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  1. Bottom line is with Rex Ryan we were relevant and won games. I really don't understand all the rexs hate.
  2. Joe Douglas brought in at washed up center last year khalil.. He didn't sign Anderson. He brought in no depth on the offense skill pos. Yet I have to hear every fan and media member tell me how great this guy is and how we're in great hands even though hes never been A GM before... it's mind boggling to me
  3. Ownership owes it to the fans to send a message and fire this coach. Show a pulse. Stop insulting our intelligence
  4. Im tired of the excuses this organization keeps spewing at us. Fire gase... addition by subtraction. Plug in anyone for this year.. Have jd hire a real HC in off season... have new coach report to jd. Jd report to ownership
  5. Draft Lawrence and trade Darnold.... what would Darnolds trade value be?
  6. confidence, command, makes sound decisions
  7. JD should not get a pass for not signing Robby Anderson.... big mistake
  8. no one is doubting buffalos D. The issue with the qb is that hes missing wide open receivers, doesnt exhibit the confidence youd hope for in a 3rd year franchise qb, he makes poor decisions in the moment, etc etc. Etc etc etc
  9. not even being cute, but I feel like we say this about Sam after every 2 or 3 games he plays
  10. Do you understand how the finances work in todays nfl...... ?
  11. Don't worry man we won't get mad at you for buying that Quinnen Williams Jersey
  12. 1.5 sacks in 2020 But well hear abt how he does ALL the other things that us morons watching the games at home cant understand.

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