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  1. the boogey boarding ginger has nothing on fitzmagic
  2. Thats NOT how you build a sustained winner in todays NFL
  3. Honorable mention: Victor cruz 90 yard screen td... Giants go on miraculous sb run. We get eliminated from playoffs. That play was the beginning of our horrific downfall
  4. How often did you get beat up in middle school?
  5. Our offense looks like an offense.... Fire this goon.... And i still.cant understand why and how we let robbie anderson get away
  6. this is scary... gase is brainwashing him. On top of that hes addressing the media like gase does. From a point where they are smarter snd know more, so regardless of how idiotic their answer is, they beleive theyre own bs.
  7. Everybody was running idzik out of town and Joe Douglas is the best GM to ever walked God's Earth as per the media and majority of fanbase
  8. Bottom line is with Rex Ryan we were relevant and won games. I really don't understand all the rexs hate.
  9. Joe Douglas brought in at washed up center last year khalil.. He didn't sign Anderson. He brought in no depth on the offense skill pos. Yet I have to hear every fan and media member tell me how great this guy is and how we're in great hands even though hes never been A GM before... it's mind boggling to me
  10. Ownership owes it to the fans to send a message and fire this coach. Show a pulse. Stop insulting our intelligence
  11. Im tired of the excuses this organization keeps spewing at us. Fire gase... addition by subtraction. Plug in anyone for this year.. Have jd hire a real HC in off season... have new coach report to jd. Jd report to ownership
  12. Draft Lawrence and trade Darnold.... what would Darnolds trade value be?
  13. confidence, command, makes sound decisions
  14. JD should not get a pass for not signing Robby Anderson.... big mistake
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