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  1. When you type stupid posts, not everyone who makes fun of them will be the same person.
  2. Why? They know the deal going in.
  3. Hit him with his 2nd franchise tag and hope he doesn't hold out the entire season.
  4. It is not extremely valuable. 3-4 ends hold up blockers, so OLBs can run around them and get to the QB.
  5. So that insane post of yours wasn't sarcastic? 1 decent season and you have pictures of 15yrs worth of Super Bowl rings in your head? You have a custom "SANCHIZE" jersey hidden in your closet, don't ya?
  6. Holy Delusions, Bat Man! When Bell carries the Jets for 8-9yrs, you can say he is better than Martin. Sanchez had more potential, after the 2 AFC championship games.
  7. What 3-4 end is a legit pass rusher, besides Watt? Ya use #3 pick for 8 sacks a year? Amazing allocation of resources. Sure to put the fear of god into any QB staring him down. Hopefully they give L-Williams $20mill/yr to get 5 sacks on the other side, and then they printing tickets to Title Town.
  8. They get paid well to be disposable meat. Who cares what condition they are in when the career is through? They lucky they don't get shipped to the Amish, like broke down race horses.
  9. Jeez, take a breath. 1 decent season and you act like the guy is in Canton. He has a long way to go before that trade tops the Curtis Martin trade.
  10. Aaron Donald is a DT, not an NT or a 3-4 DE. If the Jets were drafting a pass rusher at #3, they should have taken Allen. Hold yer breath until Q gets double digit sacks.
  11. Bullsh*t. A good NT, makes the ends next to him and the linebackers behind him better. Defense has been in the sh*tter since Snacks left.
  12. I wouldn't anoint Baker yet. Cleveland stank, a swelled head and the locker room cancer dumped on him from the Giants will be a lot to over come. And don't under sell Josh Allen.

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