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  1. RBs Boozer,Snell,Riggins, McNeil LB - Lance Mehl TE- Richard Caster OL- Sherman Plunkett A lot of good Jets could get into the mix
  2. I kinda have the feeling that if we were hiring a GM in January , before we hired Gase and Williams, we wouldn't have even gotten Douglas in the door. The coaching, the staff , the free agents , and the draft picks all played their roles. For all we know , Chis Johnson knew that he needed a man with connections (Gase), and that they needed credibility in at least one area to build a solid front office. If you recall, when we hired Mac, we couldn't get any top candidates to interview. Just a theory, but something to think about.
  3. He wasn't going to be on the roster next year anyway. They didn't pick up his option. We basically got something instead of nothing.
  4. I was going to say that about Al Groh. I have to say that your post is on the money, optimistic, and a good read!Thanks for that ! We have something to feel good about for once !
  5. With a new coach in place and a new offense , who do you guys think, or who might you want as Sam's backup next season ? Being that the Dolphins are tanking and probably move on from Tannyhill, does anyone here see a scenario where Tannyhill or Osweiuler will be brought in as a backup? That is presuming that Josh Mc Cown retires.
  6. Trumaine ,as well as most of our DBs were victims of a lousy system. No pass rush, no pressure. It made it tough to stay with receivers. He was fine in LA where they has a great pass rush. If Mac gets these guys any help on the ends, I think they'll be pretty good next season.
  7. I think that under the "They Will Rise" banner, I think the Oakland Raiders will surprise next year. I see them compiling talent at an alarming rate in the off season and at least be a very strong team to face. Hate the Raiders ,but I feel that they have a plan in place.
  8. Could it be that Mac was retained as possibly and strictly only as a capologist for the next coach ? When Parcells came on board, they brought in Tanny to handle the cap and to do all the leg work that was needed to be done. Bill called the shots though. If someone like Harbaugh (just as an example),came on board with us, I don't see him having anything less than full control of all football operations. Mac would just be a bean counter and deal closer.
  9. I'd take this with a really good OC and a new GM. Players play hard for him. You won't see DBs lining up 10-12 yards off the line and not chucking the receiver. We were a credible name in the league when he coached us, until they started screwing with the parts around him. Snoopy bowl wasn't his brightest moment, but, at least you knew that they would compete almost every game, and that when you played our D you were going to be in a street fight for 4 quarters. I always thought he got a raw deal in his last two years.
  10. Hello to everyone. This is my first post after following this site for a very long time. I have been a fan since the 60's so I've seen quite a bit and cried quite a bit along the way. I would love to see a scenario where a guy like Bill Cowher was brought in to head up football operations, bring in a cap guy and as an under assistant GM , to help him out (ala Tanny), and have them assemble the staff. We need a football mind at the top and a person that the league and the players respect as a "Football Guy". Bill is a New York guy that misses the game, but said that he doesn't miss the daily grind of coaching. Until we get someone of that ilk, someone who's been around the game, we're just going to have someone else's flunky to manage us. To me Cowher (or someone like him) is this teams Parcells. Just my view of things. Thanks for reading.
  11. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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