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  1. DirtyJersey

    Kraft Wins again

    I feel bad he is that rich yet cant find a massage parlor that offers better service than handjobs. If all i am offered is a handy, i get dressed and leave, never to return, and i am poor.
  2. Ixd dump him for anything 5th round or higher.
  3. I think the 49ers take williams. They didnt pick up 5th yr option on Buckner, so i dont think they want to pay him. They take williams and maybe trade Buckner, leaving Jets to choose Allen or Bosa.
  4. DirtyJersey

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    According to spotrac, Jets are still 30mill under the cap. Ditching Lee & Anderson gives em another $6mill this year. Next year they have $43 mill in cap space, w/ no one they need to resign, especially not Leonard Williams.
  5. DirtyJersey

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    Anderson is a headache. If the team thought anything of him, they would have extended him. Enunwa & Crowder are the future, with a stud # 1. Can get Green to fill that spot, or roll the dice in next year's draft.
  6. DirtyJersey

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    That has as much of a chance at happening as Woody's daughter rising from the grave to play left tackle.
  7. DirtyJersey

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    I would want next yrs 1 or 2 in the Bengals deal, since Green is no guarantee to sign an extension. Rebuilding year for them, in a stacked division, so they probably expecting to draft in top 5-10, which makes next yrs 2 acceptable.
  8. DirtyJersey

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    Vic Beasley is on the downside, or he would have been extended. I have been a proponent of this trade for months now. I dont want to drop any further and Green is a beast. Big red zone threat, great route runner, tough to take down. Dalton is the only reason he is a notch below AB, OBJ, Hopkins and Julio. Trade for him, extend him and you have great skill position guys around Darnold. Anderson & Lee are gone after this year anyway. Might be able to get the tackle out of Alabama at 11.
  9. DirtyJersey

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    The Bidwells are almost as bad as Woody. That lone Super Bowl appearance was an aberration.
  10. DirtyJersey

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    Cards GM is desperate to get a 1 for Rosen, to save face, but it aint happening. If i am the Giants, i dont give #6 in Rnd 2 for him either. Amazing how that GM blows both qb & coach in one yr and keeps his job.
  11. With a dolphins jersey? Are you nuts?
  12. New uniforms arw terrible, and the helmets worse. I'll stick with my Wahoo McDaniel throwback. Next jersey i buy will be an Ernie Ladd throwback. Haven't decided between Chargers, Chiefs or Oilers. Wish i could find out what # Blackjack Mulligan wore during his training camp w/ the Jets. I would also get a West Texas State Manny Fernandez throwback, if i could.
  13. DirtyJersey

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Chime Time was almost as awful as Normie. I wish Normie would get arrested, so he could stop polluting the airwaves.
  14. DirtyJersey

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    They resigned Odell because they were scared of losing him. The offense clicked late last year w/o Eli forcing him the ball to keep him happy. How do you think it would have been in that locker room this year w/ Odell projected to have 70 catches, as he watches the offense run through Saquon? And how about next year, when the starting QB week 1 is a retread or a rookie? Gettleman did a great job dumping that headache. He will help Cleveland return to their joke of the league form.
  15. DirtyJersey

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    Bengals would have to want Haskins, so an Ohio State QB could sell tickets during a rebuild. I would do #3 and Robby Anderson to the Bengals for #11, 2020 first round pick and AJ Green. Not enough time on draft day to extend Green, who is in the last year of his contract, so Bengals might have to throw in a conditional 2020 pick, 3 if he doesn't resign, 5 if he does.

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