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  1. The right way to gauge the oil is to do a dry (wet) run. Take your turkey in the wrapper and put it in the cold fryer. Add water to cover the turkey. Lift the turkey out of the fryer and mark the water line with a sharpie. Now you know the exact amount of oil to use and won't have a spill over. Accept this as my Thanksgiving gift, from your friendly JN Butcher !!!!
  2. Either happy to be a Jet, or, taking the next flight out of this mess !
  3. President of football ops : Bill Cowher GM : Joe Douglas Coach: Roman That'll get it done !
  4. Watch the press conference.... ya know. He’s completely lost ....ya know. Hasn’t got a clue....ya know. Should be fired..... ya know.
  5. If Ghandi was this type of guru.......oy vey !!!!
  6. I’m okay, but thanks for your concern. I don’t have to like anyone showing up an underdog. I expect a world class athlete and personality to act with more class in front of a team that was a 21.5 point underdog. Congrats! You you won! You were supposed to since the schedule was released
  7. I don’t have to accept anything. I see what’s going on in this organization. Instead of boo hoping me, you might want to check the stats of who this kid is throwing to , or better yet, the record of who is coaching him. Like him or not, this 23 year old kid is getting killed week after week. He doesn’t deserve the criticism of a garbage organization
  8. Agreed , but, Patrick is a Super Bowl champion. Act like you’ve been there.
  9. My brother, Lawrence isn’t coming here .
  10. Totally shocked by Mahomes bush league move after that touchdown. Say what you want about Brady, he never did that to us. The equivalent to the bully beating up the weak kid in the school yard
  11. Give this kid a break. He’s had nothing but garbage since he signed his rookie deal. Say what you want, but he’s held up his end of the bargain. This franchise has done nothing to help him be successful
  12. Every Sunday during football season for 50 years I rooted for the Jets with all my heart and soul, and then after the game had a team (the Rams), that I expected to win ! Sad ,but true. Even sadder is now I occasionally watch the Jets, (I work most Sundays during the games), and laugh my a** off! Nothing like a good comedy on my day off .
  13. After this season, they need to burn these unis. They remind me eerily of the Kotite era duds. Not a good look.
  14. I could live with that. Good point. Until they do the Jetsiest thing. Trade Darnold, pass on Lawrence, and draft a DT with the first pick and trot Morgan out there in 2021 !
  15. If I do, you are definitely cast as the Adam Gase's life partner .No offense to Adam. See what I did there ?
  16. This is why I said I don't think it was discussed. No,I don't live under a rock, I just don't open this site every 5 seconds to see if anything has changed. Also the reason why I don't post very often. You get condescending answers from people. Is it all the losing that gets you this way or do you just need more fiber in your diet ?
  17. Well that takes the steam out of my post !!!!! I just hit send on my post, and saw this.Sorry for the repeat.
  18. If the Jets go 0-16 (and they look like they should), what is the possibility that they get the first pick, but roll with Sam and trade the pick for a haul and get some talent on both sides of the ball ? It's not a stretch, and one young quarterback ,as we have already seen, is not saving this team. We need an infusion of young talent . A lot of young talent. We need players everywhere on the field ,as yesterday and the previous week have shown. Imagine what this roster might look like with 4 first rounders and a bunch of high draft picks in the coming drafts. With some talent besides Crowder, I think Sam can be the quarterback we saw that almost out-dueled Aaron Rodgers a couple of years ago. This is how I hope it goes down. Now discuss..........
  19. The bad news is he pulled a hamstring leaving the courtroom!
  20. Another great choice Brooklyn (I grew up and had my shops in Brooklyn before moving to NJ). I like one that's a local N.J. ranch. https://skillmanfarmmarket.com/
  21. No hormones or antibiotics from birth for these animals. In some cases they exclusively grass fed. Time and attention is key. Not saying that these guys are the best, but I will say,just don't buy beef,pork or poultry because its cheap. Take you time when buying. Garbage in ,garbage out.
  22. As a butcher by trade, I can vouch for that. Nice product indeed. A little pricey, but quality of your food should be a priority if you have the means.
  23. And I respect this too, but I think we already have the goods at that position. He's had the two worst situations a kid could imagine. How about getting someone to get to the quarterback first and then the best receiver available or vice versa? Been a long time since we had either.
  24. With so many pieces needed on this roster, I wouldn't waste high draft capital on an Organizational Savior. I'd fire the coach this year,(today if possible), and use the rest of the year to develop Sam in the correct manner. Let him just play his strength. for Christ sake. He's had some really great moment his first two years and we've seen glimpses of a really good QB. His confidence is probably shot by now, so let's put him in the best position to be successful. We're not going to be good this year ,so let's truly see what we got. We need high draft picks to get receivers and pass rushers and corners and a better OL. I don't need a generational talent, I just want a handful of players that play hard week in a week out. Say what you want,the kid plays hard. Joe Montana couldn't succeed in this crappy offense ,so why would a 23 year old kid who had to learn 2 offenses in three years and listen to us bitch about how bad he is. He has had zero positive reinforcement from hardly anyone and no consistency in organization.

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