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  1. I understand where you are coming from, however a Small receiver like Smith just doesn't appear to me to fit what Joe Douglas seems to like in building this team at this point in time. He still believes in building through the trenches, being able to run the ball, and receivers that are bigger and more physical. Also you can add a QB who's deep ball accuracy is weak and it then takes away some of the very value you would get in picking Smith. I'm sure he will have no problem getting open on crossing patterns until he appears on a few segments of you got jacked up. That small frame is going to struggle to stay healthy. I see JD looking at one of the bigger receivers with our second first rounder or second rounder. Personally I see Smith as a much better fit for a warm weather or dome team.
  2. But for Jets to trade down (my preference too), someone needs to want to move up. With DJ throwing some shade on Justin Fields and Sewell, what team is trading up to jets spot and for who ?
  3. Did Jeanne Coakley do this interview?
  4. Surely seems like a candidate that would have a much better chance of success in a smaller market city. He does not come acrosss a the guy to lead this sh*t franchise to the promised land. I wish him success but I just don't see him as a fit with us and the NY media
  5. Expectations ? Mosley will tell you how his body has never felt this good and he's in the best shape of his life and how much he missed the game . Then the training camp injury occurs.
  6. If we win this game, not only do we lose out on Trevor Lawrence, but most of the top choices for head coach will not have any interest in this job without TL
  7. The Daily News went to sh.t years ago. I use to think it was a must buy just to read the sports section and jets articles everyday, especially during training camp. But then the sports pages of the Daily News became infected with what the front of their paper was printing. Mike Lupica turned the sports into a political page and took away the enjoyment a sports section of the paper should bring you reading it. Then guys like Manish, as with many in today's media, decided to create the news instead of reporting it. Stir the pot and creat stories with anonymous sources and zero facts. The Daily News lost me as a buyer many years back.
  8. Kraft hasn't been touched like that since his last trip to Orchids of Asia Spa.
  9. His play has been weak this year. As much as everyone loves to say how bad we are at WR, our interior O line play has been horrendous. Sam has pressure up the middle on most passing plays and cant step up. I know this is far from his only issue, but this only contributes to Sams poor play. We have been spoiled forever with solid Center play from Fields to Mawae to Mangold. I dont care who our QB is next year, if you dont upgrade the C position, they will struggle
  10. When you are built on a swamp, there is no rock bottom, there is always room to sink deeper.
  11. And almost as important to Chris & Woody, did Charley Casserly give his recommendation ?
  12. The Head Coach matchup is the first thing I look at with any game. Sadly, with Gase and with Bowles, how many times during a 16 game season, can you confidently say we have or had the better head coach in a game? 1-2 times a season maybe ?? More likely zero or the HC matchup is even if we are even that lucky This obviously puts us at a disadvantage before the game even begins. This falls on Woody and Chris for the continued bad hires.
  13. After the way Ogletree played Sunday, I can't believe that Burgess isn't still on this team. I thought he showed a lot of heart and played well during the opportunities that he was given last year Olgetree surely does not look like an upgrade. Not sure what Burgess didn't do to Earn at least earn a spot on the expanded practice squad.
  14. Obviously Todd Bowles was a lousy hire also. While everyone is screaming for Gase to get fired, the new hire will be made by the same sh*thead who made the last 2 hires. Between Woody & Chris, neither can make a good hiring choice. They owned the team for 20 effin years and needed to hire an outside company to find candidates and do interviews and a selection for the General Manager position in 2014. How do you own a business for 20 effin years and not know who the top talent is that you need to interview and select from when making a hire??? I find that to be an absolutely amazing showing of incompetence. Then to make their next GM choice, lets have Charlie Casserly make the choice for us. Really ? I wouldnt take a restaurant suggestion from that tool Casserly, let alone the top voice in recommending who to run my 2 billion dollar business. Then we hire Gase based on an alleged stellar recommendation from Peyton Manning, the same guy who refused to play for your franchise. While i also think Gase needs to go and didnt like the hire, i have zero confidence the Dumb & Dumber brothers will make a better choice with the next coach. Players and coaches change ..... the results dont.
  15. KRL good post as always. Some other concerns .... What has happened to Chris Herndon? I thought we had a promising young stud TE and after missing all of last year and his play so far this season, it has me thinking add TE to our future position of needs After watching Olgetree play today, someone please share with me what he brings to the defense as compared to what Burgess brought us last year? Unless I am missing something , I would rather have Burgess out there i know they had no pre season but Van Roten has not been inspiring to watch. A complete whiff on some plays Pierre Desir or whatever the CB's name is...... He didn't even try to get off a block, he wanted no part of making a tackle. I already have seen enough of this guy And as a lifetime fan, how sad is it to already know the game was over after the 1st play of the game when they tear off an 80 yarder .? Gonna be a long season

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