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  1. You want Sam to do well but last night was a view changer on him. I'm going to get blasted here but between Sam and that disgrace of an o line, I had visions of David Carr and the Texans. Carr never rebounded from the bad o line play and hits.
  2. Agreed but all I can keep seeing is Shannahan running play after play without running the play clock down to 1-2 seconds while they had the lead in the Super Bowl . Leaving Belecheck n Brady all that extra time to pull off the comeback . And Quinn watching it happen
  3. Great choices. Also lloved the win over the Packers at Shea when they tore the goal posts down and carried them out into the parking lot on their shoulders. Not s huge game but one I loved was the win over Keyshawn's Bucanerers with Chrebet and the flashlight as the team focus that week.
  4. Yes. Walmart claimed him. They need a new greeter at the store entrance
  5. Hoping for the best but tough to believe Darnold after a month of being sidelined sick is going to feel his 100% normal self. After being sick it's gonna take him time to get his strength back and his legs back. Hope I'm wrong. That could put him in a tough spot behind this line.
  6. Little surprised he was let go. Liked him. He had a good summer and seemed like th exact kinda player you wanted for depth.
  7. Obviously not the best broadcaster but a true jets loyalist. Always did the right things by the fans and the kids .
  8. Would love to know the salary cap figures on the following non contributors : leonard williams trumaine kalil brian winters enunwa.
  9. They make tens of millions of dollars even when they losing. Even when they lose, they win to the Johnson brothers. Winning has to be inside you. The thought of Losing eats at your soul. Not these owners. It's not who they are. Johnsons are the lets try hard, hope things break right, keep the finances on the positive side, and live a respectable lifestyle. It's not in their DNA to live and breath the decisions and actions needed to be a winner.
  10. Glad he got a chance to pad some stats when the game was already over. More bothersome is that Marcus Maye seems a step slow on everything.
  11. I believe there is a zero chance of winning this game and prefer to look down the road. I would put Bilal on the active roster for this game. The last thing I would do is give Leveon a ton of touches in a unwinnable game and have him get the sh.t beat out of him and have that hurt linger. Let Powell take the hits. I don't play Mosely at all. I let him heal up so he's good for the rest of the season. Why risk further injury in this unwinnable game. Trumaines can plant his ass on the bench another week and let the young guys get some reps. I switch out some of these O line guys to see what combination is working best for when the kissing bandit returns at QB. I take shots at Brady and take the 15 yard penalty if it's late That's for 20 years of making me effin miserable.
  12. Garrett dominated Beachum last night. Garret will be a handful for most every tackle in the league. The difference is other coaches or offensive coordinators would have put a TE on that side of the line to double team or at least chip Garrett. Maybe have a running back chip him. How about Montgomery and Leveon in backfield at same time and some screens to Garretts side to keep him honest so he's not just pinning his ears back. It's easy to jump on Beachum for a horrible game which it was but if I was Beachum I'd be boiling that zero effin help was thrown my way.
  13. I see him needing at least 2 drafts and FA periods to turn this team around. O line, CB, WR, outside LB, all need major upgrades. By the time that's done, Jamal will be looking to break the bank, where will Leveon be at that point of his contract and career. Macs recent drafts will continue to haunt this team for years to come.
  14. Hes done here. He provides nothing to this team. His production is easily replaced by others. Basham had more of an impact than I remember Leo having in any games in recent memory. I'd trade him in a heart beat for a pick. Huge disappointment. Doesn't play like he loves this game.
  15. The entire game was as painful to watch as any in recent memory but I have to say what really left me scratching my head was his decision at the end of the game. Last series, we are down 23-3, we are on our 3rd string QB, no backup plan in site that knows the playbook, Myles Garrett killing us all game, and Gase has Falk back passing in an unwinnable game. Hand the effin ball off or take a knee and get out of there. What was plan if you got Falk killed at end of game. Made zero sense to me . And actually put more players at injury risk as Browns were just looking to light someone up as they had nothing to lose. Doesn't matter in in the big picture but pissed me off watching it
  16. Kalil was handed the starting job based on his resume not on his current performance. Sam played his best football when Harrison was at center the end of last year. While Harrison is clearly not the Jets long term answer at center, he is better than Kalil at his point in tiime. The O line has missed more blocks and looked worse than I have seen in many years.
  17. How many sacks should Garrettt have before we consider double teaming or chipping him ?
  18. Bash am has made more plays than Leo makes in a season. Offensive line play is worse with Kalil than it was with Harrison can we line the TE on Beachums side once in a while and chip or double team Garrett ? 21 at CB looks like a keeper
  19. No. .... Hate the matchup of our corners on OBJ and Landry. I hope Trumaines hammy holds up to the track meet he's gonna be running Monday night. Hate the matchup of our tackles blocking Garrett. Think Sheldon could be a tough matchup for our guards if they play like last week. Without Enunwa, I think it makes the loss of Herndon even worse, especially with a short thrower like Simien. Browns will play 8 guys in the box to jam up Bell and force Simien to beat them. Our positives, Greg Williams knows the Browns and Freddie Kitchens isn't s good head coach at this point.
  20. Next draft could we we please pick a position of true need ?? I don't want the best player available if he's a D lineman, an inside LB, a safety ect. I know this goes against the "correct" way of doing things , but please pick an O lineman, a CB, a WR Ect. I can't take it anymore
  21. We had a history of effin up our second round picks. Mac has now added the third round to this train wreck. Adarius Stewart, Sheppard, and now Polite. Think how hard you would have to try to whiff that bad? It is almost impossible to whiff on 3 straight third rounders but Mac did it convincingly. Chris Johnson would be better off firing the entire scouting department and just grab a Pro Football draft magazine and make the picks. He could not do any worse.
  22. The good from today ....... We are 1 day closer to the 2020 NFL Draft and none of Pat Leahys kicking records are in jeopardy !
  23. Watching on TV You could see it in the kickers face before even attempted that FG that he wasn't making it. He was rattled and is not a professional kicker. And how the F the raven got the Vikings to give up a Draft pick for this guy is utterly amazing . Not sure what AG and JD and ST coach saw in this K all week that gave them the confidence he was better than Bertolet or someone else available.
  24. I. Can't wait to see how we cover OBJ and Landry and that kid they have at TE. And who's blocking Garrett next week. I can picture drama queen OBJ wanting to put a big show on being on MNF and everyone watching. This could be a tough game with the Browns coming off a loss. Whos AFC offensive player of the week next week, OBJ or Landry?

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