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  1. Darnold is the OTA king... the training camp extraordinaire.... Cant wait for June to come around and here how amazing hes doing and how great he looks like we did last year
  2. Yep... remember the Monday night game against Atlanta.... or the miami game when geno had a perfect qb rating.... Im convinced half the Darnold apologists on this board just started following the jets
  3. Explain what you mean..... im not following you
  4. Agreed.... this is a different level of stench. And its in the social media era where you cant get away from the jokes, memes, etc. We also made the playoffs in 1991. During kotite, we werent far removed from making the playoffs. This team hasnt made playoffs in decade and no.signs of making it anytime soon!!
  5. They showed Robert kraft a dozen times last night.... does cj attend these games? I have not seen or heard from ownership since macc was fired .
  6. The over reactions that are being ridiculed are actually under reactions. This franchise is in crisis mode. No playoffs in a decade!! There is no light at the end of this tunnel. Wrong coach, sub par player personell.... Upper management owes it to the fan base to address this dumspter fire.
  7. The guy with the cool colored avatar.... say something meaningful please. All night your doggin on everyones posts.
  8. He's auditioning for his next team when he Demands a trade in the offseason
  9. I really thought the last couple years of the Bowles era was Rock Bottom. Weve regressed... I don't think this franchise has a bottom...
  10. You're right why should we be upset. We going to be rebuilding for a decade have not made the playoffs for 10 years... if you follow this team you would know that this year was supposed to be a step forward. We are one in five and look like absolute dogsh*t... we are not even competitive... So you're telling me that if you look bad against the worst team in football then we should start worrying? You come off like a complete loser with a loser mentality
  11. Cmon man.... shed that positivity. Along with your super gnarly avatar
  12. The butt fumble game The i see ghosts game...... OH THE PAIN
  13. Bless us with your Ultra positive outlook and you're awesome Avatar
  14. These frauds should address the media / fanbase..... fn cowards
  15. In the words of Jamal Adams after every press conference in the second half of last year... "the sun will shine one day...."
  16. Im with you 100 percent bro.... it's bad enough we're getting our big brains beat in.... but it's on National Television. The recurring joke against this franchise and this fanbase seems it will never go away
  17. He has 4 pics and 2 fumbles.. still have a qt. To play
  18. More games like this one? How many of these types of games have the leagues top qbs had in their career? Df you talkin abt.....
  19. Completely embarassed himself tonight on national television. One of the worst qb performances by. Jet qb in franchise history. Darnold apologists commence!!!!!!

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