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  1. You're right why should we be upset. We going to be rebuilding for a decade have not made the playoffs for 10 years...   if you follow this team you would know that this year was supposed to be a step forward. We are one in five and look like absolute dogsh*t...  we are not even competitive...  

    So you're telling me that if you look bad against the worst team in football then we should start worrying? You come off like a complete loser with a loser mentality

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  2. Just now, CTM said:

    These told you so threads are lame after a good game and even worse after a bad one.

    Anyone who takes the green goggles off knows Sam has a lot of work to do, there will be more games like this one and more games like last week as well. Level out your reactions until he starts to build a trend in either direction


    More games like this one?   How many of these types of games have the leagues top qbs had in their career?   Df you talkin abt.....

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