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  1. I don't hate the overall design. It looks like the 70s/80s unis. I do hate the fade to white number on the home uniforms. No need for that.
  2. http://www.dailyuw.com/sports/article_48fddba4-eee6-11e9-9cb7-dbd33a9be941.html
  3. I wonder what the quarterback whisperer is telling Sam ? Better be : "YOU SUCK !"
  4. The Titans lack any sort of identity on offense. I don't think it's the quarterbacks fault. They haven't given Marcus any serious help weapon wise either.
  5. In the right situation, I can see him as being this generation's Alex Smith.
  6. We're 14 and 38 since 2016. You deserve better. I deserve better. We deserve better. Honestly, and be honest with yourself, and try not to call me any names. Do you ever get the feeling that we're less prepared than our opponents just about every game since Parcells ? We have no identity on either side of the ball and haven't had one for the longest time. We had a big time defense with Rex for a bit, but even then we had games where we had to bury the ball. Out-coached on every single game we've played in recent memory. Just once I'd like to have the confidence to say, "We've got this one !", and sit there and enjoy it, but usually someone like Matt Barkley will pull the rug from under my feet and I'm frustrated again. I'm saying this as a plea to you to understand that to some of us a little joy every so often isn't too much to ask of any franchise. It's very easy to say the sky is falling when you get hit by a little piece of it almost every week of the season. P.S. ...............and I am and always will be "all in". After 50 years and counting , there's nowhere else I'd rather be. Just,please give me some signs of life.
  7. Been a fan from the 60's, so I'm old as dirt. Saw a bunch of crumby football from this team and some very good. This team looks as lost as any I can remember. Hard to be optimistic when you can't pass the ball, run the ball or kick field goals. I'll keep watching because I love the Jets, but it's getting harder and harder to love a team that doesn't love you back.
  8. Another waste of 17 weeks ! I get that this guys a nut ,but he can ball out. Just once, just once in my life I would like to watch a team that's lopsided with offensive weapons that put the fear of God into a defense and not have to watch the crap they hand us. Don't we deserve this? We live and die by this team. Give us a title. A piece was there and once again we got our lunch money taken by a bully.
  9. I'm seething now. This is why Jets -Patriots is unwatchable. Once again we'll get destroyed twice. Just once, I want to be the team who takes advantage of a situation like this when it becomes available. I want a perennial winner and I don't care how I get it. I'm sick of the rich getting richer. Tired of hoping that we might be an okay team. I love this team , but it's so disheartening when crap like this happens.
  10. All through mini-camps and training camp I keep hearing this guys name. Greg Williams had a point system in early camps for turnovers,knockdowns and pressures, and in an interview with Leonard Williams he stated that Kaufusi was way ahead of anyone in points. He's looked fantastic in preseason and has been getting pressure on quite a bit of the plays that he's in. Do you guys feel that he makes the team or is he gonna be a victim of the numbers game.
  11. I'm on this site every day religiously. I don't post much but I love to read the posts and keep up with what's going on. Half of the posts will piss me off and the other half will just make me piss. Very funny stuff. This might be the single most sensible posts that I've read this year. Let's take into account what we're trying to accomplish this year and where we want to be on a consistent basis. This post is 100 % on the money. Thanks TOmShane
  12. This game was on my wedding day. After the ceremony we were stuck in post game traffic on Rt.3 on our way to the Landmark on rt.17. My new wife and I had our heads out of the sunroof of our limo and all the fans were honking their horns and telling me about the game. I started a mini JETS chant with the cars around me. What a great memory, and a wonderful wife. Sadly she passed away suddenly 3 years ago this past Wednesday. That's one Jets game I didn't mind missing.
  13. RBs Boozer,Snell,Riggins, McNeil LB - Lance Mehl TE- Richard Caster OL- Sherman Plunkett A lot of good Jets could get into the mix
  14. I kinda have the feeling that if we were hiring a GM in January , before we hired Gase and Williams, we wouldn't have even gotten Douglas in the door. The coaching, the staff , the free agents , and the draft picks all played their roles. For all we know , Chis Johnson knew that he needed a man with connections (Gase), and that they needed credibility in at least one area to build a solid front office. If you recall, when we hired Mac, we couldn't get any top candidates to interview. Just a theory, but something to think about.

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