a back-up tackle that will get playing time. Not thrilled with third day, but old enough to know I do not have the knowledge of front office professionals. We are two years away from being a serious playoff threat, and with a little luck and our reasonable travel schedule, I think we may sneak into the playoffs this year--excited!!!!!
  3. Once again, too many here being way to harsh in this string. Not only does Darnold likely know the guy, and in all probability endorsed him, the write-up on the guy are solid. Recall, we are talking third round. Here are some solid write-ups: https://247sports.com/college/usc/Article/Chuma-Edoga-NFL-draft-USC-football-mock-draft--131513561/ https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/chuma-edoga
  4. Too many utterly ignorant posts in this string. Look the guy up and read up profile. One of the country's best pass protectors. Besides, no one on this site know if another team was ready to steal him--I trust the draft room has better intel than anyone here. Thus, way too many brash and ill-informed conclusions. Pathetic! Jets are having an amazing draft!!! Picked top-rated player, obtained an elite edge in the third (truthfully, must ensure hamstring and attitude are fine--well worth the gamble in third--first round talent before combine), and then picked up a solid, if not promising tackle that may develop into a left tackle. Freaking amazing day!!
  5. Guys are sleeping on Badgers Lineman! There are three in this years draft, they are studs and may fall because Badgers had an off year. Here is some data, and film (admittedly, I am a Badger for life!). Guys are studs and at least two should be there in the third round. Other than Edwards, where some have the tackle going in the top 10, but some have him as far back as the 56th top prospect--would be a steal for us. the rest of the crew are predicted to be late second to third round picks. If we trade back, Edwards is a stud. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospect-rankings/offensive-tackles/ Check out his film: Guard Beau Benzschawel is one good blocker that played against elite college defenses. Some have him anywhere from second to third round. Check him out: Guard/center/tackle Michael Deiter could be a steal. Check out his draft write-up: https://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/12/24/2019-nfl-draft-player-profile-michael-deiter/. Some have him as a guard in the NFL., but has played all across the line as a Badger. Some have him as the 74th top prospect. He is a draft and play him guy, and a steal if there in the third. Here is some film as well: https://madison.com/sports/college/football/video-michael-deiter-named-big-ten-offensive-lineman-of-the/youtube_00a04b54-eb05-5fb7-92f5-9758230590de.html With some luck, all three of these guys may be there in the third, but I suspect Edwards will be gone before the end of the 1st round--fingers crossed. Jonathan Taylor is a very good RB, but had one hell of line to help him!
  6. Williams is looking Stout for Bama. Not impressed by what I see from Derrell, a step slow. Amazing how a good Olineman can make a so-called defensive stud look regular.
  7. Good points JetStream23. I tend to agree with you re the need for improvement, I just rate a few of our players higher. I think Quincy can develop into a 1 or as you put it a solid 2. I think with 100 million for free agents, Bell is a real option, and if not him, there are nice backs in the draft--I am a fan of Love, but there are several others. As I noted, there is a good amount of Oline help in the 3rd round range, and with two picks there, we could get some solid help. Guys I listed, absent one, played against elite talent a did very well. As for free agency, I would love to help our edge needs (would allow us to trade back in first round and get RB Love or other elite back and still pick up a 2d round pick, if we are still at 3 or 4 in the first). I really like Cowboy free agent DE Lawrence, I also like, but a bit less-- DE CLowney (but still a huge upgrade), and edge rusher Dee Ford would be nice. While one of these guys and Bell will be expensive, I do not believe Bell will command $100 million anymore, and we could still afford it in any case. And even if I am wrong on the WRs, we have several free agents to be and we can actually free up more space--Kearse for instance is not cheap and many wouldn't mind seeing him leave, though I like him. So by my count, I see four impact additions--2 free agents and 2-3 Oline draft picks, we still have a fair amount of money after that and at least one additional 3rd rounder( and amazingly if we could trade back from 4, and pick up a 2nd--I would do back flips!). Yes, we need help, but we are closer than many believe. Edge is tough and expensive, Tackles are tough and expensive--ironically, I prefer us fortifying us at center and guard in the draft--we can do that much easier in draft--two third rounders can fill guard roles--tackles not so so much in that round. We can also get lucky with a center in draft or free agency--Denver's Paradis would be nice, for instance. If my optimistic plans work, we also add a 2nd by trading back in the first and pick up a OT like--Ole Miss's Greg Little, or my Badger OT David Edwards (stud!) in the second. Yeah, I am perhaps a bit Pollyanna--but a Jet fan either is a masochist or a slightly delusional eternal optimist--perhaps I am both.
  8. Good comments. Thanks folks. Worried first post ever would get no responses. Took forever to write. Appreciate it--it was cathartic on a rough day. As for talent at WR, I couldn't disagree more. Robbie gets separation regularly. His problem is he needs to learn how to run something other than a fly or post. He also needs to hit weight room and realize one let's go of the ball AFTER the tackle!! Quincy is often open when out there ( he will get a ton of interest this of season), so we agree Quincy. Herndon, we also agree is a keeper. Thus I suspect by agreement, we have two -three solid targets--better than most teams. And if you allow me to differ again, if you watch film one can see Kearse is a very nice route runner for short to intermediate passes. We have not noticed it much because he has been hurt for several games this year. He had a very nice year last year and has not shown signs of slowing down. So four solid guys, with two future studs--Quincy and Herndon, I take that any day for Sam if you give the man an Oline. There are free agent lineman out there at the end of the year, and this draft is more than solid on Oline after the first 20 picks. Take a look at Wisconsin's Oline, as an alum, I am not completely impartial, but these young men for years have been crushing sold opponents' lines. There will be 3-4 Badgers available after round one, and that is to name just one group of solid picks. As for the forty years, I was being conservative. I actually liked the Jets for over fifty years, I just was not committed to the pain we feel until the last forty years. I repeat, we have a very solid core that will be attractive to a new coach, especially a first timer--I take us over Tampa Bay, Oakland, Giants, Cards, and perhaps a few other teams (Colts?, and Tenn?). We are okay at QB, WRs, TE, 3 LB spots, 1-2 Dlineman, 1-2 CBs, safeties for the next decade. Huge weaknesses-Oline (see draft and free agent comments), Outside pass rush (we may pick 3-5!!!!) and there is free agency, there are RBs options in draft and free agency ( Get Bell already, after we sure up the Oline!!!). Things are looking up! What other options are there for true Jets fans??? I, for one, am no turncoat--even if management doesn't deserve loyalty--I love the NY Jets!!!
  9. Correct about the WR extensions, missed that fact. Thanks. I too think Williams may work, I also think Josh Gordon may be worth the risk. As for optimism, after being a fan for over forty years, I can only be optimistic in this co-dependent relationship. As I wrote, I still like our core--QB, TE, Safeties, 3 of four LBs, and even WRs.
  10. A rough game to say the least. However, things are actually looking up. A new head coach now seems to be a done deal. Solid candidates available: we have a puncher's shot at McDaniels, especially if Bill wants to coach for several more years. And we could do a lot worse if we land DeFilippo--these two coordinators would be steals for us. There is always a solid list of College HCs (I know, I know, but some do workout). As for the draft, we have a shot at picking 3rd or 4th. We currently stand at 5, with Cards, Niners, Giants, and Oak ahead of us. By my estimation, we do not win another game, and we are thus in the running with Oak, which we will not catch, the Giants, which I believe can be caught if they win 3 games against either: San Fran (which there is a shot it could happen and I am hoping for it--will explain below), Tampa Bay (which is certainly possible), Chicago (a slight chance), Tenn ( not likely, but a chance), Indy (a chance), and Dallas ( at home-- a chance). As for the Cards, They are 1/2 game ahead of us, but may catch and pass us with wins against: Oakland (a lock), Detroit at home (certainly a possibility), Atlanta away (a small chance), or a win against Seattle at home (long shot, but maybe). Finally, I think Niners pass us with wins against Giants, which they should win, Tampa Bay away( I think they win this one), Denver at home ( I think they can win this one as well), Seattle at home (slight chance). So in terms of the draft--I think if our leadership is smart ( I know, I know), we do not win another game, Niners pass us--putting us at drafting #4, if Giants beat Niners tomorrow and beat Tamp Bay and win two of the games against Chicago, Tenn, Indy or Dallas, we could end up at #3. If the Cards beat Oak (a lock), and somehow beat either Atlanta, Seattle, or Detroit, we catch them as well--But I do not think this one is likely. Thus, in terms of the draft, we can do as well as drafting #3, especially if Denver wins a game against either Cleveland or Oakland (a good chance), and Detroit wins a game against Arizona or Bills (certainly a possibility). Otherwise, I believe we can be very well drafting at #4, but no worse than five, by my hopeful estimation, if the team doesn't blow it and win one or two more. As for our talent, we have a QB for the next decade, if he is not crushed by our Oline ( I suspect new administration will pick-up Oline free agents or high draft picks). We have a better receiving corps than folks seem to think--I like Kearse, I like Quincy, I love Herndon, and even Robby still has a chance to develop and learn to protect the ball. And the defensive, other than today, has played admirably--I like our LB corps--Williamson is good, Lee has developed more than most here believed he could--has become a pretty good LB that can cover, I like Copeland and Luvu. If we add a Outside pass rush LB, we have a very good group. DBs, sadly, have disappointed--Johnson as most would agree was a bad pick-up, Claiborne has also disappointed, Shrine is also up and down (mostly down). Yet, the young ones have been thrown in and have done better than expected--heck, I prefer them to Johnson and Claiborne--Nickerson is a baller that needs to calm down at times, but will be a starting CB sooner than later. As with many here, I like our safeties--Adams has not developed as much as expected in part due to Maye's injuries, but together, I like this duo. We need help on our Dline--I like Big Cat, but he has disappointed--I say he deserves another chance--short-term, Anderson and Pennel have been okay, but we could use an upgrade. In all, Anderson has been a pleasant surprise. Thus we have a good QB with solid WRs (of course we could improve here), we need a RB (I love Love and I think there is a rested guy living in Pittsburgh), and we have a budding stud at TE--I like this bunch. We need tons of help at the Oline. As a Badger, I would just take their Oline as is, but realistically, I say we either take Clemson DE Ferrell in the first round, or trade back to 12-15 and aim for Alabama OT Jonah Williams, depending on what we do with free agency. In the 3rd round, I say, aim for OLine--either Badger OT Edwards, if he is there, Badger OG Benzschawei, Badger OG Deiter, Penn St. OG McGovern, Stanford OG Herbig, NIU OT Scharping, Maryland OG Prince, or Ohio St. OG Prince. Thus, there is a solid chance to sure up our Oline with one or two of the above line prospects. It has been a rough year thus far, and it will hopefully continue. I say, do not win another game--thus keep our management as is. Keep Sam on the bench to heal up and stay safe. Run and get McDaniels or DeFilippo. Find a GM--no guesses here. Realize after seven games, we were looking okay because we have some talent---a pass rushing LB or DE from free agency (there is talent out there), and picking up 2-3 Olinemen in the draft, and I seriously believe we will be talking playoffs very soon, especially if we open up the pocket books for RB Bell and perhaps one of the FA WRs: Beckham, Diggs, or Cook. What's one more year fellow co-dependent Jets fans--it will happen!!!
  11. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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