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  1. Icer

    Let's go Jets

    Go Jets F the Pats
  2. No black helmets please, make it gunmetal if anything
  3. Icer

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Maybe they can make this a game after all
  4. Talking to candidates and getting a sense of their chosen assistants and having some feedback for that is being way blown out of proportion. Just because they floated the idea of bringing in X/Y to pair with an unknown college coach doesn't mean that he was gonna get the job anyway.
  5. This alleviates alot of my concerns about the D going forward. Sign the deal
  6. Icer

    Vance Joseph to Arizona

    Arizona doing us all kinds of favors thus far
  7. Icer

    Vance Joseph to Arizona

    Come on down Gregg
  8. Icer

    Josh McCown

    Hit the road jack
  9. Icer

    Tannehill as a Backup?

    I think he will get a crack at starting somewhere else We might get Osweiler if he gets cut loose
  10. Icer

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Mehta has to be a Johnson and Johnson plant at this point. Softening the fanbase's outcry at passing over McCarthy since Day 1 and shilling all the hot flavor of the week candidates (Campbell, Rhule) Rhule was a nothing candidate with no NFL clout so I'm happy they at least went another way. Forcing an OC on him was the right move if they were seriously entertaining the idea.
  11. Icer

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Not my first choice, but I don't hate it. He got a raw deal in Miami with injuries and was saddled with a talentless bum like Tannehill.
  12. Good for you, I posted at JI since 2001 with the same name
  13. Icer

    Rhule staying at Baylor

    Good news, no more unknowns or first time coaches please. We cant mess this up
  14. Let's repeat this conversation in 3 years when they make the wrong decision again.
  15. Turning around Temple and getting Baylor to .500 are not accolades, sorry. There are a million coaches that have done the same thing in college. I'm predicting fail because it has a much higher chance of failure than hiring a Super Bowl winner over money and GM interference. You encapsulate the reason why Woody keeps lining his pockets, because you eat up anything they serve you. Sorry, I'm not biting
  16. So you are in favor of hiring an unknown college coach with no serious accolades over a distinguished coach with years of NFL experience? Okay then, sure, whatever floats your boat. Takes nothing away from my statement that this encapsulates the way the Jets have run the organization since god knows when. Taking the side road with an unknown coach/coordinator over a proven coach, when the only 'retread' we ever hired was freaking Bill Parcells, and how did that work out?
  17. You will have your proof when they announce in the hire in the next few days.
  18. This encapsulates Jets life. You have the best candidate state they want the job and you go with an unknown because of fiscal reasons or GM ineptitude.
  19. Baker calling all the shots
  20. Rex should join Herm in college. His rah rah shtick might not wear out as quick
  21. Its Gase I'd be shocked at this point if it wasnt
  22. Icer

    Kris Richards out of left field?

    Maybe in 5 years after we fire Gase

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