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  1. Yep... aggrivating all the hate everyone has toward Rex... end of the day he was hands down one of the better coaches weve had in our franchises history.
  2. Trumaine johnson / Derek Mason / curtis Conway / justin mccareins
  3. He also took a crap team with less talent than this 2019 squad and geno smith as his qb and went 8 and 8
  4. Professional Fluffer by day.... Cuckold by night
  5. Would look better if we had color rush green pants to contrast....
  6. Too much black. Shoulda wore green pants. Endzones are black. banners arnd stadium are black. I don't really understand it.
  7. Who knows. Bottom line, Darnold BLOWS .... but, when he has an average to below average game today against the attrocious giants D, i can almost guarentee all the apologists will be parading around this message board
  8. Bowles and arians are butt buddies. Francessa loves talking about their strong friendship. He gets all.gitty . Its pretty weird .
  9. NICO NICO..... where are you...... ?
  10. Chris has been told how much of a cuckold loser he was his entire life..... this jets gig was his chance at redemption... all blown up to sh*t...
  11. Key word here is weak...... weak in every aspect of life.
  12. Its not longer the Kotitie era as the illustration of rock bottom. Its not officially referred to as the GASE ERA

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