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  1. We might have one of the the worse receiving groups in the NFL. Not sure what the stats say but we rarely get good separation. Betcha Darnold stats improve if we bring in a couple true 1's.
  2. Darnold won today's battle. There is some group of special young QB's in the league today.
  3. BikerTed

    Congratulations Sam Darnold . . .

    Awesome day. We flipped the script with a horrible first half and good second. Darnold looked very good when given a chance. We need to showcase Sam to get some of the better FA's to want to come here.
  4. Told everybody I knew Rex was our HC for life. That was pre Tat and feet kink.
  5. BikerTed

    Jets Bills game tomorrow in Buffalo

    Stop in Vegas on the way home and get hitched quick. Any woman who will go with her BF to a Bills vs Jets game in Buffalo in December is a keeper in my book. Now if she has red hair and wide birthing hips, well you just struck gold my friend :).
  6. I'm starting not to care. Gonna enjoy watching Darnold tomorrow. Then onto the baseball winter meetings where hopefully we see Bryce in pinstripes. Die-hard for 30+ years. Never felt this disgusted before.
  7. Sam is a descendant of the Marlboro Man. His red hair suggests lineage to the Vikings. Bring on the snow, the wind, the ice. Weather ain't stopping The Iceberg.
  8. Dudes been raking millions, banging all sorts of famous hotties. Doing pretty good you ask me.
  9. BikerTed

    Mel and Todd

    Trade back and load up on 2nd/3rd round. Take a couple OL. I hope we ignore the D and focus on protecting Darnold. Use FA to get Darnold weapons (RB and WR). We really need Darnold to shine the next few weeks so FA's want to come play with the Jets/Darnold.
  10. BikerTed

    XFL Announces Teams

    Vince McMahon football returns? Might be cool to have a no drug testing, ok to hand check downfield, ok to chop block, ok to pile drive the QB, rollerball death match football league.

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