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  1. I hate the patriots, but I will give Tom Brady credit for playing like a 25 year old even though he is 42. Tommy has to be dippin it in some kinda fountain of youth. Only way to beat him is to rattle his teeth a few times. I'd take a couple of roughing's early to put him on notice this ain't flag football sunny boy.
  2. BikerTed

    Offensive Line Coach?

    We just 3 OL from being good. We could fix this by 2020-21.
  3. Touchdown Eddie Brown, must be disappointed in his diva son. Musta taken after the wife. Big no to AB. The circus left town a couple of years ago. Please no.
  4. Best ST coach since Capt Crutch.
  5. No more hitting guys, DB's using their hands, god forbid your pinky touches the QB's helmet. I thought the NFL outlawed D. Everyday is a shootout just like the NBA. They might as well finish the old ways off and outlaw O penalties. How else can we get teams to 100?
  6. BikerTed

    This Oughta Be Fun

    Dude seems alright by me. A boilermaker kind of blue collar dude. Ain't got time for idiots like Mehta. Can't wait for August.
  7. Sam Darnold just got off his mom's teet. No one seriously asked Sam's opinion. Give the kid a break and come back in 5-10 years when he can grow a beard.
  8. BikerTed

    100 Million Dollars

    Bellicheck and Brady are thinking they just dodged a bullet, and got themselves 4 more years. I hope Gase gets Williams for DC. We need a DC that gets along with the guys.
  9. BikerTed

    Cimini shreda gase hire

    I'm kinda worried bout the FA's turnin their backs on us now. Gase needs a DC whose popular with the guys.
  10. BikerTed

    What an Embarrassment!

    I have on my Jets stuff all the time. People tell me the Jets suck. I glare at them and reply "better than being a Patriots fan". Shuts them up everytime.
  11. A bag of money and a night with Woodys wife ought to get r done.
  12. Baker might flame out in the NY pressure cooker. Darnold is the new Jeter. This'll be his city soon.
  13. BikerTed

    Bowles gone- schefter tweeted it

    Feeling great like when my first wife left. Just hope it don't turn out like my second wife and I'm full of regrets dragging around that anchor for 3 years. Some guys ain't good at picking. Macc and Woody need to find someone better at picking.

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