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  1. 13 hours ago, Jetster said:

    Here's the one thing Jets fans can thank Adam Gase for, Joe Douglas. Sure, he's having a hard time finding kickers & drafting kids that can stay healthy but he has what they call in the business, street cred. He's well respected & well connected! It was huge to get a guy that worked with Ozzie in Baltimore & than Philly when they were successful. He played the game, he understands our needs and he seems really level headed & not the type of guy to chase rainbows. 

    All any of us fans have wanted is a master plan to draft well, develop players & enjoy a steady rise of improvement. For 10 years this organization has been a disjointed mess, an 8 cylinder running on 4, without 1 redeeming quality in any of 3 phases of football, offense, defense & special teams. There's really nothing the Jets do exceptionally. We can't rush the passer, we can't consistently run the ball, we can't protect the QB, we can't defend on the backend. Why is it a shock we're 2-14? 

    I just want to see a steady rise of improvement. A new QB, better protection, LBs that aren't running in quicksand. A couple of pass rushers. I'm not expecting to go to the Super Bowl next year, I just want to have a glimmer of hope that we all can expect to see us rise out of the ashes and becomes watchable again. Just bring some excitement back! Sam Darnold turned out to be a complete bummer, not a leader of men. I knew we were doomed when teammates would let opposing defenses whip him to the ground & watch. I want leaders that create that bond like a band of brothers. Could you see Kevin Mawae just standing there while his QB gets abused? 

    I want a team that fights. I want a QB the team gets behind, I want a RB that straight arms, I want a nasty Oline that takes umbrage with their QB getting thrown down. I want a coach that lets refs hear it when he thinks his team is getting f*cked. I think Joe Douglas can build that team. He comes from that mindset. I'm behind him 100% and it starts with a Head Coach. I think he'll get his guy.

    Rahh rahhh..... shish coombah !

  2. 1 hour ago, Alka said:

    This is what I want to do:

    1. Bring back Darnold.   Sign Mariotta or Minshaw and allow Morgan to all fight for the starting QB position.

    2. Sign Thuney in free agency, and draft Sewell at #2.

    3. Sign a top notch wide receiver in free agency.

    4. Draft an edge pass rusher with our second #1 pick.

    5. Draft a CB with our top of the second round pick.

    Now, you have Becton, Sewell, Thuney on the offensive line.

    You have a competition at the QB position.

    You have now got a pass rusher and CB in the top 34 picks.

    You got a top wide receiver in free agency to play opposite Mims.  Resign Perriman to a 1 year deal.  You have Crowder as your 4th receiver.

    Mosely, Basham, Hewitt as your linebackers, plus your edge pass rusher from the 1st round.  

    Resign Marcus Maye at safety.  You have a CB with the 2nd pick of the second round, and you have a couple of CB's that are on the team that can compete for starting jobs.

    If we start over with a new QB with the second pick of the draft, it is another crapshoot where there is no guarantee.

    I stated the obvious last year, and said that our GM should ignore getting a wide receiver at #11 and get a offensive tackle.

    I am stating the obvious again this year.  I believe what should happen and what will happen is that Darnold will be back, only with competition.

    This to me is a no-brainer.  Perhaps I am really smart, or perhaps I am really stupid.  But I am confident in what Joe will do, even if he hasn't yet come to this decision yet.

    Please no.     

  3. 15 minutes ago, Tedryno said:

    I saw multiple posts on here about, “why would anyone want to play in Jacksonville?”

    ”Everyone would choose NYC over Jacksonville”

    ”NY is so much better than Jacksonville”

    ”Everyone wants the bright lights”

    Do you people even know who you are talking about?  Do you think this kid is from Syosset, LI?

    Trevor Lawrence is from Cartersville, GA—a town of 19,000 people.

    Trevor Lawrence is ENGAGED.

    Trevor Lawrence is a CHRISTIAN.


    This has JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA written all over it.  Sure, all of you Tri-Staters, like me, would choose NYC over Jacksonville, FL 101 times out of a hundred.  Trevor Lawrence is not us.

    Trevor Lawrence, the southern kid, from a podunk town in the middle of nowhere Georgia, who is already engaged and fears the Lord—yup, this has Jacksonville written all over it.







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