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  1. No, Thibodeaux would be a nice pick for a team that hasn't had a good edge rusher in 20 years
  2. The Bengals sure turned it around fast by landing Burrow and pairing him up with a ton of weppinz
  3. I'd feel alot worse if Fields or Lance were lighting it up, but every rookie looks like sh*t other than Mac in the perfect landing spot
  4. No one is getting fired this year, even if we dont win another game The Johnsons usually let guys come back for an extra year when they dont deserve it, like Rex, Bowles, Mac, Gase...
  5. Just another DC who isnt up to leading a program on his own, there are many of his ilk
  6. Good to know my eyes were correct and that he was also among the 50000 problems the Jets have had the last decade
  7. Who wants to go pay money to see their team lose, and often, embarrassingly so.
  8. He usually gets worse when the pressure mounts, so I don't think this is going to end well for him. At least he got the $18 million from Carolina for some reason
  9. He was a good player for those 2000s feisty Jets teams. I miss those years dearly
  10. Even if he gets suspended for a full 17 games, it's worth doing. Top 5 QB in the NFL, even if the Dolphins suck for the next few years they will have a special asset for a long time.
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