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  1. 13 hours ago, kmnj said:

    the jets will have the worst offense in the league this upcoming season unless Sam becomes the first qb that can block defensive players with one hand while holding the ball in the other then he will have to throw the ball really high and far and then run down and catch it himself. Thankfully for Sam he has a genius coach in Gase that can scheme for such a system. Gase is a pioneer like Bill Walsh but better.


    The Jets will have the worst offensive roster in the NFL and the worst coach coaching them-what could possibly go wrong?

    On the plus side this will be the last season we get to see or hear Gase on the jets sideline.

    I feel bad for Sam-it is him and bell and that is it and his coach does not know how to use bell properly

    I know I should not be so negative the Jets have the draft to build the team with . I mean I understand they have not had a good draft in years but they will some how find a top tackle and three stud wrs in the draft and a guard or two as well.




    Ambulance chaser..... you remind me.of my ex wife....  

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  2. 8 hours ago, bealeb319 said:

    Still better than Kyle Wilson and that stupid finger wagging.

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    Your right. i remember wed be down by 20pts. In the 4th quarter, hed trip over his own feet, the receiver would drop the ball, and hed be finger wagging and taunting.....   horrible draft pick ...  he was the weak link on out D for years 

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