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  1. Roger Goodell " And with the first pick in the NFL Draft ....The New England Patriots select ..........................."
  2. Positives 1. LeFleur maturing and growing into his OC role 2. Team buying into Saleh's culture 3. 2021 Draft class, 4. Development of Bryce Hall solidifying 1 CB position moving forward / Zack not getting injured going into offseason Negatives 1. Becton injury, his conditioning, and does he have a love for football 2. Amount of injuries this team continues to have 3. Amount of holes this team still needs to fill 4. Lack of development of numerous players....... Ashtyn Davis is backup at best, Mims is a bust, most of 2020 draft, Cashman
  3. Amazingly Francessa was probably referring to himself
  4. Jets bigger concern will be if the weather delays their flight getting out of Buffalo after the beating we get
  5. No but if Bart says hes at Jet camp twice a week hard to believe there is no communication there at all. Just looking at Flacco being a former teammate (like CJ) but Flacco is in the same meeting room and may have more inside knowledge than a defensive player might on what Zack is doing or not doing
  6. Wasnt Bart teammates with Flacco for a year ??
  7. Yes Edoga blows but did he actually play that bad yesterday after Fant got injured?
  8. Why doesnt the team require their lineman to wear knee braces to minimize risk of injury?
  9. Fault the coaching staff for even allowing a rookie QB to be in that position. Crap play call !
  10. i think you are giving him too much credit yet. He has greatly improved after a horrible start. I like what i have seen from him recently but must also keep in mind his play calling evaluation is probably a bit clouded as the team is out of any playoff possibilities and he can call his gadget plays and go for it in many scenarios where you typically would not. So i do like his improvement as the season has gone on but no OC can make that call he just did And to be fair, i also put a huge red flag on Saleh for not over ruling this play call. Bad job by the staff on this when they had the
  11. You cant brain fart there. You just had a timeout. You had the time to call a good play. He called what could honestly be the worst play call i have seen in nearly 35 years of Jet football
  12. F that ! You had that game won and called the worst play call imaginable. The best case scenario is to win the effin game and beat Brady. F our draft position. If that mattered we would already be champions with all these high picks.
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