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  1. CosmoIacavazzi

    What if....

    Ownership is very dumb. Extensions for everyone!
  2. CosmoIacavazzi

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    If Bowles returns, I’ll officially, after 50 yrs, become a fan of a different team. I can not stomach another year of mismanaged games, no adjustments to opposing teams, moronic game changing penalties, the smiling totem pole on the sidelines doing nothing to inspire the team, nor have an answer to what’s getting shoved up his rear end, dim witted post game interviews, idiotic injury mysteries, mind numbing punts at ridiculous junctures of the game and the complete lack of accountability the team possesses. What exactly is this guys strong suit? Defense? Three QB’s signed off the street torched him. The players love him? Hey, we all loved the substitute teacher. In four years, this substitute teacher taught us one big lesson. He’s a loser!
  3. CosmoIacavazzi

    LET’S SAY WE ARE 6-9....

    There are only two things to root for: Bowles gets fired, hopefully with Mac joining him. Sam stays healthy. Period!
  4. CosmoIacavazzi

    Random Observations

    One thing is more important then Sams development. It’s insuring TB won’t be back. There’s a good chance Mr. Coffee is back. If Bowles is too, this team will never scratch the playoffs. We can not afford a meaningless win streak at the cost of keeping Bowles. It would be organizational suicide.
  5. Here’s all you have to know about Bowles, the defensive guru: In four years his vaunted defense hasn’t made one critical stop when it needed it. Here’s all you have to know about Mr. Coffee: Hackenburg and two receivers back to back who are back on the streets a year later. Here’s all you have to know about Woody and Woodpecker: They had to hire a consulting firm to find a GM. The perfect storm.....that’s stalled over NY far too long.
  6. CosmoIacavazzi

    what's left to say

    Forget Bowles. He’s proven over and over how inept he is as a coach. Look at what Mac has assembled in four years. Except for Sam/Adams, is there anyone on the roster that must be kept? That’s pretty bad. How can you trust him with another draft and $100 million to spend? There’s a strong possibilty he’ll set back this franchise for an entire decade. They both must go and it’s not even debatable.
  7. CosmoIacavazzi

    Cannizzaro said it. Bowles to be fired.

    Sure, let’s give Mac an extension and figure he’s got another 3-5 year window. What could possibly go wrong with that? If his past success can be maintained, that’s a possible 9 yrs of more Hacks, Tru-Jo’s, double safeties, 3-4 round epic WR fails, no OL, a decade of missing playoffs and meaningless Nov. football. Great plan! TB outright sucks. Mac isn’t outright any better. Rip off the band aids already Johnson’s! Time to cleanse the wounds of the SOJ infection.
  8. CosmoIacavazzi

    Some depressing Jets stats

    Jets- Bowles Billion dollar race car- with Stevie Wonder driving it.
  9. I truly believe the defensive guru will dial it up next Sunday. Pats 88- SOJ 3.
  10. CosmoIacavazzi

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    #1 Reason: You just traded 3 picks for a franchise, generational QB. Do you trust the moronic coach to keep him healthy for next year? Imagine the horror of Sam suffering a Wentz-like I jury behind this offensive offensive line before the season ends? That is a nightmare scenario that you’re going to put in the hands of a nitwit who doesn’t replace a center who almost got SD killed last week? Forget the unispirational presence Bowles is, forget the amount of times he’s botched time outs, inexplicably punted when all sanity and logic dictate not, the number of games he’s mismanaged, the amount of times the team comes out flat and shoots inself in the foot with penalties, lost his locker room (Gino broken jaw, Richardson/Marshall meltdown, Adams earlier this year), been outcoached on a weekly basis, been beaten by scrubs off the street/bench, not adjusted to anything thrown in front of him. Forget that he’s supposedly a defensive guru whose defense can’t stop anything at a critical juncture. Forget that he fires an OC every year and can’t find one that’s competent. Forget everything but this: If we lose Sam because the chicken s—t owners let an imbecile ride out the season, if you think things are ugly now, imagine next year with Bowles and McCown and the daily updates on how great it’ll be when Sam gets back.
  11. CosmoIacavazzi

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    Hey Chris and Woody, if TB was running your band aid business, he’d be long gone. Allowing TB to continue in his present capacity makes as much sense as buying an Indy race car and hiring Stevie Wonder to drive it. How many accidents do you need to see before upyou realize it’s a bad idea? How long before Sam is a permanent victim of this continual car wreck? TB must be removed NOW. Not after the season. NOW! Anyone with myopic football sense would do a better job. Anyone not named Bowles would have replaced your incapacitated C after one bad snap after watching his previous game. Anyone not named Bowles would replace his QB before he threw his 6th. Int. Anyone not named Bowles would not punt late in the 4th qtr down two scores. Anyone not named Bowles would not waste time outs like they were trash. Anyone not named Bowles could get the team more motivated then the statue who imitates a coach. Anyone not named Bowles could do a better job. End this charade and fire TB now......and hire anyone. Because anyone would do a better job.
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