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  1. Brady and the Pats look like sh*t and they are still going to have a bye week.
  2. The Oline is a patched together mediocrity, and it was downright terrible earlier in the year. Bell's style of running doesn't work on this team, not his fault or Gase. Dumb ass Big Mac should not have given him that contract to begin with
  3. Really happy MacDummy is not here to overpay this JAG
  4. Maccagnan would still be the GM if we had hired Rhule, so I'm okay with having missed out
  5. Any team that signs him is inviting the scrutiny that comes with having him on the bench while the starter struggles. He can really only go to a team whose starter went down, or starter is unquestionably bullet proof (Packers/Seahawks).
  6. Funny how bad Hairston looked, and yet he was still a massive upgrade over Trumaine
  7. I will always like Rex, but the only way I want to see him back in the organization is as a mascot or media personality
  8. DJ outplaying Darnold, Saquon running wild, Leo Williams making a play. Sounds likely tbh
  9. If he keeps playing the way he has since the Cowboys game, then yes. We all wanted him to take that next step, but he is going backwards. Firing Gase will mean he has his 4th coordinator in 4 years, a sure fire bet to stunt his development even further. At this point it will be a near miracle if he turns out to be the guy we thought he might be during the final 4 games last year
  10. I'm starting to look forward to Woody coming back and cleaning house
  11. The stadium is going to be filled with Giants fans, and our D is going to make Daniel Jones look like an all star. We don't even need to talk about our Offense. woohoo so excited
  12. They need to build an Oline first. If Darnold still sucks in Year 4/5 then you dump him and try again
  13. Even if he goes full blown mea culpa, I love you NYC--I would still trade him for a first round pick (and a bit more)
  14. The all green helmets sure bring out the suck

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