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  1. I think Joe Fields played there. Not sure if that's who ur referring too
  2. Glad we got a respected GM but it does bother me that Chris Johnson came in with a low ball offer and only made the salary appealing once the Texans fired heir GM and his nuts got squeezed. Final result is good but why was CJ always so afraid to spend some $ on a GM . Was also shocked that the godfather Gil Brandt who rarely throws the Jets a compliment was extremely impressed with both the Gase and Douglas hires and Jets did a great job
  3. Hopefully his health is good, but Bilal can play on my team any day. A true professional, hard worker, team first and the kind of guy you want in your locker room. It will also be nice to have an adult in the RB meeting room. Every winning organization needs guys like Powell.
  4. Didn't like either one as pro head coach but I think they will actually be really good college coaches and teach young kids well. I think these young players will be better players and people because of the experience and time with Herm and Marvin Lewis
  5. There will be no president or director of football operations as that would then render Chris Johnson or woody unimportant in their eyes. Right now CJ just like woody was, has himself positioned right in the middle of everything. He loves this spot. He's a big shot in this position. Everyone reports to him. Add a president who Gase and the new GM report to and all CJ gets is the abbreviated condensed version of what the president feels like telling him. The brothers Johnson are more concerned about feeling important and playing with their $2 billion dollar toy than they are in setting themselves up for continued success.
  6. Where the owners deserve blame amongst many things is their complete failure in finding new rising talent to fill the key management roles of this team. From general manager to head coach they continually fail to either attract or choose the right people. So many of these hires are in over their heads from day 1. John Idzik would never have been hired by any team as a GM. He was a numbers guy. He will never get a GM offer in NFL again. Mike Macagnan will probably never get another GM job again. He is clearly more suited for a job in a personnel department or scouting department. Todd Bowles clearly over his head an no clue how a $2 billion dollar franchise came away from any interview with Todd and said we have to make this guy the face of the franchise and lead us. hard to believe he will ever be a head coach again. He too seems more suited as a D coordinator role. They repeatedly OVER hire people and hope they become something they are not. This where the lack of a true president of football operations leaves a void and thus puts people like woody, Chris J, and Neal Glat making decisions they are clearly over their heads on. Gase may turn out good and Darnold may be the real deal, but the disfunction that is the front office and ownership will continue to hold us back from ultimate success.
  7. According to the east Hanover police and Target employees, they claim Kellen Winslow Jr had the best hands of any Jet TE
  8. Cannon is making this team in some way. It may be on injured reserve or the practice squad but there is almost zero chance macagnan is cutting yet another draft pick so quick.
  9. Klecko was their best defensive player ever but no one ever had a more dominating season than Jenkins did that one Year
  10. So what exactly was shepards upside when macagnan picked him in the 3rd round? U would clearly think any 3rd rounder is picked to be a starter in yeAr 1-2. Barring injury that isn't happening,. He's A third rounder who's a rotational guy at best. I'm not a bash Macagnan guy but my god, this is a pick that is tough to defend. we mastered Effin up the second round pick decades ago, but now we struggle with the third. Stewart was a disaster and the best we are getting out of Shepard is a rotational guy. Can't win with this type of picking.
  11. Looking forward to seeing where Shepard and Foley fit in now . Foley probably practice squad. Shepard rotation guy at best ? also. Darren Lee, someone explain how a comp pick works if we keep him vs. trading him away for apparently minimal return
  12. I can already see the training camp articles on how unblockable he is in practice . LOL
  13. If they draft Q Williams at 3, where exactly is he playing? Are we going to a 4-3 with him? Who plays where? Or 3-4 and Leo is gone? Or Anderson becomes an expensive rotation guy? Love to know what u guys think
  14. If they go D line with their first pick, where exactly are they getting their pass rushing LB, and CB? is it the 3rd round and we completely ignore O line until round 4? Hard to stomach
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