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  1. Q is a real handful. I hope we can keep him and his brother around in the future. Saw him in the post game presser. I don't know whether he was still amped up or just nervous , but he's one of the fastest talkers I ever heard. Instead of commas and period in sentences, he uses the word "man". I love his attitude and although not the most eloquent speakers , he gave all the right answers, and plays like a beast till the whistle. I consider him our leader on defense, not Mosley.
  2. Didn't say I was going anywhere. Been watching this crap for decades. So,....... mind your own business.
  3. Same old sorry a** ,s##t playing, stupid a@@, waste of a team !!!!!!!!!!
  4. I predict the same season as 2021. Very few close games , many embarrassing blowouts. Not being an a@@hole, I'm just not feeling anything different this year. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Wait it out. We'll be picking top 5 in 2023 draft anyway.
  6. I went to Community College and wrote about the captain of the volley ball team showing up at spring practice at nearly 400 lbs.
  7. That's kinda why I haven written off that draft class. 2020 was a crazy season. You really couldn't run a program like usual, so I considered last year a double rookie class. I expect to see a lot of underachievers from 2020 taking bigger steps in the whole league this season and I think a team like the Jets will improve greatly talent wise.
  8. Is this the Patriots surveillance tape ?
  9. Has anyone even considered that being in the facility would put him in contact with hundreds of people a day and then he and his wife would have to be concerned about contacting Covid and bringing it into the home. Working in a smaller group would probably be safer than not. If it were my family, I wouldn’t risk it. Congratulations Mekhi, and see you in training camp.
  10. That's the vibe I got from watching his press clips and his college tapes. We can only hope.
  11. How bout' we come close to beating them this season ?
  12. Ed Marinaro was a trainwreck earlier in the evening. Wouldn't shut up talking about himself. I suspected some "impairment"was possible.
  13. As long as The Jets aren't done before my Thanksgiving turkey, I'm good for this year.
  14. Breece at the top of the second. Package a 3 and a 4 to get back into the second and get Boye Mafe. Then either safety or TE.
  15. Was 2020 really a disaster ,or do we not really know what we have yet due to injury and illness. Their top 3 are talented but can't get ,or stay on the field. Bryce Hall and Brandon Mann have done fine so far. Cameron Clark had bad luck and was smart enough to get out while he was healthy. Captain Morgan,well, somebody saw something. Let's see what happens with these guys when healthy before we start killing this draft class
  16. Tell that to Calais Campbell. Don't worry ,my good man. He'll be fine.
  17. "Iron sharpens iron " As a butcher, I can appreciate that ! Starting to see little pockets of personality growing from this team. It just starting to "feel" different. The roster is looking much better and should benefit Quinnen Williams and, CJ Mosley, JFM,and Bryce Huffs to fly around and play more freely on defense. I think the one player that will either benefit or bust from this pick will be Mims. If he did his work in the off season, this is going to be a trio of young receivers that can be very versatile weapons in this offense.
  18. Has there ever been a draft that a quarterback wasn’t chosen after the first twenty pick? I know this class is weak, but this is weird. To anyone’s knowledge has this ever happened?
  19. Would love to see them get one of the top 3 and then double dip with Boye Mafe later in the draft.
  20. I really don't care if we give up 10 for Deebo, I don't want Elijah Moore anywhere near this deal. We make one pick in the last 10 years that looks legit and we're all ready to give him away. DON'T DO IT !!!!! The Niners are on the spot , not us. They can't pay Jimmy G, Bosa, and Deebo . They 're stuck with Jimmy until he could prove he recovers. Deebo isn't coming back ,so it's the perfect scenario to underpay for a star. I give them a 2 and a three and "maybe " a 3 next year.
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