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  1. Their WR room could be much different next year with Corey Davis likely gone and Mims status up in the air until he proves otherwise. only chance is to hopefully get stashed on the practice squad this year barring numerous injuries. Many fans root for these under dog guys but reality is we have a pretty decent WR room for a change. These guys better play special teams too.
  2. Now i am updating my online dating profile to include .... body type = like a professional athlete
  3. I think theres a good chance several of those guys dont even make it to camp. But.... I'm not letting Mims go yet. There really is no gain cutting him loose now. See if a healthy off season and full camp gets him to contribute. I have my doubts but remain hopeful.
  4. Maybe Woody should consider having Clemmons and Coach Benton find a designated driver to get them to and from practice
  5. Guy was in college for 7 years !! We should be calling this guy Dr. Clemons
  6. Guy was in college for 7 years !! We should be calling this guy Dr. Clemons
  7. He showed some respect by not threatening to nut in arresting officers wife's eye
  8. Give it 3 months of sharing a locker room and meeting room with Jamaal Adams and listening to his constant self absorbing nature and he will wish he was the other Kobe Bryant
  9. too many holes to fill..........just wait for the second round edge & LB
  10. The Wilson i want to see with a pearl necklace is Zacks mom
  11. We are 1 away. IF we get our QB to be a franchise QB, it changes this entire team. But in the meantime, players needed at almost every position but guard.
  12. Agree with you, however, i would probably lean WR at 4, as i think there is more likelihood of someone trading up for the 10th pick. I think you can still get an edge lower in the first round as compared to the run on WR's that will probably take place before the Jets pick in round 2, or if they have traded down to the bottom of round 1 with green bay or KC.
  13. Not sure why you would think JD could be gone. I actually think the team will be significantly better this year but the record may not reflect it due to stronger teams they are facing and a young QB hopefully developing. I think the worst thing this franchise could do is get rid of JD and start over yet again by bringing in a new GM, new coaches and new philosophies who will then require they get "their" kind of players. We start the same process over every few years and wonder why its not working. While JD does need to hit on players in this and every draft, JD and the Jets are going as far as Zack takes them. All the draft hits in the world arent going to matter if the kids busts.
  14. He doesnt wear that fancy suit he wore to his Giants press conference anymore?
  15. I can see your thought process on that, but i am not 100% convinced that taking the #4 pick changes this team more moving forward than taking their second 1st round pick in the 11-19 range plus adding additional pick(s) in the second round this year and another extra 1st next year. This team isnt one pick away, they have holes almost everywhere. I just believe the extra picks could potentially help them more this year and moving forward.
  16. I think Joe Douglas would prefer to trade down with the #4 pick (to the teens and a 2nd rounder this year) and to grab some extra picks next year including another number 1. Would still give us 2 number 1's this year and possibly 3 second rounders.
  17. Good spot for Geno. He woulda had to reset his watch if he moved to another time zone.
  18. I think this guy has a bunch of red flags. Red flags that other more successful organizations can handle better than our team can at this point in time. He could turn out to be very good or even a complete bust. But leaving the combine early, some of his comments and actions are things that dont necessarily fit with what they are trying to build here. He could become a disruption and a headache. And after watching some of his games, i wasnt in love with this guy.
  19. I think we are saying the same thing. I never said take him in the 1st round. Based on mocks i have seen though, if you want hall in the second, you would probably need to get him with the first of our seconds. You never know though, he could fall but many mocks have him going to Texans before our second 2nd rounder. We have a ton of needs, but Hall certainly would help this offense and take a ton of pressure off Zach
  20. May turn out to be a good pass rusher, but too risky for us. He's got a..hole written all over him.......PASS
  21. Several of the mocks had Hall going early in round 2 prior to our second 2nd round pick.
  22. I agree but can Douglas and Saleh take the heat of picking Williams and him not contributing for the first half of the season? Or us watching the offensive struggle to produce in the first half of season and us fans sitting here patiently knowing Williams will be on the field around mid season but probably not 100 % until 2023?
  23. This is more sensible than his usual mocks, but i dont think Hall makes it to 38. if Jets want him, they better grab him earlier.
  24. Would agree for the most part as i like most others would love to find a starting caliber tackle in a lower round. But a Jason Fabini doesnt come around that often, at least not for us. Who knows, maybe this year they pick one of those tackles in round 2. But while Fant had a good season last season, he's going into the last year of his deal. I do not think, based on the team comments of Becton has to win his left tackle job back and he may not be ready yet for OTA's, has the sounds of a team that is set at one of the most important positions on a football team for the next 5-7 years. We watched Darnold get killed because of poor line play. Are we going to repeat the same mistakes with Zack and expect a different outcome? They will have an opportunity to potentially select a franchise left tackle at the 4 or possibly the 10 spot (most likely 4). i am not sure we are in a position this year AND looking into the future to pass on a franchise tackle regardless of what draft assets we have used in the past. It wont make people happy and isnt the sexy pick, but it just may be the smart pick.
  25. All the guys that are ripping Douglas for taking another tackle in the first round are the same guys that will be calling for him to be fired for going into the season with only Edoga & McDermott as backups if Becton or Fant were to go down with a serious injury.
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