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  1. I wonder how fast he gets put on the commish exempt list.
  2. That was probably the best year of my life watching this team. Lets win some damn games
  3. I pray for this kids health more than my own.
  4. Unless you are Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace, then you get to try twice
  5. Awesome, build the JD statue now
  6. Have to hope McNeil/Nimmo/Conforto give the offense a spark. They were fortunate to survive the past month and a half with the replacement crew but it was bound to even out
  7. Watched all four episodes in one shot, I miss football
  8. Jake being pulled early every game is starting to get seriously worrisome
  9. It's Allen, a washed up Cam, and a bunch of TBDs
  10. Remember when the media jumped on Leveon to the Chiefs as some big brain move
  11. I took the win against the Rams hard like everyone else, but I've been on board with Zack for awhile. Honestly not having the Gase/Darnold combo is going to make this a much more interesting season than the last two
  12. Its all fun and games when its OTA's but lets see how it goes when they are getting whipped in the regular season
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