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  1. Sam wishes he could have Bortles best year
  2. I guess its easy to have a high PFF rating when you don't throw the ball for more than 10 yards
  3. Glad to see it. Fire Gase and his stupid runs up the middle throw short of the sticks playcalls
  4. We were warned before he was even a Jet that his footwork was bad, to put it lightly. The cow on ice scouting report and turnover prone liabilities sure have proven to be correct. Kind of shocking to see how little its improved in three years, but that's just him.
  5. The Broncos are real contenders for that top pick with Driskel under center for a significant portion of time.
  6. If we are in position to get the #1 pick organically than Darnold won't have shown much this year, and I'd be ready to pull the plug. No reason to trot him out there for a failed Year 4 and 5 like Jameis/Mariota, who had better careers than him through 3 seasons.
  7. Colts 27 - Jets 16 Think Rivers makes a few boneheaded throws to keep this closer than expected, but not that close.
  8. Jets getting dunked on during both Sunday Night and Monday Night Football while having nothing to do with either games
  9. This is the kind of wake up call that the Johnson brothers would notice. This team sucks but Gase's coaching takes it to a whole different level.
  10. No football in 2 years and that contract means hes our disaster to deal with. Should start thinking about how soon we can release him rather than trade.
  11. 0-9 at the bye week and being non-competitive in every game has a chance to do it.
  12. We got a fair return and he got what he wanted. All things considered, I'd be fine never hearing about him again.
  13. He should have gotten all the carries Gore got last week if he is healthy. Gore's 3.0 YPC is a joke
  14. Would rather they pull one one of the guys from the PS up and see if he can play. Cager or Jeff Smith if they are finally healthy.

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