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  1. Depending on how the board falls yes. God forbid Garrett Wilson were to go down. That WR room would not be looking to good. Changes the entire offense.
  2. To everyones surprise ....with the 13th pick the NY Jets select DEFENSIVE TACKLE .......... Personally, i think JD trades down from #13 to recoup some picks we will give up in the Aaron Rogers trade.
  3. We can get a bit higher every time John Franklin Myers gets us a penalty that costs us a victory
  4. I agree with you, just dont know why people would think Matt LeFleur would want that in his locker room after what Moore did to his brother Mike this past season
  5. Why does Elijah Moore's name keep getting mentioned as a potential target for the Packers. Moore and Mike Lefleur detested each other and clearly werent going to work together moving forward. So with Moore scumbagging Mike Lefleur and his system all season, why would his brother then want him in the Green Bay locker room to play in the same type of system? Just cant see this as a possible trade destination.
  6. Wouldnt have been sensible for the Jets to know what the Packers wanted for compensation before they even went on the plane to meet with AR ?
  7. The likelihood of Zach getting better by being around Aaron Rodgers for 2 years is about the same likelihood of me hanging around John Holmes for a couple of movies and my pecker getting bigger
  8. What was Woodys last big closing? Im hoping he stays out of the way and doesnt F things up
  9. Woody should be very proud. His new building / training facility, which he bragged would bring more talent to the team, ranked in the bottom half of the league in locker room, training room , and weight room .
  10. Not what i want, but being a lifetime fan i see us ending up with Jimmy G, Baker, or ...... Winston
  11. Glad to see theres not too many players on those list that the Jets passed over in the drafts LOL And Demario Davis continues his stellar career Glad we had no use for him
  12. Need to give the kid some time, but he gives me the feeling of Bryan Thomas 2.0
  13. He sucked and did nothing to make them win the SB. Bottom of roster guy that got a ring. Not impressive of a first round pick from 3 years earlier.
  14. I thought he was a Jet for life.........2 years here and his career was over. Horrible draft pick.
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