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  1. Keep talking about chargers powder blue uniforms..that is NOT there every game uniforms..dont count
  2. Youre crazy...people all over love the Raiders uniforms ...can the Jets say that..and as far as heritage the jets NEVER had any
  3. You"re joking right.....players and sports writers evey year pick the Raiders uniforms as eaither 1 or 2 ..the jets and the little white uniforms,,lol dont make me laugh
  4. lets see the Cards picking 1st and the Jets picking 3rd...but they arent just as bad lol..Cards have all pro running back ...allpro cornerback...all pro DE..HOF wr....jets pro bowl safty...only established player on the whole team...what flavor kool aid are you drinkin
  5. Bad this...bad that....and the Jets arent just as bad
  6. sh*t everbody knows the best uniforms belongs to the RAIDERS
  7. sh*t everbody knows the best uniforms belongs to the RAIDERS
  8. we may not be good this year...but will ALWAYS have the best (As voted by fans and media alike) looking uniforms Raiders Silver&Black
  9. redstorm61

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    Once again it is stupid...the sport is 75% Black American
  10. redstorm61

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    i think its so funny when race is brought up in talking about the NFL...after all it is a sport thats 75 to 80 percent Black American....so if you have a problem with black people it would seem like you should NOT like your team or the sport....just sayin

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