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  1. Im actually hosting a jersey burning party week 1.... gonna throw my black Darnold jersey in there. My 8 yr old has an eric Decker, jamal.adams, and a Darnold. There all going in as well..... But for the record, whats wrong with donning a Pennington Jersey... he was a good Jet and his tenure was frutiful in comparison to the cow dung were accustomed to watching
  2. You will get killed here for this comment, but To be fair, this was an attrocious draft ... we could have had a # of elite receivers before we traded back and settled for Mims
  3. I can't tell if your trolling or being serious
  4. Agreeed. Revis and todd bowles equally to blame for that debacle. Bowles should have been fired after that game.
  5. Yeah, that chiefs game was attrocious...
  6. I heard Ryan Khalil is looking for a team
  7. Still baffles me hows this anti social, blatant LOSER landed multiple head coaching gigs in the NFL
  8. How are the Panther message boards treating you these days?
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