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  1. I Miss Schein on the post game on SNY... he was the best. Now we have chad cascadden!!
  2. Jet hustle

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    Who gives a crap. Theyve owned the team for over 2 decades....there not selling anytime soon....
  3. Jet hustle

    May 15th, 2019

    Now... if only Mickey Callaway could get fired as well.... great week in sports
  4. You guys all understand this GM will be an all.or nothing hire.. Gase will not be able to fire the new gm. HC and GM tenures will now run congruten
  5. Jet hustle

    Jets will fail

    Whats the point of this thread? Do you want to be right? History says you will be......
  6. Jet hustle

    I love Chuma Edoga

    Analysts said he has trouble focusing.... questionable passion for game
  7. Jet hustle

    Darron Lee

    Thats the point of my post.. there seems to do no point having him on roster at this point.... hes coming off a suspension. Hes soft as paper machete. Its a matter of time hes moved... Just wondering what his current value would be
  8. Jet hustle

    Darron Lee

    When are we trading him and what would our compensation be?
  9. Who cares..... this wast year....
  10. When I see these jerseys I have the same exact feeling I had first time walking through met life stadium... under whelmed, stuck w this crap for the foreseeable future

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