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  1. How do you know hes a good kid? Do you know him personally?
  2. Where the hell did you read this? Most reports ive heard are protecting 12 to 18 months minimum
  3. Francessa seems to think hes gonna ultimately eclipse bell as rb1 this year
  4. We should call.Jachai polite and ask his opinion of this pick
  5. I don't understand the point to stock pile late round pics.... rather get the bpa in 3rd than a crap shoot 5th 6th rounder
  6. To be FAIR... he was drafted #3 overall .. should be an immediate impact player, which he wasnt
  7. I hope this is the case... But i keep hearing people say this... hope aside, what has this guy done to make you feel he has this "plan" or that he "knows what hes doing? " He did drag Khalil outta retirement and started him over a better player....
  8. Good ol afc west showdown... pre super tecmo bowl era
  9. If revis wasnt playing 13 yards off Sammy watkins the ENTIRE game, we would have won easily. Plus Bowles made no adjustments and was grossly outcoached by Rex Ryan .
  10. This list is spot on, except id put the islanders in front of the Nets. Islanders posess a loyal passionate fanbase. The Nets just fired there coach for no apparent reason.

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