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  1. Amazing deal. Now we just gotta hope Russell sits out the season or gets hurt to pump up that draft position.
  2. Jets own this clown for 2 more years plus franchise tags. He can show up and play, or he can sit, while not making money and not accruing service time, so the control goes longer. All of this is way too much thought wasted on a safety.
  3. Once a korean whore gives yer freshly scrubbed dumper a tongue probing, ya wont consider it a low level.
  4. You wont be very popular here with that rational thought BS. You need to be a delusional homer or delusional h8r to be accepted.
  5. They had one of the softest schedules in history last year, something they arent going to have this time around. If you think playoffs should be a given, you are just setting yourself up an excuse to cray about Gase.
  6. Exact type of big body guy they needed for 3rd down and red zone. Fingers crossed that the o-line gives Darnold enough time to make good decisions.
  7. Playoffs is pie in the sky stuff for this season. Everything would have to break right. 8-8 with progress and feel that the team is 2-3 players away from title contention, Gase stays. 8-8 w/ late season collapse, Gase should be gone. Anything below 8-8, Gase should be gone. To make a statement and give a live audition, as soon as they get their 9th loss, i'd sh*t can Gase and make Williams the interim coach.
  8. Yes, but Pitt would want more and Jets are hopefully a yr away from needing a final piece #1 WR. Also, what players have left Pitt and been successful? Faneca and Sanders? The list of flops is much longer. Santonio, Plexico, AB, Wallace, O' Donnell, etc.
  9. I wouldnt pay him 10m. Dude is 5yr old hype and nothing else. Jets are supposed to lock up significant cap space for a pass rusher who had half as many sacks as our safety last year? If Williams can make a that jabroni a stud pass rusher, then he can take a $3mill/yr DE and make him a stud.
  10. Yeah, worst time to burn the bridge, w/ jib market being flooded from layoffs, but you have 2 yrs to sue, right?
  11. 4-6hrs to get results, and in NY & NJ only about 28% tested are coming back positive. Lot of hypochondriacs clogging up sites and wasting tests.
  12. I would give a 3rd round pick for him, plus a conditional for next yr. Would structure an extension where he gets extra money this year, but the bulk of the guarantees dont kick in until 3rd day of the new league year in 2021, so if he is washed up, you can get out of it. If he isnt on the roster 5th day next yr, then Skins get a 7th rounder. If he is, a 5th. If he played 16 games and made All Pro, they get a 3. Just a rough idea. Jets have $38mill in cap space, he is due $12 & change, make it 20 and Jets will still carry over a bunch, because there is no one left worth spending it on.
  13. Those are the younger Yankees fans, who never saw them in a World Series w/o Jeter, nor watched the life fade from Donnie Baseball's bat. Plenty of us remember suffering through Ed Whitson, Steve Sax and Tim Leary.
  14. I would flip the Mets and Islanders. I think that like the Nets, not enough people pay attention to them to have negative respect. I am a Yankees fan, but that isnt why i put the Mets 2nd from last. The Coupons are just such horrible owners. From screwing Doubleday on the valuation, to Madoff, to firing Willie Randolph in the middle of the night after a cross country flight, to botching the sale to a guy who would change the culture, if there is a bush league move to make, the Mets owners are guaranteed to make it. I really felt sympathy for the Mets fans with the botched Cohen deal. Can only hope that is the last time Fred & Jeff screw ya over, but ya never know what a new owner can be. Look at the Dodgers with FOX & the McCourts or the Yankees CBS years. Lil Jimmy Dolan is a total joke. Only reason he runs the Knicks, Rangers & MSG was because daddy Charles knew he was a schmuck and wanted him away from Cablevision.

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