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  1. Demario Davis just killed that guy
  2. Eagles D getting shredded and zero pressure a week after we made them look like the 85 Bears Lol
  3. What's the compensatory pick look like if he signs during FA with another team? Depends on the $, I would assume
  4. Manish can't help but wear his agenda on his sleeve. How he gets the time of day from anyone is beyond me. Pure clown
  5. Couldn't happen to a nicer douche There will be no excuses with the pieces he has around him
  6. Shouldn't have talked all that smack until they won some games against good teams
  7. 49ers are legit and the Browns are frauds. They might squeak into the playoffs since the AFC North is weak, but they are a one and done type of team. Unless they play the Bills lol
  8. He looks like a star already, the issue with the Bosa's is always if they can stay healthy long term though
  9. Come back when the playoffs start and you are one and done or fall apart at the end of the season. We all saw Week 1 The Redskins were 5-2 last year
  10. I can see wins against the Dolphins, Redskins, and Bengals once Darnold is back. They will win one of those late season games against a mediocre team to **** up the draft pick like usual as well. (Bills)
  11. Lewis is the only one I didn't see get beat routinely
  12. can't blame you, this season is really depressing

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