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  1. Not sure if my comment made you think I did or didnt.... but out of sheer curiosity, Whats your guess ?
  2. He missed half the season. Maybe more than half.... Moore is injury prone until.proven otherwise
  3. Adam Schein and Lucas are my all-time faves
  4. The real question is why would anyone trade valuable draft capital for him?
  5. I get it, Zach is a rookie.... he is also a starter in the NFL. The call he made today was atrocious, cost us a game, and he deserves criticism....
  6. Bowles was a crap head coach... period. End of story... please w this crap
  7. Tone def and disillusioned
  8. This may be the best gif ive ever seen.... bravo
  9. Its screwed up if it doesnt favor you. I just won as the bottom seed. Was the Beneficiary of circumstance.
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