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  1. You're right why should we be upset. We going to be rebuilding for a decade have not made the playoffs for 10 years...   if you follow this team you would know that this year was supposed to be a step forward. We are one in five and look like absolute dogsh*t...  we are not even competitive...  

    So you're telling me that if you look bad against the worst team in football then we should start worrying? You come off like a complete loser with a loser mentality

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  2. Im with you 100 percent bro....   it's bad enough we're getting our big brains beat in.... but it's on National Television. The recurring joke against this franchise and this fanbase seems it will never go away

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  3. Just now, CTM said:

    These told you so threads are lame after a good game and even worse after a bad one.

    Anyone who takes the green goggles off knows Sam has a lot of work to do, there will be more games like this one and more games like last week as well. Level out your reactions until he starts to build a trend in either direction


    More games like this one?   How many of these types of games have the leagues top qbs had in their career?   Df you talkin abt.....

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