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  1. My head exploded when they made that call. My first thought was would they ever make that call against the Patriots ??? Not in a million effin years .
  2. Leo was a rookie watching Wilkerson cash in and be an absolute dog and then watching Sheldon act like a complete a hole while a Jet, then bouncing around the league worrying far more about $$$$ than winning, and his other teammate Revis squeezing every nickel he could and then failing to perform or care. Hard to believe Leo has such as view of what he should be getting when he had so many great examples of professionals around him while in Florham park
  3. If Feely really had a keen eye today, he would have noticed the tie he was wearing was about 4"-6" too short. The bottom of his tie was was so high it looked like a 5th grader getting ready for school pictures. Next time get the tie Right or keep the jacket buttoned. And if I want an evaluation of my franchise QB, I want it from a football player not from a kicker . F him
  4. Looking back, amazing how much depth and talent thie early to mid 80's teams had
  5. Tough game as we don't have the corners to match up with the dolphin receivers.
  6. Maybe this is finally the rebuild where Chris Johnson or woody, acting like leaders, get out ahead of it and say it's a rebuild instead of letting their business side of the team put unreasonable expectations and propaganda in the name of selling tickets and PSL's. They have allowed the business side interfere with the football side for years.
  7. Agree with most of your post, BUT what I can never figure out with Gase, much like Bowles, is when your O line is getting crushed by an opponents D end ( Dunlop and Myles Garrett come to mind)), why o effin why does the head coach not demand that a RB or TE at least chip the guy and help his tackle out? Or do wait until SAMs shoulder is dislocated or ribs broken to give that a try?
  8. Another solid post by KRL Always appreciate the posts. . But I would also include the solid not spectacular play of Beachum and Harrison. SAMs play has improved (not only because of weaker opponents) but because the O line play has improved, particularly at LT and C. Sam didn't stand a chance with the rookie at LT and Kalil playing the way he was. Would also like to say that Crowder is much better than I anticipated. He and Sam seem to have a great connection and this seems like one of the few positions I feel very very comfortable about going into next year.
  9. You cut bait with this guy and move on. With his injury history , age, what he would cost on even a vet minimum, you turn the page and bring in some new blood.
  10. If he stays healthy, I think his number is north of $8 mil. Someone will over pay as there is always 1 team. Would you go $40 mil for 4 years with $30 mil guaranteed?
  11. Typical game for Leo, but I think Giants D coordinator misplayed him. He should have had Leo lined up against the turnstile that is Brian Winters but instead had their rookie D lineman against Winters (until winters got hurt ). I think Giants missed this opportunity for a mismatch.
  12. Leo matched up against Brian Winters. Could be ugly. Jets should move winters to the defensive line. No one gets closer to the QB on every pass attempt than him
  13. I truly believe a huge part of Sam's problem, aside from the horrendous O line play, is Gase's failure to sign the PROPER backup QB. Sam is a 22 year old kid who was very fortunate to have Josh Mcown as his backup last season. A long time vet QB, ton of game, pro football, and life experience to help mentor Sam. He was someone that Sam could talk to every time he came to the sideline. Share what he was seeing on the field, what Sam should be looking for, ect. He never had this year. Simien was not that guy. He is a capable backup of a veteran QB, not a mentor to a 22 year old who has played 10 games or so. Gase wanted to be the whisperer to Sam. It has failed tremendously. How many times after a bad drive or turnover do you see Sam sitting all alone on the bench? Answer ... Constantly. This is where Mcown or another savvy long time veteran would be worth the money to have as his backup. This was a huge miscalculation by Gase and I believe has had a significant impact on his development.
  14. What I said was that I did not like the matchup of Leo against Brian Winters and Lewis. Winters especially. Winters. has played poorly all year, not expecting him to show up any different this week. Leo, you would think, would be a bit more motivated than usual to play well against his former team. And in typical Jet fashion, it would not shock me if he were to get a sack or two.
  15. Can't see our defense being able to stop Saquan with the linebacker injuries . Also hate to say,I hate the matchup of Leonard Wiiliam against Brian Wintwrs or Lewis. I could actually see Leo with a couple sacks Hoping that Greg Williams can confuse Giants rookie QB enough to give us a chance

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