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  1. I'd give Joe D a mulligan for 2020, it was the COVID year and he was drafting for a different scheme. Becton may still be salvageable.
  2. I'll expect us to lose until they start proving me wrong
  3. It's probably not ready to compete for the playoffs, but there's no reason why we should be picking in the Top 5 yet again barring Zach Wilson blowing chunks. Every year it feels like real progress is being made to turn the team around at the bare minimum.
  4. The Jets give their fans blue balls and dont get the star player. What else is new
  5. I hope this doesnt drag out until Thursday night
  6. I'd give OBJ a shot, but the rest of the list are JAGS at this point
  7. The public perception wont change until they win some games. It is what it is, they need to draft well, and hope the coaching staff can develop talent
  8. Precursor to the real trade about to happen
  9. I can't even imagine being interested in trolling a fanbase from a different conference that has been a bottom feeder for 10 years, like damn. That must be a boring life if you have time to go to those extremes to get some schadenfreude kicks
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