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  1. Just admit it... Sam Darnold sucks at football. Your First step should be accepting this fact.
  2. Get this clown outta here.... good riddance.... enjoy the boogie boarding and fish tacos in the off season
  3. When we go 0 and 16... Can we get new jerseys or lighten the green on the older ones
  4. Sam will have a chance to redeem his career with a real nfl franchise. No need to cry for him.
  5. That could be a pretty dope logo.... im assuming we would keep the same.color scheme?
  6. With the title, thought you were thanking the Johnson family
  7. Please w this crap... its the nfl. Stop Coddling and make excuses for sammy boy.
  8. Charly casserly is the ULTIMATE fraud..... he should be abolished from football
  9. When asked about his slow development, he responded..... "Theres more than one way to skin a cat" -Christian Hackenburg
  10. Hell get a job again somewhere. The NFL recycles these idiot savants.
  11. Miraculous turn around? THIS TEAM IS NOT EVEN COMPETITIVE...
  12. Curious when well hear from this clown. Maybe during the bye week?
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