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  1. 1-16. Other than a fluke win somewhere, somehow, where do the others come from with this Oline???
  2. Why do the Jets always make football seem like String Theory? Just knock the sh*t out of the guy in front of you!!!! These guys look like that terrible team you played in high school--no Oline and QB has less than a second when he gets back there--kinda reminds you of good ole Sam--Oh yeah, he is lighting us up! F*CK!!!!!!!
  3. QB gets no protection and defense making mistakes---we should be down 21-0. I hate loving this team! Damn it!!! Solace: 2022 #1 pick???? They look terrible!! Damn it!!!!
  4. Sadly, the pessimists appear to have a good read on our defense. It is not merely that we have youth on the outside, they have thus far not inspired confidence. During the preseason, outside receivers were often open. Yet, what troubled me the most, much to my surprise, was the play of our linebackers, especially on the outside. Our youngsters there were often able to get near the ball, but too often they simply missed tackles or were pushed around. Their inability to dominate either against linemen (and our guys are smallish, so this is no surprise), they also seemed to have trouble with backs blocking them and with backs breaking tackles. My bet is that the jets will need to pick-up veteran CBs (where?) and LBs--the Dline is good and safeties are better than what others above mentioned. Maye is outstanding, not just above average. CBs and LMs just do not cut it--up the middle--who knows how Mosley will play. Thus far, what I have seen is a guy that cut considerable weight and is still having a tough time keeping up with backs and TEs--what adds to my concern is that I do not see the old-dominant presence he had as a larger LM---Thus, I think our D will stink. I have been waiting nearly half a century for us to catch a break and become elite. Sadly, I think we have to wait yet another year or two. Finally, I am optimistic about the offense. Zack appears to be the real deal. Perhaps we can outgun everyone else? Fingers crossed--classic eternal optimistic Jets fan.
  5. We need Gase out! A loss here helps that effort---but I feel like I am cheating on my wife (let the jokes begin). Seriously, not sure a win serves any useful purpose.
  6. We ain't tanking. Tanking suggests we are doing it on purpose---this team is just lousy!!!! No tank--just no talent!!!!
  7. The way the Phins and Denver played yesterday, do any of you see a win in the schedule? I don't.
  8. Am watching a terrible Dolphins eam play with the grit I prayed the Jets would have---the Jets are just awful!!! I am so disappointed!!!
  9. TRUTH!!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. they look terrible...they look like a poorly coached high school team that has lost its last 40 games....they are uninspired and have quit on the season. The Niners have most of their weapons hurt, and they are still crushing the lowly Jets---compare this team to any other on Sunday---it's a terrible reality: the team is awful, has almost no will or pride, and they look like they are going through the motions. Mostert's first run, it seems like several players upfront were not running hard---embarrassing. On his second, which was called back, they also looked like they were playing in slow-motion. This team should not be on the field. If this was a product we purchased, we would return it, or there would be a recall. The awful NY Jets---worst start in the 50 years have been watching this team---again, not just poor performance---they just do not seem to care. Where is the pride and professionalism? Perhaps Jamal was correct all along---it hurts to even pose that question. Time is overdue for a change. I do not want to see an 0-16 team that seems both clueless and uninspired. This is just terrible. One bright spot--Q WIlliams is having one heck of a game--often doubled teamed, and still getting to the QB. At least he is giving it a go! Well, Gore, as always, is a stud!
  11. I like Greg Roman as he shares my last name---seriously, could you folks add some data and stats here---really would appreciate being educated. College record, record as a coordinator, etc.....
  12. But I am too old to wait---good point though---I do want to enjoy some games this year, no???
  13. Dear Practice Squad, if you could, please continue your overview? I found it helpful and confirmed my initials reactions--pocket collapsing and Sam made the best of it with several drops. Sam missed several plays early, but not all his doing. Call me crazy, but when the team went up-tempo in the second half, they looked almost like a pro-team. Please Gase, go 2 TE and 3TE sets--strength of offense--will help run game and help our new tackles----current approach not working!!!! Not all-pro, like a pro team!!! Like an NFL team--you missed my point!
  14. Dear Practice Squad, if you could, please continue your overview? I found it helpful and confirmed my initials reactions--pocket collapsing and Sam made the best of it with several drops. Sam missed several plays early, but not all his doing. Call me crazy, but when the team went up-tempo in the second half, they looked almost like a pro-team. Please Gase, go 2 TE and 3TE sets--strength of offense--will help run game and help our new tackles----current approach not working!!!!
  15. Dear Master, I tried to quit on them---it was like a terrible co-dependency. All I did was hate football for a year. We have to love them---what choice do we have?
  16. Hey 52, you got me beat by a few years, but I feel your pain. I say, let's not wait yet another season for us grey beards---cut ties with Gase now or after next week's loss---give Williams the job. Do not expect much from him this year--but he will give us some wins and toughness. Go with 2-3 TE sets--sounds crazy, but it is the one place where we have depth. Will help our run game and help our two new tackles. Herndon will play better and Griffen is a stud. I have no faith on the outside---hell, if Bell is hurt Gore and Adams were fine. Run with them--literally. Let's salvage at least being a tough team. Gaze has us looking like a terrible high school squad. Give Williams a chance---hurry!!!! We are getting older by the second! Cheers!!
  17. Hall of Famer--point wasn't that Gase was a great coordinator. Point was that some guys get a great buzz, and just do not have it as a head coach. That is what Gaze is--a guy that doesn't have it as a coach. He was a great QB coach to a great QB--that is all.
  18. Fair points, Senior. As for Q, my point was--give the kid a few more games---he was torched unfairly in the media. Watch the film again--the kid was in there a ton. He was in or close to being in on a ton of plays. That is what I like to see against a good team. As for the game, I agree, they dominated, but the eternal optimist every Jets fan must be---otherwise, like Larry David said, the Jets will kill us---there were moments in the 4th Quarter that all of us wondered: "just maybe." Sure, we were worse than I expected, but get Gase out, and we will be far more competitive. We are lost with him. Recall, I said I was a fan of his for several years.
  19. Can we be real for a second, please? I've read just about every story on yesterday's loss. Almost everyone of them missed the mark. Below is what the analysts got right and where the panic has run rampant. What most analysts and fans correctly captured: First and foremost, the team came out flat against a talented, tough, and aggressive defense. Who is to blame---one person---the head coach! I was a Gase fan, but he has lost the team. He did a fine job in Miami with a season with an injured starting QB and another with part of the season without the same offensive leader. He was almost a .500 coach under very tough circumstances. I believed the hype of being a QB guru. I do not anymore. In repeated big games, his team has come out flat--that is inexcusable in the NFL---he is to blame. Another sign is when former and current players suggest he lost the locker room. You do not have to be the toughest guy to command respect. Gase just doesn't do it. The guy is weird---that first press conference was a telling sign of things to come--he is over his head as a head coach. A head coach is a leader, not someone that everyone seems to laugh at. Some guys have it, some do not. Norv Turner was an amazing offensive coordinator, but just could not do it as a head coach. I say, give Gase another week--if the team looks just as awful at home against a 0-1 over-hyped San Francisco team with few deep threats, and a questionable QB, time for Gase to get the hook---Give our Defensive Coordinator the chance--he commands respect! Second, Darnold was bad---looked unsure of himself, had happy feet, and threw off his back foot. But all was not his doing. In the first half, I saw several receivers drop easy catches, and the line always collapses on Sam (especially up the middle, which is terrible)---compare other QBs that seem to have a perfect pocket--for at least a few seconds. Sam never has had a solid pocket. Here too I blame the coaching staff and the new Oline make-up. The receivers did not have the separation everyone seems to mention. Sam was under duress back there. He at times got the ball to players and they did not not make the plays. Third: Game calling: yes, I am back to coaching. It was terrible. We have a new Oline against a top-five defense--with a stout front seven. Run the damn ball!!!! You paid tons of money on RBs. Make them earn their keep. All we did is to try to establish the pass against a great D, with new receivers (and a depleted corps at that)--made no sense. The offense looked scared, over-matched, and frankly they resembled a bad high school team. Coaching must change!!!! P.S. Bell took a cheap shot on an easy TD at the end of the half that could have changed the game. The Good: There was good folks! First, sure the game could have been worse, but our players had something to do with that---Allen just didn't give the ball to our team--the defense created turnovers. That was good. Maye was a stud, and the secondary was not nearly as bad as I predicted---Bills have 3 talented receivers and our guys held their own---I grade them a C- in the first half and a A- minus in the second. They played well after a flat start--see point one above. Second, Q played better than the grief he is getting--he was often near Allen. Sure he had a bad penalty---trying to make a sack--he was in on that play and seemed to be pushed from back once he got free. The penalty was thus understandable--he was falling and hit Allen low. He would have had the sack otherwise,, and was near Allen all day. The Bills had no run game---that was very good. Q and the gang did great in that regard. Allen is talented, but they should have popped him in the mouth when he ran a TD and pointed the ball at our Dbacks---we need to get tougher!!!! Our D pressured Allen, who got away at times (50+ yards rushing was way too much), but also who looked weak in second half. I give the Dline a C grade. Third, the secondary played fairly well--flat start---sure---see point one above. But the Jets outscored the Bills in the second half. Let's not forget that. The game could have been close, but for the Bills final drive---yes, bad penalties hurt us once again---see point one above. Fourth, Becton and Fant played well--sure, there was pressure, but they handled it for the most part---it was their first start after all. The problems were up the middle---that was terrible---every pass, the pressure was constant up the middle. Run the damn ball!!!!! Fourth and final point, this is not a good team. But it is tougher than people give it credit for---After we lose to the Niners, give Williams the team. We will see a tougher team--they will run the ball to open up the pass and relieve pressure on Sam. With Greg Williams, we win five games. With Adam Gase, absent a miracle this week---we win 2-3. Adam Gase, make my eyes bug out, and beat those Niners to earn your keep!!!
  20. Dudes, I know it's funny, but these braces are not "bras,' and are actually smart for anyone getting into shape, and wants to avoid a back injury. Those braces are great for your posture and gives one much needed back support when beginning intense training. Signed, Bra Lovers' President
  21. Having followed the NFL and the Jets for over 50 years, I am simply not sure what the questions are concerning Sam Darnold--the guy has great arm-strength, and can make all the throws. Sure he made mistakes, but what second year QB didn't (Mahomes is not human--does not count). More to my point, analysts largely fail to note that Sam has never had an Oline---and when he rolled back to throw, HE WAS ALMOST ALWAYS UNDER INTENSE PRESSURE!!! Yet, he managed to do well in spite of a terrible line. Don't believe me, take a look at the video below that is labeled Sam Darnold's Best Throws --2019. See how many throws there were made with a clean pocket---dude was under intense pressure at least 80% of the time. Heck, in some, he had defenders either in the process of taking him down, or he had to run for his life, literally!! Sam is a stud!!! Just wait--if guy get 3 seconds, he s going to crush it (one caveat, I hope he develops the relationship with someone this year that he had with Anderson last year--that worries me a bit). But forget the over-hyped guy that complained all year about money, and just agreed to abide by his rookie deal with Seattle---prediction---Adams will not be missed and will be exposed by TEs in the Seahawks' division! Just watch! Sam is the man!!! Sam will throw for 260 yards against Seattle, Bell will run for 100, and Jets will beat Seattle. As we once said: Can't wait!!!!!
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