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  1. All they needed to do was lighten the green in the old unis... I know im in the minority here, but i felt The color rush unis were a good alternate as well.
  2. Not moving him was A BAD move.... we risk injury and drop in production that will hurt his trade stock.
  3. Publicly calling your gm a liar on social media .... chick traits
  4. Cant be any worse than when pennington came into our stadium after we dumped him for favre, and clinched the division for Miami.
  5. Not defending macc, cuz he sucked D as a gm... but every "expert" and draft "guru" deemed Q williams best player in draft and a cant miss pick.
  6. Your schtick is lame and stale.....
  7. Im am convinced this is Greg Buttle posting.
  8. Dont waste your energy trying to rationalize with this fanboy. Hes by far the worst poster on this board. Hed trade it all to get on his knees and take in darnolds manhood
  9. Fanboy..... hahahahahahahahaha. Sam darnold pjs , adam gase mouse pad... your whole fantasy football team consists of NY jets
  10. What makes you think he's done in New England?
  11. The sad truth is either you got it or you don't. I remember hearing about Vernon gholston was so close to busting through, so close to turning it all around. You're starting to hear the same thing from Q.
  12. Df you talkin abt... the raiders may be a wild card team this year
  13. The cowardly move would be NOT firing him. Show your fans you got a set of balls and do what needs to be done. Hit the reset button
  14. He kinda looks like brandon Tiereny.... anyway, i say we win one more game all year and ownership is FORCED to fire gase due to public and media outcry. This is the worst jets team ive watched in my lifetime. Worse than 95 kotite
  15. Who the F is this good lookin stud......
  16. Our offense looked significantly better last year. Let's not let the Dallas game fool us... we only played one good half of football
  17. Exactly this. Our defense which is average got carved up by Gardner Minshew
  18. I really dont get this post AT ALL
  19. But hes not the best player on the team. PFF does all the anytical break down for you ... your fan boyisms dont have to cloud your reality

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