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  1. Not at the rumored compensation level that's being floated around (1st/2nd).
  2. Have to hope one of these teams wanting a QB get desperate for the pick and there's a trade to be made
  3. Going to be an interesting offseason for sure
  4. The one on the right definitely stole money from the team
  5. Lev Bell getting an award for attendance and past accomplishments
  6. Dynasties fall apart faster than you think. Even Brady had a 10 year drought. The Warriors looked unstoppable, etc
  7. Josh and Sam free to go boogie boarding with Jordan Palmer next week
  8. Damn Allen pulling that patented Darnold out of bounds behind the LOS move
  9. He's at that point of his career like Favre where he wants them to beg him to play every year
  10. Looks like someone let their 10 year old run loose
  11. After KC went down 24-0 last year I don't really get worried about them starting slow
  12. NE reverting back to being perennial losers like they were without Brady and taking the shine off Belichick is a nice turn of events
  13. Todd Bowles trash assistants had as much to do with his sucking here as Bic Mac
  14. Yep, same can be said of Indy as well. How these two teams only won 3 chips with 50 years of elite QB's is really something.
  15. GB blew it. How you let them get that TD right before half time, and don't go for it on 4th and goal are some baffling decisions

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