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  1. Who knows.  Bottom line, Darnold BLOWS ....  but, when he has an average to below average game today against the attrocious giants D, i can almost guarentee all the apologists will be parading around this message board 

  2. 40 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

    Macc is gone.

    Bowles is gone.

    Draft a QB until you have a QB...as of right now, I am sorry, we do not have a QB.  Make whoever you draft compete with Sam.  You can't go forward like this.  Let Douglas put his stamp on the franchise.

    Pick a QB #1.

    I agree actually

  3. On 11/1/2019 at 12:26 PM, mrcoops said:

    Mangini.  He was a good coach, who even made Tanny look decent by influencing his drafts and FA signings.

    Yes, he annoyed the players but he was a good football coach and he had a plan. He was given a very rough deal being fired after not wanting Favre, then being fired for Favre's arm falling off.

    Mangini had a man crush on favre....  mangini drafted vernon gholston 

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  4. 4 hours ago, nico002 said:

    He’s already developed... as evidenced in the Dallas game.. and 7 other games last year. We need to build a team around him that is good enough to carry him when he isn’t firing on every cylinder. The Pats game was an aberration across the board... we’ve seen that before- remember 45-3?We lost the jaguars game because the defense let up two absurd blown TDs... deshaun Watson threw for 174 and no TDs against that jags team... at home in a dome. 

    Are you Darnolds mom?  Your posts and fanboyish tendencies make me sick

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

    Jamal will speak with JD tomorrow.  All will be explained.  Jamal will tweet something positive and all will be well in Jet land.

    The youth today just reacts to quickly on the twitters w/o thinking.  

    A mistake by Jamal, but a small one.  No worries.

    Publicly calling your gm a liar on social media ....   chick traits

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