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    Gase firing
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    Too many
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  1. Actually , I have one AC30, an older AC15 and an even older AC4. I used to also have a Super Beatle,but I sold that one. Funny thing is now a days I don't even gig with an amp !
  2. Sorry to derail the thread, but what a great scene! Beck and Page only lasted a few months together in the band.As a lover and owner of quite a few Vox amps ,it has always baffled me as to why the company would allow their name front and center ,while one of their amps was "pigging out". Now back to football.
  3. I'm starting to believe that's the case. Been noticing a ridiculous amount of prime time games that are decided on the last drive. Trying to up those ratings or just coincidence ?
  4. In my heart of hearts I truly believe that the organization is trying to build this kid up the right way. He seems like a truly nice kid with physical traits and the raw talent to show flashes in the NFL. However, raw talent only gets you so far in this league and I think Saleh and JD know that and are trying to build him into the type of player to sustain a long career rather than a two catch a game flash -in -the-pan type of player. I'm rooting hard for this kid and hopefully when we are a good team, we'll have a home grown monster.
  5. Adam Gase made the playoffs with the Dolphins
  6. ^^ This^^ I remember this era well. Especially 1996. That team had enough talent in every area of the roster to be pretty good. I remember the high hopes going into week 1 of '96. We went in to Mile High and lost to the Broncos 31-6. I remember the Jets defense was so gassed by the 2nd quarter that they were all on one knee trying to catch their breath. The broadcasters on NBC commenting how the defense seemed unprepared for the conditions. This , at a time where you had no real restrictions from the players association and could practice as hard and as long as necessary. Todays' te
  7. Lol ! I would personally remove all the pignoli cookies and a few of the 7-layers just to send a message to him . In all seriousness, I don't see a lack of effort from the players so far. They're playing hard. They're just not a very good team right now.
  8. The scary part is that every year, no matter how bad we are, there are players that I really like. I truly can say, I dislike everything about this team and where we’re going. This is the very bottom. And in all honesty, I enjoyed watching Sam on Thursday and will continue to follow and route for them till this team gives me reason to route for them. They don’t deserve loyal fans.
  9. This is worse than Kotite. At least you can see that that team had some talent on the roster. This team has absolutely none .
  10. Sorry my friend ,but real Jets fans don't really watch the games. They just come here and complain about the team when they see the final score.
  11. This team has given me a groin injury !!!!!
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