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  1. I never thought I'd see the day when I was so damn frustrated & actually bored by halftime that I would rather watch family guy then this team.
  2. Keep it up KRL!!! Thanks
  3. Staff is starting to take shape. Good job retaining Boyer.
  4. Say it ain't so. Just a horrible nightmare iv'e been in for the last 40 years!
  5. McCarthy Now!! P P Pleassssssssssss
  6. I think both sound like they will make good if not not great NFL head coaches. Richard may need some more seasoning though. Rhule prob NFL HC ready.
  7. Rich Cimini‏Verified account @RichCimini 5m5 minutes ago More Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy is interviewing today with the #Jets, source confirms (as @MikeGarafolo said) Said Darnold in town as well.
  8. Hmmmmmm...Maybe HC of the NYJ is not necessarily as bad we thought??????
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