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  1. Embarrassing to even watch. Entire thing seemed to be beneath what an NFL team / billion dollar corporation should do to launch a new product. Not sure how you could take an event with no competition and still eff it up. Am I the only one that sees the similarities in how we conduct ourselves in such a Wilpon/ Mets like fashion?
  2. When did Daryl Roberts become a $6 mil a year CB?
  3. There's a better chance at someone thinking Hem Edwards or Todd Bowles are great offensive minds before Robby can put a coherent sentence together that exceeds the expectations of a third grader
  4. Lol. Nothing in those tweets that would give any team any reservations about signing him to a contract with a lot of guaranteed money $$. What could go wrong ?
  5. Jetpain

    Great mock draft

    Who will be the biggest driving force behind who we select with 3rd pick in draft?? Will it be passive macagnan ? Or will Greg Williams, with his commanding personality and better feel for who fits his defense best, be the driver behind which one of these defensive players gets picked ?
  6. Jetpain

    Jets Draft History - Memory Lane - How did you feel?

    Hated roger Vick, Ron faurot, mike haight, Coples . Kyle Wilson dee Milner . But 2 that killed me were Dwayne Robertson. Giving up 2 first rounders for him and Kyle freakin Brady was a killer
  7. The biggest reason Leo may have a big year isn't because of Greg Williams schemes or a pass rushing demon next to him, the reason will be its a contract year. Big $$$$ ahead
  8. Robby should have been tendered with a first round pick. I'm not in love with this immature nut job anymore than anyone else, but what the heck is the plan if he signs elsewhere? What do you have left ? Enunwa who we like but can't stay on the field ? Your receiving corps without Robby would be a disaster at the current time. If Robby signs a tender with another club I will guarantee it will cost more to match than he would have got on just a first round tender. Even with Robby this recever group has zero depth who's playing when one of the top 3 gets dinged up ?? Sorry for my lack of confidence that the Jets would not exchange Robby for second rounder who will will contribute half of what Robby does (minus the nut in the eye)
  9. Just curious on your thoughts,. If Giants offered their first 1st round pick (#6) and their 2nd rounder and their first of their 3rd rounders plus an additional late round pick, in exchange for our #3 pick, would that be enough for us to move down 3 spots?
  10. Jetpain

    CB Poole to the Jets

    I was actually hoping the slot role would be Nickerson but apparently another draft pick who's not ready yet
  11. Jetpain

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    First, I have to give Mac credit for keeping all his information secret. No one has a clue where his interests are and what is going on. Complete opposite of previous regime. Proper way to run an organization. Secondly, also throw some credit to Heimerdinger,. He seems to be assisting / complimenting Mac pretty well
  12. I think the big decision Macaganan has to make is if he does make the offer to Leveon, how long do you allow him to make a decision? Is it take it now while your in the building? Or they allow him time ? My concern is while you are waiting on Leveon (who I firmly believes would prefer to be elsewhere than here) do you also then lose out on Tevin while you are waiting ??
  13. If they pick this kid John melody better order another table for the trainers room as this kid will be on it more than the field. First practice of training camp and Manish will tweet how this kid looks like he pulled something on a route but should only be out a couple practices. 3 weeks later he's starting to get better and riding the stationary bike on the sidelines daily
  14. Jetpain

    Bruce Harper ~ ~ ~

    One of the nicest guys u will ever meet

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