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  1. I love this guy for preventing the world from hearing about 19-0 for all eternity.
  2. Revis was a better player at his apex, but his longevity compared to Sherman is a major detractor for his legacy.
  3. Wonder if Anthony Barr is "sick to his stomach" after getting pancaked by Jimmy G?🤣
  4. Feels good not having to root against New England at this point of the year
  5. He looks worse than last year, the minute he left Green Bay they rebound and are the #2 seed.
  6. Belichick will be back no matter what. I can see McDaniels leaving to take the Cleveland job. Brady I think comes back or retires, can't see him sucking it up in LA with the Chargers
  7. Maccagnan was quite literally the worst
  8. He looks the same as always, a poor man's Cam Newton. Physical freak that make some impressive runs outside of the pocket, has a great arm but prone to boneheaded plays and won't be able to win you the game in the short sticks/intermediate game.
  9. Great way to wrap up his Patriots career
  10. Texans Patriots Saints Seahawks Hope I'm wrong about the Titans
  11. Firing your front office & coaches every 2 years is a good way to make sure no one respectable wants to work for you
  12. Part 1 of the Fitz cycle is bound to be followed by Part 2.
  13. This is a new low even for a piece of dirt like Manish. Hilarious if true
  14. Guy is a thief and a waste of a roster spot. He should be gone no matter what the cap ramifications are
  15. Didn't insurance pick up most of the tab on the David Wright injury years? Anyway, see ya later Quincy. Thanks for like one good season and 3-4 other injury riddled ones, and trashing the organization on your way out after you started the issue.
  16. No more excuses for Baker if he keeps sucking with that kind of talent around him
  17. I have no doubt he will be the QB of this team for at least the rookie contract + one extension period. Whether he makes the jump from ok/good to great I am less confident than when the season started though
  18. Sure looks like another swing and miss thus far
  19. Would love to trade our skill position players for theirs. Embarrassing result for Baker and Kitchens
  20. Should be good enough to get one of the premiere WRs or OTs that slide.

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