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  1. Great angle... i agree and feel social.media has contributed to most of your points.
  2. I agree with the post. Every team suffers lots of injuries.
  3. Your still the worst poster on this site
  4. So true.... let the apologists jump all.over you and coddle him with not having an O line
  5. Dude did you just crawl from under a rock? This has been goin on for YEARS
  6. Who cares.. darnold is a red headed, boogie boarding , turnover machine
  7. Last time this decade I can attend a game.... well SIGN ME UP
  8. We are 4 and 8 whether you feel he's not healthy. We are 4 and 8 if he really is healthy and you're just being paranoid and an apologist. At the end of the day who gives a crap if you're right or wrong
  9. Get a grip dude.... can we get to the playoffs before talking about curses being lifted.... df is the matter with you
  10. Spot on.... amazing the the rhetoric in todays social media world that all players seem to need years to "develop" All the while most players in the NFL careers are over within 5 years. Point being is a #3 overall pick in the draft thats not a qb should be an IMMEDIATE inpact player. Nothing less
  11. Does anyone have his PFF grade/ranking etc. They use analytics and metrics to assess the players.
  12. Victor Green > Reggie Toungue
  13. Hes is mid season form.... getting toasted on national TV
  14. Your right... god forbid someone starts a thread about a player on the team we are here to comment on.... we should just hold out to post until next week since they won today....
  15. Didnt hear his name once today... did anyone notice him out there?
  16. The Defense is significantly more effective when hes not around the defense
  17. "Ill see you at the crossroads" -Bone Thugs & Harmony

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