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  1. Macagnan did what he had to to secure a QB. My problem with it is all the lost picks were a result of winning meaningless games at the end of the season. Our pick should have been in that area without having to give up any picks but nooooooo. We couldn't play Hack or Petty. Those wins cost you the draft picks.
  2. It's too bad we were playing for a playoff spot at the end of the year or we could have had more of a chance to see some of these guys get some playing time and experience this season.
  3. How woody or the Giants could have ever allowed that stadium to be designed or built without a roof is beyond belief. teams are competing for customers entertainment dollars and not sure how many people enjoy sitting for 3 plus hours in late November with that wind, cold and possible rain, especially with our recent records I know it's football but it surely has not provided us with any home field advantage. Fans would be more likely to attend these games regardless of weather with a dome plus all the additional revenue streams this stadium should have been able to provide. Poor planning by jets, Giants and state of NJ for even allowing this to occur.
  4. RIP. Was scared of him whenever I went there .
  5. Not sure that Shane Ray would be a fit for us any longer if we are switching to a 4-3
  6. The NFL names a defensive MVP in a game that they don't tackle ?
  7. Jetpain

    Le'veon Bell

    I actually don't believe Leveon Bell has any interest in the Jets other than to use them to help drive up his final price with the team he chooses. Indy seems a better destination for him if they pony up the most money. Better offensive line, better QB at this point in time, better dome vs lousy late season conditions at meadowlands, better coach, Ect. Not a fan of overpaying for him as we have so many Needs at this point. If we were 1-2 players away, view may be different
  8. Jetpain

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    That non pass interference or hit to the head would be called on the jets 100 out of 100 plays ! And, that Dante fowler tipped ball would have also got the jets an illegal contact to the head flag.
  9. Jetpain

    Goodbye 3-4

    Abraham was a good player but he never dominated a game or the league the way Klecko did. Klecko only got cheated by the fact the league didn't record sack stats until he was half way thru his career . How he isn't in the HOF is horrible. If he had played on the steelers Cowboys or Niners he would be in
  10. Assemble a quality coaching staff which will never happen for him. Learn to lead . Lead on the field and inspire and motivate players. Show balls to sit a veteran player who is not performing and play a young guy. Realize that in 2018 the game is won on offense not defense. Guy may be a good guy and good person but just seems better suited for a D coordinator position at NFL level not HC.
  11. Jetpain

    Goodbye 3-4

    Thinking about the 3-4 vs the 4-3 and tho joe Klecko was the best D lineman we had, did we ever have a D lineman put in a more dominating season than Kris Jenkins that one season. ??
  12. Jetpain

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    While in agreement that o line is number 1 need, and we have needed a pass rusher for what seems like forever, I can't help but see that Claiborne is a free agent and Trumaine had a poor year . I would not be shocked to see macagnan go CB with the #3 if a trade down can't be worked out
  13. Jetpain

    Press Conference

    Listened on radio and really expected much more of a vision from Chris Johnson. This is a $2 billion plus company. U have to do better than that. I know it's the wins on the field that ultimately matter but that conference fell way short of what I was expecting after 4 piss poor years of Bowles. Now maybe Gase turns out to be the right hire but they sure could have created a better introduction to a new era better. Am I the only one who felt that was Wilpon like ?
  14. Why would you not have Williamson as the middle LB and Jenkins as the strong side LB? And mclendon or Pennel can't be a DT?
  15. Jetpain

    McCagnon had help now

    Isn't dee ford a 3-4 outside rush LB ? If Greg Williams comes on board and switches to a 4-3, how is dee ford a fit ?

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