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  1. The Wilpons kicked the can down the road. They figured they would have sold the team by now and the payments to finish out Bonillas contract would be paid by the new owners.
  2. I was under the impression that to keep a competitive balance that they had to all be eligible to reopen
  3. Who's the best available DT or Safety available?
  4. 3rd round pick and I could see him traded, but not for anything Less than that. Rather take my chances on a comp pick when he leaves and we get another season out of him. Or can he be traded for another WR ?
  5. I'm ready for it next offseason patriots trade for Aaron Rogers hopdcully it ends up being to the Niners instead
  6. Wow. I always wondered what happened to that girl from Road Trip
  7. I think to help put both Darnold and Morgan in better position to succeed the jets need to add veteran QB to the team. They need an adult in the classroom and on the field to guide them and help them mature . I thought the loss of McCown last year hurt Sam tremendously. Gase as HC does not have time between every series to sit with Sam I would look to resign Josh or someone like Flacco for a year. The money the team saves by not signing the right veteran could slow these 2 guys development
  8. Good young talent and competition on this O line now. Sam must be jerking himself into a coma hes so happy
  9. Tony .... What's the earliest you think the Jets will go DE / Outside Rush LB ?
  10. Are u tony pauline?

    1. Tony The Wiz

      Tony The Wiz

      No, but a lot of people think that. But I wish I was, to work in the field that he does. 

    2. Jetpain


      Lol. Either way I enjoy ur posts.  Always a good read.   Keep up the good work n stay safe !

    3. Tony The Wiz

      Tony The Wiz

      Thank You. You too. 

  11. After reviewing Mel Kiper's picks, i have to admit it has me wondering whos maintaining his hair with all the barbershops and hair salons closed?
  12. They haven't even started playing and he's already been flagged for a false start and a holding penalty.

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