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  1. No way i see us resigning him for the money he wants. Team is going nowhere this season so what not get some return on him with either a 3-4 round pick or a player. I also find it interesting that Maye, as our most senior player, wasnt voted a defensive captain by his teammates. Maybe reading too much into it, but i would have thought Maye & Mosey were no brainers to be voted captains, but apparently his own teammates see something different. I also wonder if maye's speaking up last year after the Raiders loss (he wasnt wrong in what he said) hurt his standing a bit with JD
  2. With Wilson out i certainly hope he can help Geno set his watch so Geno is not late for meetings or games. That west coast time is tough to figure for him
  3. Great call on 4. Bryce Hall is a keeper. Its about time we hit on a late rounder. With your number 1 Zack, imagine if he had an NFL caliber TE on this offense to take some pressure off. Also see AVT is playing well for a rookie with no pre season playing time
  4. What's more likely today ? Derrick Henry is AFC Player of the Week OR Ashtyn Davis gets reinjured?
  5. Saleh was being honest. Through the first 3 games they have lifted Wilson up about 15 times off the turf
  6. i didnt expect things to turn around quick with all the changes that were made, but is there a single part of this team that is actually playing or operating better than it has last year? I am not defending Gase, just where have we shown any improvement so far? And if we think this is tough to watch, what happens if Zack were to get hurt? it could become the most unwatchable Jet team ever
  7. yes to be beaten by 2 QB's we traded away and a third we passed on in the draft
  8. Rookie head coach + rookie OC + rookie QB = unwatchable Jet football currently hard to believe JD, Saleh, and Lefleur all thought not having a vet QB on this team was the best choice
  9. Hard to be all gas no break when this car is clearly stuck in park
  10. I dont like the choice of playing the rookie Carter at RB first. I think Ty Johnson with his size is a better option to stat the game and then sprinkle Carter in. Carter just whiffed on the third down block that got Wilson sacked too
  11. Has this line even all played together in a pre season game ? i dont believe so. Its gonna take some time. Hope Zack survives their learning curve.
  12. watching his demeanor at practice the other day, he just doesnt seem like a guy who is having fun anymore. Maybe personal issues but may also have lost his love for the game
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