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  1. 5 hours ago, SAR I said:

    Unless you can conclusively prove that he was the mastermind behind Ryan Tannehill's ACL and Sam Darnold's mononucleousis, then Adam Gase is merely the victim of bad luck and his talent as an offensive mind, supported by Peyton Manning, is as yet indisputable.

    SAR I


  2. 2 hours ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

    Darnold could very well be on his 3rd OC in 3 years, as many of us feared.

    Its also possible that he won’t resign with the Jets for $100Mill a year once his contract has run.  Then again by then the Jets will need to fill about 45 slots on their roster with NFL players, down from 47, so we most likely will NEVER know how good Sam Darnold could have been.

    Hey, Look, I just saw a report the Jets might trade his ONLY WR target Robby Anderson...excellent, make Darnold’s almost “mission impossible” job even more impossible...No OL and No Receivers hahaha.  

    Think I’m going to start selling shirts at Jet games....”Where’s Maccagnan?????” Hahaha

    Move this f*ckin team to Antarctica....PLEASE.

    Trading robbie gives darnold and gase more excuses and alibis on why he sucks ....plus we get some draft capital.   Win win

  3. 1 hour ago, RSJ said:


    I saw Geno Smith cut up a few teams too in his days. Drafting a QB and then building around him is dumb and the opposite way it should be done.

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    Yep... remember the Monday night game against Atlanta.... or the miami game when geno had a perfect qb rating....

    Im convinced half the Darnold apologists on this board just started following the jets  

  4. 2 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

    I posted in another thread, we was in at least 6 of those games. Losing them by less than a touch down. We aren’t that competitive in 2019. This is worse than Kotite football. At least we had Wayne Chrebet




    Agreed....  this is a different level of stench.  And its in the social media era where you cant get away from the jokes, memes, etc.  We also made the playoffs in 1991.  During kotite,  we werent far removed from making the playoffs.   This team hasnt made playoffs in decade and no.signs of making it anytime soon!!

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  5. 9 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    A 16-0 Super Bowl defending champion dynasty flashing the best defense in the history of the NFL beat a rebuilding team manned by a 22 year old quarterback returning from a devastating physical disease.

    My God, we all should have expected so much more.

    SAR I

    Shill.....   playoffs here we come!!!

  6. The over reactions that are being ridiculed are actually under reactions.  This franchise is in crisis mode.     No playoffs in a decade!!

    There is no light at the end of this tunnel.  Wrong coach, sub par player personell....  

    Upper management owes it to the fan base to address this dumspter fire.

  7. You're right why should we be upset. We going to be rebuilding for a decade have not made the playoffs for 10 years...   if you follow this team you would know that this year was supposed to be a step forward. We are one in five and look like absolute dogsh*t...  we are not even competitive...  

    So you're telling me that if you look bad against the worst team in football then we should start worrying? You come off like a complete loser with a loser mentality

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