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  1. Bless Ashtyn Davis Herndon
  2. will Dolphins extra draft picks be used for Deshaun or Rodgers ? Tua was doomed as soon as Mike Francessa anointed him the great one before his final college season
  3. Whats his mom doing this weekend ?
  4. While i respect this take on things, what was the big trade that we were offered that was turned down by Joe Douglass ?
  5. Look for that early pick in Round 2 to get traded. JD trading down and adding additional picks in Round 2 & 3
  6. I agree with you but listening to the fans & media and rushing these young QB's has had poor results.
  7. The one area that he didnt explain, and maybe you wont agree, is that if you pick Wilson at #2, and Joe Douglas' goal is for this kid to succeed, you must also consider that this kid needs to sit for a year and learn & mature based on his number of starts and competition level in college. Throwing this kid right in as a starter is the same rush decision we have made repeatedly as a franchise. It stunts their long term development in most cases. So with so many needs on this roster, is JD going to pick Wilson to just sit him for the year (or most of anyway) and not get any return on this
  8. I appreciate your post but also wonder if Joe Douglas comes out and publicly blows smoke up Sams azz that he's our guy in 2021, how exactly does that help our draft position in attempting to trade down? Doesnt JD doing exactly what he is doing in making everyone think we may take a QB drive up the chance for someone to want to blow us away with an offer for the #2 ?
  9. Interviews by Moose & Maggie are usually good as it cuts Maggies voice time down from 50% to 33%
  10. I understand where you are coming from, however a Small receiver like Smith just doesn't appear to me to fit what Joe Douglas seems to like in building this team at this point in time. He still believes in building through the trenches, being able to run the ball, and receivers that are bigger and more physical. Also you can add a QB who's deep ball accuracy is weak and it then takes away some of the very value you would get in picking Smith. I'm sure he will have no problem getting open on crossing patterns until he appears on a few segments of you got jacked up. That small frame is goin
  11. But for Jets to trade down (my preference too), someone needs to want to move up. With DJ throwing some shade on Justin Fields and Sewell, what team is trading up to jets spot and for who ?
  12. Did Jeanne Coakley do this interview?
  13. Surely seems like a candidate that would have a much better chance of success in a smaller market city. He does not come acrosss a the guy to lead this sh*t franchise to the promised land. I wish him success but I just don't see him as a fit with us and the NY media
  14. Expectations ? Mosley will tell you how his body has never felt this good and he's in the best shape of his life and how much he missed the game . Then the training camp injury occurs.
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