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  1. DirtyJersey

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    They resigned Odell because they were scared of losing him. The offense clicked late last year w/o Eli forcing him the ball to keep him happy. How do you think it would have been in that locker room this year w/ Odell projected to have 70 catches, as he watches the offense run through Saquon? And how about next year, when the starting QB week 1 is a retread or a rookie? Gettleman did a great job dumping that headache. He will help Cleveland return to their joke of the league form.
  2. DirtyJersey

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    Bengals would have to want Haskins, so an Ohio State QB could sell tickets during a rebuild. I would do #3 and Robby Anderson to the Bengals for #11, 2020 first round pick and AJ Green. Not enough time on draft day to extend Green, who is in the last year of his contract, so Bengals might have to throw in a conditional 2020 pick, 3 if he doesn't resign, 5 if he does.
  3. Happens everywhere. First offense on a misdemeanor, you plead guilty, pay fines and get a suspended sentence. Keep out of trouble for a year, and you are home free. If the probation officers in your county are busy keeping track of real criminals, they might never call you in for meeting and piss test. P.S. Human trafficking is what they all claim, because they overstayed their visas. Fighting Human Trafficking is a great way to set up a scam charity, accept donations, then use the donations to travel to sleazy locals and sample the trafficked locals, or so it is alleged.
  4. DirtyJersey

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    Greg Williams knows what he is doing. If he doesn't think he can get anything out of Lee, but can out of Ogbah, make the deal. Both players on the last years of their contract, so try to catch lightning in a bottle w/ change of scenery.
  5. Murray 1 - Amazing that the GM in AZ botched coach and 1st rnd QB, yet still has a job. Williams 2 - Dee Ford covered their edge rusher need, now they draft a DT, since they haven't picked up Buckner's 5th yr. Bosa or Allen 3 to the Jets. Don't care which. Besides, I don't see who is trading up w/ Jets for a QB. Giants - No. Bengals - Maybe. #11, 2020 first round pick, AJ Green and this year's 2nd or 3rd round pick for #3 and Robby Anderson, because they are desperate for Haskins out of Ohio State, so they can sell tickets during a rebuild? Sure. Miami - No. Redskins - too far back to drop. Sit tight at #3 and get the pass rusher ya missed out on when Barr got cold feet.
  6. I saw that. It was surprising they bang you a full year for that. In NJ it is 6months, and fines, but you don't get the insurance points or an interlock device.
  7. DirtyJersey

    Who would Woody hire?

    The Lions found out that Caldwell's greatest skill as a coach is saying, "OK, Peyton."
  8. What are you talking about? MeBron's stint with the Knicks was amazing. Multiple MVPs and Rings. LOL!
  9. HUH? I just checked 2 Florida websites and they both say 180 days (6 months for a DUI). Herndon must have lawyered it down to a wreckless driving to only get 90 days.
  10. Then you would be standing in the Kevorkian line.
  11. Yep. All people aren't created equally. If they were, there would be no need for the NFL Combine, because all the times, distances and Wonderlic scores would be the same.
  12. Tampa. When Arians realizes Winston is Vince Young v2.0, he will regret it. Then when they cut Winston, it will be the churn of mediocre he had in AZ, and he will retire 3yrs from now.
  13. Because you are a moderator, you think you can mess with me and I am unable to fire back? That is silly. Also, I never advocated drinking and driving, I explained the reality of it. Please don't falsely attribute things to me.
  14. If this is your A material, you better run along and troll someone else, Sparky. First and final warning.
  15. Amazing how people don't understand the concept of Tolerance.

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