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  1. Great lets sign 4 more OL and have no one to throw ball.too next year
  2. Hes obviously got addiction problems and mental.health issues
  3. Your right. i remember wed be down by 20pts. In the 4th quarter, hed trip over his own feet, the receiver would drop the ball, and hed be finger wagging and taunting..... horrible draft pick ... he was the weak link on out D for years
  4. Was this the worst FA signing in franchise history? Go.....
  5. You love the smell of male on your mattress
  6. Surprised no one is discussing.... i cant imagine going into the season with Fales and Simian again
  7. You just started watching football, how would you know?
  8. Not As embarassing as your Darnold fanboyism
  9. Adam gase jus sucks. Shoulda fired him after that embarassing press conference
  10. CJ is such a cuck. Just look at that face. Embarassment ....
  11. Great angle... i agree and feel social.media has contributed to most of your points.
  12. I agree with the post. Every team suffers lots of injuries.
  13. Your still the worst poster on this site

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