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  1. NICO NICO..... where are you...... ?
  2. Chris has been told how much of a cuckold loser he was his entire life..... this jets gig was his chance at redemption... all blown up to sh*t...
  3. Key word here is weak...... weak in every aspect of life.
  4. Its not longer the Kotitie era as the illustration of rock bottom. Its not officially referred to as the GASE ERA
  5. All they needed to do was lighten the green in the old unis... I know im in the minority here, but i felt The color rush unis were a good alternate as well.
  6. Not moving him was A BAD move.... we risk injury and drop in production that will hurt his trade stock.
  7. Publicly calling your gm a liar on social media .... chick traits
  8. Cant be any worse than when pennington came into our stadium after we dumped him for favre, and clinched the division for Miami.
  9. Not defending macc, cuz he sucked D as a gm... but every "expert" and draft "guru" deemed Q williams best player in draft and a cant miss pick.

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