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  1. DetDawg

    Robby Anderson

    Grades don't tell everything about a player, but they do provide some context for this discussion. Here are PFF's grades and ranking for the Jets' WRs and TEs. Anderson - 68.3 (above average) #56 https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/robby-anderson/11254 Enunwa - 68.0 (above average) #60 Kearse - (62.7) (average) #85 Herndon - 74.1 (good) #11 Leggett - 65.8 (above average) #32 Tomlinson - 48.8 (below average) #69
  2. DetDawg

    Monken to Browns

    Yeah, I'm not getting the skepticism about Monken. Kitchens is a collaborator and doesn't appear to be ego driven. I don't see a problem with him working with another talented offensive mind. On a related note, the Browns hired James Campen as OL coach and Associate Head Coach. He's the Packers' longest tenured ass't coach. He appears to be another strong hire. http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41052811-4
  3. https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Article/Browns-Cardinals-request-interview-Jets-Stump-Mitchell-127604576/
  4. PFF had the Browns defense ranked 27th. Clearly there was and is improvement to be made. Gregg Williams will be appreciated by Browns' fans for helping the Browns transition from Jackson and Haley. But, IMO and the opinion of many Browns' fans, there were and probably are other defensive minds out there that can improve on his work with the defense.
  5. PFF had the Browns' offense ranked #2 since the "takeover".
  6. I don't think there would have been a back-stabbing issue if the head coach had a defensive background. But, IMO it would make no sense to hire someone like McCarthy, who has his own ideas how to run an offense and coach a QB. That's why I would be skeptical of any report that said the Browns wanted to hire McCarthy.
  7. I agree that the Browns had to retain Kitchens. I was hoping they could find a defensive-oriented coach like the Colts' DC Matt Eberflus to agree to be the head coach with the proviso that Kitchens be retained as the OC, but knew that that might be a difficult sell, both for the head coach and Kitchens. I'm a little concerned with Kitchens' lack of experience, but the Browns couldn't let him walk. He's been around football long enough that he should be able to put together a quality staff. The DC position is going to be critical as it's that side of the ball that needs to improve the most and where I suspect most of 2019's draft capital will be spent.
  8. DetDawg

    Re-ranking the 2018 QBs

    That's a fair analysis. I really don't know how to evaluate the running QBs. They all can make an offense work, at least for a while. I don't know whether it can work over the long term, particularly given their heightened injury risk. It's interesting how perspective affects opinions. On the Browns' board, many feel the Browns need to draft a #1 WR with their #1 pick, or give up a 1st and 3rd in a trade with with the Giants for Odell Beckham.
  9. As a Browns' fan, all I can say is that Taylor was atrocious. He definitely would not have come close to what Mayfield achieved. PFF has Mayfield ranked as a top 10 QB. Taylor was ranked in the 30s and, if anything, was worse than his ranking.
  10. I don't have a good handle on the Jets' roster, but I would disagree about the alleged chasm in talent. There is no question that the Browns have drafted some quality talent in the last 2 years or so. However, the roster was bereft of talent prior to that time, notwithstanding the fact that they had high draft choices over mutliple years. The futility of their past drafts has been well documented. The high quality talent that the Browns have drafted recently only affects a few positions, i.e., QB, CB, RB, S, and TE. The quality of talent at the other positions is lacking, as the Browns have been using an astronomical amount of draft capital to acquire a FQB, to no avail until Mayfield. My guess is that the average talent of both rosters are comparable. The difference is that the Browns have a few more potential stars, but have less talent at other positions. Playoff teams obviously need a certain number of pro-bowl level talents, and star-quality players are necessary. However, that doesn't diminish the need to have decent talent levels at other positions. And I think the Browns are probably lacking in those areas vis-a-vis the Jets. But, I encourage others to discuss and disagree. What I do believe, and why I have confidence in the Browns' future, is that there is no doubt in Dorsey's ability to identify and draft talented players. He is responsible for the current Chiefs's roster, including the drafting of the most talented young QB in today's game, i.e., Mahomes. While Dorsey may have certain weaknesses as a GM, talent evaluation is not one of them.
  11. You must be wrong. We've been assured that Darnold doesn't have any weapons.
  12. Agree that Mayfield went one step beyond. But, I have no sympathy for Jackson. There was literally no one that he wasn't willing to throw under the bus to save his job, and then he went on a post-firing publicity tour to explain how he was blameless for the Browns' situation. After the first game with the Bengals, what Mayfield said about Jackson was tame compared to what Browns' fans had been saying for more than a year. But, this past Sunday, Mayfield took it too far. Enough is enough. Move on.
  13. I think you misunderstand how PFF grades. It tries to isolate each player's performance. In the instance of a QB, it looks at how many catchable balls he throws, regardless of whether his receiver catches them, the accuracy of such throws, and how difficult the throws are. In that respect, how good his support is doesn't have as much impact on his results as you would think. Of course, a QB still needs time to throw. While I didn't see every play, it appeared that Darnold had a decent amount of time to throw most of the time, although he was flushed from the pocket a few times, where he showed off his athletic and running abilities.
  14. I agree with everything you said except the statement "he will ultimately be there." Because of his age and extreme lack of experience, both of which you've mentioned, there is a huge gap between Darnold's current skill level and the potential QB he can be. I think it's extremely hard to conclude at this stage of his development, or more accurately lack of development, that he will "ultimately be there". Every Jets' fan wants that to happen, but a whole lot has to happen for that to occur, including improved coaching, better players, and a quantum leap in Darnold's understanding of his position and implementation of such knowledge on the field. There's a lot of potential variability in outcomes for Darnold because so many things have to happen. For the sake of Jets' fans I hope they do. One other concern I would have, which I don't recall having been discussed, is the fact that it could take 3 years, maybe 4, for Darnold to reach maturity and to have the players around him to allow him to succeed. That's a long time to wait for a for a player at such an important position to achieve competence, particularly when he's on a 4-yr contract with a 1-yr team option.

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