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  1. You might want to spend a bit more time on this site. Not that I really care but just now I was thrown a homophobic reply. Not pleased.
  2. Called you out sucka. I'm single dad straight and you're homophobic tool. You're off this board if I have any say.
  3. Moderator!!! No personal attacks. Fair is fair .
  4. Pat's in the Super n Super Bowl, sweet cheeks
  5. He's the real deal. Great WR's. Head case QB with lead feet.
  6. Lol.... Jesus. Sometimes I think the IQ of our fan base is linked to our success. Last time I checked the Pat's attended the SB last year.
  7. Lol. When you have a moment please share with me the secret handshake.
  8. Joking aside, hopefully your right. His brother doesn't.
  9. To piss you off Killa. And I'm bored. Watching Mystic Pizza until the game starts. You're obsessed with my posts. Anything you want to share with the group?
  10. Chris Johnson has never worked in his life, as hard as he's worked this past week. Book it.
  11. Did you ever watch him play or have you just seen him on the Sunday pre-game shows? Whatever. He's a career 55% passer.
  12. I refuse to judge someone too harshly about college records. As mentioned before recruiting has its limits at many schools. Nebraska is a perfect example. I happen to think Frost is a great coach and would love to see him here one day but he ain't coaching the Nebraska he once played at in terms of recruiting.
  13. Parcells went 3-8 at Air Force. Granted he went on to assistant coaching for a few years in the NFL before becoming a HC.
  14. He's too good looking to pass up. I mean let's face it. Who would you rather look at on the sidelines for the next 5 years.....McCarthy or Kingsbury?

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