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  1. No. He dont have an arm for the Meadowlands. He is a dome qb, like Brees.
  2. Oh boy, bringing facts into this discussion is a recipe for disaster.
  3. I have posted nothing misogynistic nor glorifying drunk driving. Yer welcome.
  4. If it does, i would like to apologize on behalf of the school system that failed you.
  5. If the Jets played in Queens, Watson would have given them a discount.
  6. If i hated women, i would lie and bs and pretend to care in order to get sex. I respect women enough to not engage in that behavior and just make things cut and dry.
  7. Some broads want dinner, drinks and conversation, others prefer cash. Both are paying. If you ever have sex, you will understand.
  8. People searching for old threads to bump after multiple ones have been locked? Lol
  9. If i couldnt get laid without paying, you would be correct. Unfortunately, you are wrong and flailing away, trying to grab a scrap of a win.
  10. Are they pitbulls, cause that makes the answer easier.
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