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    Gase firing
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  1. Subscribed ! Nice job. Good luck with the channel
  2. If you hired Bart, you'd also have to hire a translator for him ! I would love that ,but I think he makes better money doing his broadcast gigs. He's becoming the Walt Frazier figure for the Jets
  3. Been busy the last week or so at work. Did some catch up with the offense and possibly Watson stuff. Has anyone heard anything about defensive coaches. Rumors ,who might be linked to Saleh and the Jets ?
  4. Then I'm definitely one of them and probably both !!!!! I've , over the few years tried to live life by one simple and positive mindset. " Having lived through yesterday will make today a whole better and interesting experience."
  5. I totally expect expect that there is a plan in place to roll with Sam for now,but, have a competent backup this year behind him, should he fail. They say that until you find your quarterback you keep drafting one until you hit, and JD has done that in his first draft, and I'm pretty sure he'll do this again somewhere in the 2021 draft,unless he feel that James Morgan is the guy ( don't slam me for this because nobody on this board know what this guy is). Not saying that Morgan is the guy, but JD has the option of two more picks (later round 2021or early 2022),to find a guy in case the Darnold or the backup plan doesn't work out. I'm not worried about passing on Fields or Wilson this year. I would ,however take Wilson if he slides to the bottom of the first round and then you can't pass on him.
  6. Was just watching a compilation of Wilson's highlights. I don't know if he'll be a good pro or not , but I have to say, I never saw a quarterback throw so far with so little effort. This kid has a canon ! If he has a brain to match, I think the Jets should take a very hard look at him. Will he project inside the top 10 or is he someone we could get with the Seattle pick ?
  7. Do you think that after almost nearly losing a leg you're skills might erode ? It's a tribute to him that he can even fight back enough to step on the field. I highly suggest if you haven't seen his documentary, that you watch it. As the football fan that you seem to be, I think you'd really enjoy it.
  8. To this, I'll invite you to look up Alex Smith's first 3 years in the league. Similar age, similar surrounding cast, similar results. I'll take a Kansas City Chiefs version of Alex Smith any day of the week. I get your point, and your frustration, but when you surrounding cast gets worse rather than better in your time with the team, and there should be no argument there, what do you expect? There's a lot more things wrong with this team than the QB. The definition of insanity , is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Since the Todd Bowles era, we've been watching insanity week after week.
  9. When was anything good,never mind perfect around . Face it, we're a crappy, rudderless team at the moment. Did anyone ever think that maybe the plan was not even to draft a QB at 1 ? Sorry Anthony Jet, I originally quoted you by accident, but don't know how to delete the box !
  10. With a team that's, for all three years he's been in the league, so bereft of talent and bereft of coaching and leadership,it's silly to think that anyone ,never mind Sam ,could be successful in this environment. It's hard to improve, A)When you're running for your life every week, B)When you see a potential problem going into a play ,you're not given the autonomy to change it,and C) Play for coaches that that have and had zero ability to make adjustments on the fly. I'd invite any one on this board to accept a job ,in your chosen profession,under these circumstances ,and see how well you'd do. It's very easy to draft someone and say he's The Savior and then sit back and not just do anything, but actually make the situation worse and expect great results. After watching three seasons with Sam, there's been some really bad play, some bad decisions at times, but also moments and games where he'll make me scratch my head and think he can be something special. Roll with this guy under better circumstances and you'll probably get better results.

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