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  1. Scratching the kid line made no sense. They could be a liability on D, but at this point they were the only ones with fresh legs and seemed to always move the puck around the best in the zone. Playing Strome who was obviously injured, and even when not, usually invisible, was indefensible
  2. I think people forgot how bad the guards were the year before last. Definitely worth doing
  3. 2015 was a fun year until that Buffalo game
  4. Low hanging fruit
  5. I'd give Joe D a mulligan for 2020, it was the COVID year and he was drafting for a different scheme. Becton may still be salvageable.
  6. I'll expect us to lose until they start proving me wrong
  7. It's probably not ready to compete for the playoffs, but there's no reason why we should be picking in the Top 5 yet again barring Zach Wilson blowing chunks. Every year it feels like real progress is being made to turn the team around at the bare minimum.
  8. The Jets give their fans blue balls and dont get the star player. What else is new
  9. I hope this doesnt drag out until Thursday night
  10. I'd give OBJ a shot, but the rest of the list are JAGS at this point
  11. The public perception wont change until they win some games. It is what it is, they need to draft well, and hope the coaching staff can develop talent
  12. Precursor to the real trade about to happen
  13. I can't even imagine being interested in trolling a fanbase from a different conference that has been a bottom feeder for 10 years, like damn. That must be a boring life if you have time to go to those extremes to get some schadenfreude kicks
  14. Always expected with DeGrom now but didn't even make it to opening day. This sucks
  15. EDGE please, thank you
  16. Simms past two years 2020 WR #5 - Tee Higgins "He's the premier jump-ball guy in the draft" WR #4 - KJ Hamler "Hollywood Brown makes me feel more comfortable about him" WR #3 - Henry Ruggs III "He's a game-changer...a lot like Tyreek Hill" WR #2 - Justin Jefferson “One of the can’t-miss prospects in the whole draft” WR #1 - CeeDee Lamb “DeAndre Hopkins’ size, but Jarvis Landry with the ball in his hands” 2021 WR #6 Terrace Marshall Jr (LSU) - "aka Justin Jefferson Jr" WR #5 Kadarius Toney (Florida) - "He and Ja'Marr Chase are the most dangerous with the ball in their hands." WR #4 Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) - "I like him better than I liked Henry Ruggs or Jerry Jeudy." WR #3 Dyami Brown (UNC) - "This is my guy. There was nobody that could run with him." WR #2 DeVonta Smith (Alabama) - "His physicality was the most pleasant surprise of all." WR #1 Ja'Marr Chase (LSU) - "He's a slam dunk. He's the safest and the best. He has everything." Doesn't look that bad in hindsight, but not perfect either
  17. Kayvon and Sauce would be fantastic value at 4 and 10, even tho I want a WR
  18. No one is willingly coming to the Jets, unless they get overpaid or drafted until they start winning games. JD has to find those playmakers in the draft, since he won't overpay. Nothing else to it
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