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  1. I work as a butcher for Costco. A grand in my store is considered a small order. By the time you get out of my department alone you could already be 2-3-400 dollars down.
  2. Very nice job. Is Patrick Onwuasor still on their roster. If so, add him to the mix at LB
  3. Now get Ben Mason FB Michigan
  4. So far in free agency the Jets still haven't signed a backup QB. Is there anyone that sees the possibility that JD is waiting till last minute to swing a trade with SF for #3 ,Jimmy Garoppolo, and more, and then drafting Fields or Lance at 3 and letting them sit for a year ? I like Wilson as a 2, but, this wouldn't be bad either.
  5. If you look at this list, most of these QBs played for horrible organizations. A guy like Norm Snead was trapped in bad team hell for his whole 17 year career. He kept getting swapped to another bad team for their starting quarterback. Roman Gabriel was a pretty great player too. He came to the Rams when they were just starting to get good again. Then got dealt to the Eagles,who were,at the time ,the worst team in football,and he played the rest of his career injured. Bert Jones is interesting. He started off a bust (just like a QB that's near and dear to our hearts),but then the Colts got som
  6. As a long time Mets fan ,I can tell you what will happen. Thuney will court the Jets, drive his price up, then sign with the Pats. Trust me ,I know. I've been watching it this whole winter !
  7. Not exactly the same one ,but at least it sort of gets you in the size range you need. https://poshmark.com/listing/Mitchell-Ness-NFL-NY-Jets-Joe-Namath-Jersey-5fff600ebcbb5237bfbf67a8?l_con=PREOWNED%2FUSED&utm_source=gdm_unpaid
  8. I remember a quarterback drafted in the first round in 1970 that played on a lousy roster, got hurt all the time, threw tons of interceptions, below 40% completion, made fun of by the fans and was considered a flop by the press.Then the team loaded up with draft picks and started to put talent around this quarterback and they started getting to the playoffs and winning Super Bowls. Terry Bradshaw started out a flop, and retired a legend of the game. I still hold out hope.
  9. Subscribed ! Nice job. Good luck with the channel
  10. If you hired Bart, you'd also have to hire a translator for him ! I would love that ,but I think he makes better money doing his broadcast gigs. He's becoming the Walt Frazier figure for the Jets
  11. Been busy the last week or so at work. Did some catch up with the offense and possibly Watson stuff. Has anyone heard anything about defensive coaches. Rumors ,who might be linked to Saleh and the Jets ?
  12. Then I'm definitely one of them and probably both !!!!! I've , over the few years tried to live life by one simple and positive mindset. " Having lived through yesterday will make today a whole better and interesting experience."
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