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  1. Icer

    Cryptic Tweet

    More than likely bullsh*t since its from Manish
  2. Icer

    Where do the Giants go from here?

    They are gonna suck for awhile
  3. We need pass rushers, and corners. But more than that, we need more help on the OL.
  4. He is a good dual threat and should help Sam develop. Happy with the move, and the guaranteed dollars don't seem too bad.
  5. lmao this place is bipolar
  6. Icer

    Who is Plan G at Edge rusher?

    Bosa or Allen, there is no good alternative now
  7. Icer

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    bad day 2 for the Jets so far
  8. Icer

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    is it happening?
  9. Josh Allen is going to get roasted on the daily
  10. He knows his only way back in the league is as a coordinator, he should take the job. They won't be any better elsewhere
  11. Icer

    Let's go Jets

    Go Jets F the Pats
  12. No black helmets please, make it gunmetal if anything
  13. Icer

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Maybe they can make this a game after all

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