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  1. On 7/1/2020 at 1:35 PM, Beerfish said:

    Tru Johnson was the biggest thief imo but right now I'd say Jason Taylor,   I was utterly horrified when the jets went after him and rather disgusted at how many jet fans on forums were falling all over themselves to throw rose petals at his feet.


    This is idiotic.....   he had some big plays is 2010 for us....   vote kyle wilson

  2. 10 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:
    1. David Clowney
    2. Justin McCareins
    3. Alex Van Dyke
    4. Curtis Conway
    5. Chad Hansen
    6. ArDarius Stewart
    7. Clyde Gates
    8. Stephen Hill
    9. Ryan Yarborough
    10. Matthew Hatchette
    11. Percy Harvin
    12. Jeff Graham 
    13. Terrelle Pryor
    14. David Nelson
    15. Rishard Matthews

    Devin smith

    Doug Jolly

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  3. On 4/25/2020 at 12:58 PM, Jetlife33 said:

    Seems like his ceiling is RB2, but that’s what we need right now, probably plays right away backing up bell. 

    Francessa seems to think hes gonna ultimately eclipse bell as rb1 this year

  4. 4 hours ago, JetFan20 said:

    Can we give the kid more than one season? It’s crazy how fast the fan base turned on this kid.

    To be FAIR... he was drafted #3 overall

    .. should be an immediate impact player, which he wasnt

  5. On 4/5/2020 at 4:36 AM, BurnleyJet said:

    Douglas seems to be a guy that knows what he’s doing, or at least has a plan. It shows how terrible Maccagnan and Idzik was previously.

    I hope this is the case... But i keep hearing people say this...   hope aside, what has this guy done to make you feel he has this "plan" or that he "knows what hes doing? "

    He did drag Khalil outta retirement and started him over a better player....  

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