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  1. Never the Mets with Fred Coupon as the owner. As much sh*t as people here give Woody and CJ, at least they have the money to fund their operation
  2. He looked like the next star QB until he tore his ACL in that playoff game
  3. why cant this organization be normal
  4. More than likely bullsh*t since its from Manish
  5. We need pass rushers, and corners. But more than that, we need more help on the OL.
  6. He is a good dual threat and should help Sam develop. Happy with the move, and the guaranteed dollars don't seem too bad.
  7. Bosa or Allen, there is no good alternative now
  8. Josh Allen is going to get roasted on the daily
  9. He knows his only way back in the league is as a coordinator, he should take the job. They won't be any better elsewhere
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