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  1. His stat line was atrocious today.... hes in mid season form
  2. Run that back with our division record in last 10 years... nauseating
  3. True. That call.was atrocious. Nfl should have a replay for aggregious calls like that.
  4. You gotta love the "im smarter than you" fan... however still not as bad as the "you have to be patient" fan
  5. This coaching staff is learning on the job... they suck right now... Saleh shows no energy on sideline.
  6. I actually felt we dominated good portion of that game
  7. Good ol "buzz words " Saleh is the KING of. Buzz words...
  8. I love how you replaced the i with an o in sh*t. Thinking on your feet...... errrrr fingertips
  9. Hey but ...... Douglas used to smell Ozzie Newsomes farts for years when he was employed with the Baltimore Ravens.... Lets extend him for another 6 years
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