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  1. Hold yer breath till they win 4+ games.
  2. Even if the Jets would be competitive during the end of his contract, Rodgers way to fragile to deal with NYC Media. First time he gets pissy with em, they will start planting stories about the former "assistant/roommate" and his family, to induce a complete meltdown. Olivia Munn as a contract beard is such a waste of talent.
  3. Sure. So they blew leads or they threw the ball all around, to catch up, while the other team ate up clock?
  4. Costs more and he aint as young as either of them. What he have 2yrs left on his deal? Checked. 3yrs on the deal. Ya wanna add a 5th this year and conditional 4/3 next year, fine. Throw in a long snapper too, but it wont be 3 first round picks for a 37y/o qb.
  5. Junk defense and best rb he had was lousy Reggie Bush, no?
  6. I give Darnold a other year. Next year is a rebuild. With Darnold, with Watson, with whoever they get in the draft to play QB, anything over 4 wins will be a miracle.
  7. He is butthurt and he isnt getting this coach fired, so he is going to force his way out of GB. It is actually a less douchey exit than Favre.
  8. Meh, greatest wr season, big deal. They were 4-12. All garbage time fantasy stats.
  9. Stafford leaving a clusterF team and he wants to go to another one? I dont see it. I peg Stafford for Indy, because he will be cheaper than Rodgers. Feel me out on this. -- Indy's #21 to the Lions for Stafford. Ready made team, he stays in a dome, good offensive mind at coach, and he can be their qb for 5-8yrs. -- Rodgers to the Redskins, for #19 this year and a 1st next year. He gets a baby sh*t soft division, Rivera will let him do what he wants on offense, there is some talent there, Snyder loves to make a splash and has been desperate for a star qb since he
  10. Aside from the Texans needing to eat almost $70mill of dead cap space, dome qbs are fools gold.
  11. Of herself, since she never had to send me out of the house in a blanket instead of a jacket.
  12. If he ever announces he is going vegan, i would cut him immediately. Since Cam went vegan, he had 2 injury shortened seasons and the embarrassment in NE.
  13. As long as thats a stock rear end and not after market, i agree.
  14. I scumbag out around the house, but when it is called for, i dress much better than that. Dude wearing a blanket.
  15. No, but i have taste, something that dude is obviously lacking. If that broad dressed him for the pic, he needs to put her on the curb, with them shoes.
  16. Pre ripped skinny jeans and a table cloth, plus some of the ugliest shoes i have ever seen. Dont they have How Not To Stink Like New Money seminars?
  17. Same as D-macs role as qb of the Eagles was. He says "Yes Mr Andy" then goes and does what Reid told him to do. His post Andy career will have the same successes as Mc Nabbs post Andy career.
  18. Why would Bienemy take the Jets job? Chargers, Texans, Falcons, Jags all better gigs.
  19. Tua dragged down a playoff caliber team, Sam was stuck on a team that was trying to tank to get his replacement. Soon as Mosely opted out, Jets season was over. Went from an 8-8 chance, to 4 wins tops.
  20. Rumor of interest has to be floated out by Harbaugh, fishing if there is interest from a better spot. Texans like letting HCs weasel their way into personnel. Crap, Lions gig he dont even have to sell his house.
  21. Trying to hard to make something happen in garbage time and making stupid throws, hoping they work.
  22. Yes. A pick wasted on an Ohio State QB will follow the Daniel Snyder model and put Woody that much closer to worst owner in the league
  23. Next yr or cut him. If he only gonna bring a 5, better off to give him a do or die season with a vet back up. It isnt like qb is the only thing holding the team back from SB contention. .500 next year is pie in the sky dreams, w/ Darnold or anyone else at QB. They got no game changers on D. The o line is a work in progress, Crowder is good, Mims has potential. No RB who couldnt get beat out in camp by a 5th or later round pick.
  24. Jets job is #5 out of the 6 current openings, with only the Lions job being less attractive. I am hoping Douglas hires an unheralded Leader Of Men type motivator/game manager, then gets him some veteran coordinators. After the clusterf*<& of the Gase tenure, stability is the key, because it will provide the air of competence.
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