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  1. He hasn't done much to inspire any serious level of confidence, but I like him for ridding us of Maccagnan. I'm okay with letting him have another year or two to show progress.
  2. He has no leverage, he's locked up for 2+ years and plays a position of minimal value. Let him make a fuss in the media and when it comes time to play--he will have to show up. This isn't the Zeke situation where a potential playoff caliber team's identity was oriented around him.
  3. Let him play on the tag, if he can't produce superstar numbers and take them on a deep run with that team then he isn't worth what he wants
  4. Even if Gase sucks, I will always appreciate him for this. Mac was truly the worst
  5. The good news is the MLB/NBA/NHL will try to start their leagues before the NFL and we'll see what comes of it. Once a member of a team pops for COVID and they can either identify it before hand or after it has exploded to the rest of the team will be key. UFC 249 went on as planned even after a fighter tested positive
  6. I can't see him staying healthy in the NFL. He wasn't even that fast in college, imagine in the pros. If he doesn't play super careful, he will be out all the time
  7. Next we are going to be reminded of the Ghost
  8. @SEA @LAR in back to back weeks is pretty bad
  9. Give it 5 years and we will be back to the basics.
  10. Maccagnan is much worse for this franchise than Gase, so pick your poison
  11. I'd be fine with taking him on a mercenary 1-2 year deal, when he's healthy he impacts the game in a way we haven't seen since John Abraham
  12. Gase seems fine if he has his hat on. It's when he loses his hat that it turns into a sh*t show

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