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  1. Always loved the big theater screen where you can watch cartoons as a kid.
  2. How about our 'bad ass' uniforms he brought us?
  3. You couldnt script it any better.... errrrr i mean worse ?
  4. Astonishing actually.... my daughter is in teeball. Doesnt even love it... her throw was equal or better than this clown.
  5. HATES them with all his heart. Its so weird
  6. Isnt the whole point of going on message boards and listening to sport talk radio/ 'media experts' is to listen,discuss, and dissect this crap ? Hell, thats why im on here....
  7. All this does is make him look weak.... with that attitude, im sure the locker room will have his back if they start off slow.....
  8. Replacing Ty Johnson and his sh*t hands with Breece Hall last year prob gets us 2 more wins
  9. Traveled to fl early this morning, donning my jet gear. Got stopped several times .. airport, plane, even in Florida.. along with the media and so called experts slobbing us all day long. everyone is excited and universally giving us.kudos ....
  10. Scary how Jamal.adams has such an unhealthy relationship with receiving attention
  11. Any updates on what is going on with Jamison Crowder. I was hoping wed keep him... solid vet... somewhat dependable... relatively affordable.
  12. You may be right. But he is still WAY better than Sam Darnold.....
  13. How can anyone be confident with anything related to Becton?
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