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  1. Just quoting the broadcast. Bout time we bench this loser......
  2. Any idea what is going on w this guy? Out 5 weeks with a groin.....
  3. Nice word play. We have what, a 2 game winning streak?
  4. Agreed. But i do agree with his take on how incompetent Gase is. And i was in support of the hire initially .
  5. Honest question.... has our franchise reached our rock bottom?
  6. His gf in the backround.... he calls her lunchbox or something idiotic like that
  7. Did you pop some Molly this evening?
  8. Most analytic metric rankings have him as NFLs best overall player
  9. Gase was involved in picking players this offseason
  10. How are we looking going into next year... While were on topic, who are the noteable free agents...?
  11. Your right.... and in 09 we barely made the playoffs... Weve only had 2 or 3 home playoff games in the last 40 plus years.... absolutely pitiful 2002 was pretty good. We had a home playoff game and won that... then lost the next week...
  12. Daniel Jones stole his shine..... hes second fiddle now
  13. Since when was "dogs" referred to as a good thing. My whole life when you referred to an athlete as a dog it meaned they were lazy and they sucked.... Was it the stupid Jamal.adams interview after week 17 last year?
  14. Any word on him? Is he still on the active roster....
  15. Agreed. Macc will go down as pur worst GM ever.... he inflicted a lot of damage. franchise malpractice ... Has he found a new job yet?

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